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  1. Thank you. I thought maybe that was the case. I can't seem to take my pictures down either. It is a privacy issue.
  2. Is there a moderator who can help me please?
  3. If there is a link to close an account, I can't find it. I know the link at the top of the page is for technical issues, but I clicked on it to see if I could get to a help page. I keep getting a message that I don't have permission to view that page. How can I deactivate my account?
  4. I was trying to view a thread by gamergirl titled NOTE: Your picture may be on the bariatricpal app in the apple store, but I keep getting an error message that I don't have permission to view the topic. I clicked the link at the top to report the issue and I got the same message. I really wanted to view that topic!! I hope they get the bugs worked out soon!
  5. I agree about the acid feeling like hunger. I'm 6-1/2 months out and I'm still on Prevacid. I was pretty miserable until I figured it out.
  6. I got married 19 years ago in October and I got that sucker on and zipped today!
  7. I've been told a few times that I look younger.
  8. I am so thankful that food doesn't control me anymore. I'm in control of me now!
  9. I used the weight I was at on surgery day.
  10. Google Telogen Effluvium for more information on the hair loss.
  11. I love this thread! Just the other day at work I was mistaken for someone that is very little (short and thin) . That made my whole day!
  12. My feeling of full is now a sharp pain in the center of my chest with a wave of massive nausea. It doesn't last long and I don't experience it often. It usually happens if I eat too fast. It is nothing like the full pre-sleeve. What does your full feel like now?
  13. kiwi17

    I can't handle the puddle!

    Is it best to buy these in one size up or one size down?
  14. I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid. Now that I'm down almost 70 pounds, I have more confidence and I'm seriously thinking about it. It seems most costumes are labeled "sexy" and "naughty", but I'm not ready for that yet! I'm considering making my own costume and going as a hippie. It is fitting since I'm so much more carefree and happy now! Anyone else dressing up? Share some ideas with me.
  15. Sleeved 4/23/13. Pre-op weight was 232, surgery day weight was 219. I weigh 165 today for a loss of 54# since surgery and a total of 67# including pre-op. I'm considered a slow loser I guess and I've never really counted those pre-op pounds in the loss. I'm almost 6 months out.