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  1. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Vegetarian and lactose intolerant?

    You might actually appreciate being lactose intolerant after surgery... constipation is a problem for a long time but may that lactose will keep you going ;)
  2. It's Halloween and I ate chocolate... Lotsa... Wrote in MFP, tomorrow new day. PS kit kats still taste awesome!
  3. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    July VSGers... How's it going?

    I was sleeved on July 8 th. down 56 lbs, SW 255, hit onderland this week! Still have a lot restriction and get my 60g protein. Exercise 4x week. Skin sagging and losing tons of hair. I'm like the OP, can't see the difference but everyone notices the change. I think it's bc in my head I always looked like this but thought all my photos were bad angles or bad days.
  4. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Glue: How Long Does It Stay On?

    Glue lasts anywhere from 5-15 days. The glue is for the outside skin, you have internal dissolvable sutures on you incisions. They take 2weeks to dissolve but the outside abdominal skin will knit together in about week. So don't pull of the glue, don't use lotions or cream on them either. If it starts to loosen, leave alone, it will fall by itself. You might even see clear suture sticking out, which is normal, don't pull it. Hope that helps!
  5. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Protein drinks without fake sweeteners?

    I'm a fan of the Jay Robb whey protein and yes they are pricey. I also just bought Optinum Nutrition 100% Natural in chocolate and it's pretty decent ( I add hazelnut sugar free syrup and instant expresso powder to make a morning mocha). It's also a little cheaper since its huge container. Both are sold in vitamin shoppe.
  6. I ate chocolate and potato chips anf OJ while on vacation one month postop . I had to be sneaky about it since all my travel mates knew I had surgery. Funny thing is, I haven't wanted to that again (and haven't touched a chip since).
  7. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Tell me your top 2

    Heating pad and mint tea! Never had nausea, only pain on first night.
  8. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Any Miami sleeves?

    Thanks! Glad ur going well. Do u go to ant support groups?
  9. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Any Miami sleeves?

    Hi Flower girl, just out of curiosity, how much was ur self pay with Jacobs? I had insurance but friend was thing of self paying.
  10. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Any Miami sleeves?

    I also was sleeved by Dr. Jacobs at JMH south. Really great experience. 9wks out down 42lbs. Big plus, he has NO preop diet!
  11. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    July Sleevers List

    July 8th
  12. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Edamame: Have You Tried It?

    Soup Woman, your blog receives look amazing! I am a soup lover and my freezer is always full of homemade stock. I'm glad to see there are sleevers who eat soup regularly, I read somewhere that soup is not recommended bc its like drinking and eating at same time. I miss my Soups and hope to incorporate it more in my diet. Please keep posting recipes!
  13. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Any Florida Sleevers here

    Miami here
  14. My is called Señor Sleeve, which is weird bc why is he a male stomach? Lol
  15. YES!, so far I am loving your recipe posts, tomorrow i go shopping for ingredients. Please tell me you will post your garam masala ingredient list! A good foodie blog would be great, i like that you cook and use very little processed stuff.
  16. Sounds delicious! What is your blog address!
  17. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    July sleevers please check in..

    July 8th, down 29 lbs since surgery! Average 600-700 cal per day.
  18. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    I call "drinking 64 oz water" BS

    I have to agree with NurseBarbie, she is right, unless you have heart or kidney problems you will not get Fluid overload without really really trying. But to elucidate the OP statement that 64oz is bs, she is right. It's a myth, there is no study that says 8 cups of Water a day is necessary. It's too dependant on you body's needs. However, adequate hydration is proven to important in basic life functioning. The best indicator that you are well hydrated: what color is your urine? I tell my patients that your pee should be pale by the time you leave work (about 8-10 hours after getting up). If it is not, then grab a bottle of water to drink on your commute home. This method may not work for everyone here because we take Vitamins that color our urine, but I take them early or late in the day and leave the no dye ones for the afternoon (like Calcium, or D or fish oils) so my urine can be a good indicator of hydration. Also if you are newly sleeved, just drink as much as you can, keep a bottle with you at all times, figure what your sleeve likes (hot, cold, flavored, etc) and keep it in your hand. Dehydration will slow your healing. It's not a numbers game it's what your body needs, so figure out a way to understand your body's thirst signals.
  19. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    stretching your tube

    I wil,say that for me this new feeling of fullness is not like my old feeling of fullness. Its kinda hard to identify when its there before its too late Before surgery, I would over eat, a lot (hence the need for surgery) and get this feeling of intense satiety, a whole belly full feeling. Now it's a different feeling, not fullness but almost like there is no more room. I try to avoid that feeling because it's not pleasant and I fear it a bit. I miss the happy pat my belly kind of fullness. I miss those stretch receptors in my stomach that would signal to my brain that I wouldn't need to eat for many many hours. Now I eat my 4 oz and hope I didn't eat too fast or too much. My new fullness is this feeling of eating a rock, just sitting there waiting for 30 min to pass so I can go back to drinking tea or Water.
  20. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I can see why a family doctor would say those things but we have to remember, we are very recently out of surgery, it's only been 5 weeks. Although our incisions are healed it was still MAJOR surgery. The stomach will take 6 months to heal completely. we know that we must move, get our fluids in and our protein. Yes high protein diets are harsh on kidneys so that's why we have to hydrate, to keep kidneys clean. Second, I doubt anyone one of us is going crazy high on the protein (like over 100g). 60-80g is not going to shut down kidneys unless we are already in kidney failure. If you are diabetic or have blood pressure problems then your kidneys are more fragile so hydrate and watch your diet. Most of us are probably getting to the more normal stage of the diet, so we can start being more balanced. Eat cheese, eggs, eat deli meat, eat beans, greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, turkey and chicken. I keep my calories between 600-800 per day with protein at 60-65g and carbs around 50. Yes I am in moderate ketosis (get the urine sticks to check yourself). But I take my vitamins, I limit myself to one protein shake a day if I'm running short on protein but try very hard to eat my protein instead. And guess what, I have a BM almost everyday. My urine is light color by early evening. I lose a few pounds every week. Why, because I am in ketosis, my body is burning fat instead of glucose. Is there carbs in my diet:yes (that's why I can poop so well). But it's just enough to keep me in regular, make my body function normally and still use fat as primary fuel source. I rarely eat processed food, I cook often, freezing ton of leftovers. Have I gone off the diet, yes (seems potato chips are a slider food for me, fml). Do I miss stuffing my face, hell yes! Do I have to force myself to exercise, yes! Do I track everything I stuff in my face, yes. Do i weigh my food so i know exactly hoe much i eat, yes! Is all this like a second full time job, yes. Its hard. Somedays I want to go back and not have the surgery. I want to feel normal and not sacred of everything I eat. If I was stalled three weeks I would cry too. But I also know that we are too early In this journey to think it won't work. Our bellies are still swollen and we are eating less. It's up to us to make sure we eat healthy protein rich foods as natural as possible for the next few months. So we can heal and develop better habits and change our tastes and conquer our cravings (damn you cape cod chips)! So I guess my point is both doctors are right, we need to eat balanced and healthy. ...end of soapbox rant...
  21. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Lets help eachother on my fitness pal :)

  22. Slave to Senor Sleeve


    I am a honey fanatic... I buy jars from every place I visit. First, post sleeve I was super sensitive to tastes so 1tsp of honey in my big mug of tea was super sweet. It sweetens better than regular sugar and it's natural (buy local!) Second, honey has natural antibiotic properties (you can safely use it on burns and cuts). It goes great with FF Greek yogurt and little goes long way. I think you are thinking of botulism toxin that can affect people, it's spores can be found in honey and only affect children under 12month. Adults have enough intestinal flora to not get sick in the off chance the we inject the spores (which exist in the air, as well as poorly preserved food). It's still a sugar but better than fake stuff or white sugar. So yes go honey go!
  23. Slave to Senor Sleeve

    Any Miami, Fl Pre-sleevers?

    I got sleeved by Jacobs too (and I work at UM medical school). I love him! JMH south was impressive, good care, good team. Side note, I don't think he is super aggressive with his sleeves, meaning he takes out 75% not 85% that other posters here talk about. But at 3 weeks I'm still swollen and can only tolerate 3oz of purée foods. But can drink easily and had very little postoperative pain (did have big hiernia repair so my surgery was long at 2hrs). Feel free to PM me if you have questions.