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    Muscle Gain.

    @@jenn1, I LOOOOVE that meme! LMAO!!! I LOVE a great leg day...usually takes me two hours to get through my leg workout, and I know it was good when I can barely walk out of that gym! I got back into weight lifting two years ago. I lift 5-6 days a week, breaking up my workouts in various ways. Legs days are always stand alone, the other muscle groups are usually paired with a push and pull exercise, combining bi's and tri's, or chest and bi's, back and shoulders, etc. If I am targeting a specific muscle for growth, I will do stand alone workouts for that muscle as well, working it twice a week/or every 3-4 days. Like some of the others, I do not care about weight gain, as long as it is muscle mass that is packing on. I have actually added about 15 pounds of mass since hitting my lowest post surgery weight. I still wear the same size despite the added weight, I am just a lot leaner and packing extra mass. I have also added a lot of strength since starting this venture. When I first started, I couldn't even squat 95 pounds! Last leg day I got in 6 reps 205 (I haven't maxed out in a while, but after that session I know its increased)! I love lifting, I consider myself an officially addicted bonafide gym rat!!! It just sucks that is so much harder for females to add mass . It's taken me these two years to finally get to point that you can tell I'm packing some mass without having to lift the weight or flex. Anyway, loved the topic...thanks for posting!
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    That is a GREAT plan. I could not agree more. I wish you the best of luck with your new sleevie!!!
  3. NewSetOfCurves

    I'm torn..

    I went with the sleeve because I am not one to take pills on a daily basis--which is required for the malabsorption issues that accompany the bypass. I have four kids for a reason, people! Regardless of what you choose, just like @@her1981 stated, your long term success comes with how and if you retrain yourself in that one year grace period that follows any weight loss surgery. You need to develop good eating habits and exercise habits. There is no way around it. The sleeve and bypass are just tools to help you control QUANTITY. You have to choose the QUALITY.
  4. NewSetOfCurves

    high protein ice cream...recipes?

    Most unflavored Proteins have the flavor of whey Protein. They are not tasteless, there is just no added flavor. I have tried many varieties and in my humble opinion, it is just acquiring the taste for it--like beer or wine.
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    10 months and 20 days ... GOAL !

    AMAZING @@MrsKarenC2008!!! I hope and wish you continued success!!!
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    From the album: NewSetOfCurves

  7. NewSetOfCurves

    By request - BigViffer Workout Routine

    @@BigViffer, I can only imagine how long it took you to write the main post on this thread. I believe 100% in weight lifting and the benefits that come from the discipline. It is awesome that you shared your knowledge with everyone on this forum. Keep it up. You look awesome.
  8. NewSetOfCurves

    Should i exercise

    I started off walking. First a mile at a slow pace, then I added another, and another; slowly increasing my pace. I constantly pushed myself. Eventually, I was running the strait-a-ways and walking the curves at the track, and then one day I did not need to walk the curves. Then one day I decided to walk up the bleachers, then one day I was running them. By the end of the first year I was running the track, bleachers, and added some crossfit in between. One day, after a year, I decided to go to a gym and I hit the weights. I started off with two days, then three, and now--two years after taking to lifting weights--I lift 5-6 day a week. My fitness level did not happen over night. It was a progression and a determination to get fit, to never face obesity again, and to adapt a new, healthy way of life. Good luck to you!
  9. @@smallbird, I do not mind at all! I am sorry, I have not logged onto this site in a while, but to answer your questions, I received a lower body lift, spiral thigh lift and breast augmentation. If you are planning to have kids, I would definitely wait. The pregnancy would definitely ruin your results. I have four kids and a lot of that stomach flappyness came from each one of those pregnancies. Good luck to you!
  10. Last summer I was able to wear 2 piece, but with a coverup. I was still conscious of my tummy and thighs. But after recovering from plastics and working HARD in the gym 5-6 days a week, I can officially say that I will be hitting the beach this spring without a coverup. When I put on my 2 piece and saw my pic, I think I cried and cried for a good 10 minutes. Cried for my experience as an obese person, cried for the struggles of life post-op, cried because I WORKED HARD for this dang it, and I have finally arrived. People...I have FINALLY arrived! Sorry for the crappy picture! My husband "cleaned it" with something that was not Windex...and I have yet to purchase a full length mirror! Isn't crazy how our past obesity still rules us even after we've shed the weight. Ugh! I am going to go and buy a full length mirror today!
  11. NewSetOfCurves

    Workout regimen-What's yours?

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on getting your sleeve and deciding to make the choice to be proactive with your weight loss journey!!! The first year was cardio intensive for me as well, but I wish I had started with the weight training sooner. Your body has to work harder to maintain muscle. So, the more muscle you have, the harder your body works--the better your metabolism, the more calories you burn . If you are committed to exercising 6 days a week, then I recommend that you focus on your strength training first, followed by your cardio (since cardio exhausts your muscles of oxygen). I also recommend that you go heavy with your strength training. Heavy for you will mean whatever exercises you do, you should meet failure with the 10th or 12th rep. Women are not like men. It is very hard to bulk up or acquire mass, but going heavy will definitely give you that toned look you desire. A basic 6 day program can look like this: Day 1: Upper Body, followed by cardio activity (30 minute minimum) Day 2: Lower Body, followed by cardio activity (30 minute minimum) Day 3: Abdominal Strength Training, followed by Cardio Intensive Activity with Resistance* (aim for 45-60 minutes) Day 4: Upper Body, followed by cardio activity (30 minute minimum) Day 5: Lower Body, followed by cardio activity (30 minute minimum) Day 6: Abdominal Strength Training, followed by Cardio Intensive Activity with Resistance (aim for 45-60 minutes) *If you are at a gym you can add resistance on an elliptical or bike, or you can incline the treadmill to add resistance. As you progress, you can break down each day to specific body parts. For example, I will work my biceps and triceps on Monday, shoulders on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, chest on Thursday, back on Friday...and so forth. I am constantly changing up my routine to shock my muscles. However, in the beginning I suggest you choose 5-6 exercises that vary and will work all the muscles in the area you are concentrating on. So, for an upper body day, you could do 3-4 sets (each set should consist of 10-12 reps, failing on your last rep) of bicep curls, triceps kickback, shoulder presses, flat bench flies, and standing or seated rows. There are many resources online to help you find the right exercises for you. All body parts can be targeted with simple dumbbells, machines, or pulley systems. I hope this helps. Good luck to you!
  12. Hello All, As a sleeve patient 3 years post-op, I completely understand the difficulty of meeting your Protein goals when your stomach is so tight; especially within those first couple of months post-op, when swelling is causing further restriction. This is the very reason I wanted to share with you a Protein Drink that I discovered here recently. I have been consuming and trying various protein supplementation for over 17 years. As a young college student, I was very active in weight lifting and I was very conscience about nutrition (yes, that was before kids, full time job, husband and obesity hit) and protein intake. Even once I gained the weight, my husband was still very active as a weight lifter, and I would often try the various Protein drinks and food products that he would buy. After I was sleeved, I gravitated toward Muscle Milk, and then Premier Protein for my protein supplementation (Premier had 11 Fluid oz ounces for 30 grams of protein, vs Muscle Milk's 14 oz of fluid for 25 grams of protein). However, here recently I have taken my fitness level to a new height by increasing my muscle mass. This fall will complete two years that I have continuously engaged in weight lifting. To help meet my goals in that area, I do a lot of supplementation, including: pre-workout, BCAA's, post-workout, specific and timed dieting, and of course protein drinks. Well, lo-and-behold, as I am shopping at on one of my favorite supplement stores (Rocks Discount Supplements), I was introduced to a GREAT tasting protein drink: Isoflex by AllMax. The first flavor I tried was the chocolate with real chocolate chips. I mixed it with 4 oz of cold almond milk, and-let-me-tell-you it was as if angels descended from heaven and sang that beautiful "AHHHHHH" chorus. It was smooth, delicious and in only 4 little ounces! Thus far, I have tried the one mentioned above, as well as orange dreamsicle and pineapple coconut. Dreamsicle is by far my favorite and eye rolling delicious, but the others are really, really, REALLY great as well. This link gives you info on Isoflex and it will give you links to various entities that carry this product in their stores. I hope this helps for those of you struggling to meet your protein goals and I truly hope you enjoy the great flavors! http://www.allmaxnutrition.com/products-type/isoflex/
  13. NewSetOfCurves

    28 grams of Protein in 4 oz!

    @@bethypoo2, I just put it up in my blender bottle too, so I do not have any problems. In fact because of this thread and comments, I paid more attention to it this morning and I noticed there was no foam immediately after (I mix it with almond milk...not sure if that makes a difference). Love it.
  14. NewSetOfCurves

    28 grams of Protein in 4 oz!

    @@pr_pitbullgrl, unfortunately they do not have it in RTD form. However, this product does not really foam. In fact, when I mix it and let it stand in the fridge for about 5 minutes, there is no foam at all.
  15. NewSetOfCurves

    28 grams of Protein in 4 oz!

    @@determinedtolive, that is awesome! What is the product name?
  16. NewSetOfCurves

    Looking For Pre-Workouts

    When I first got into supplements, I used NO-XPOLDE by BSN Sports as a pre-workout, I took BCAA's during, and Cell Mass (also by BSN Sports) as a post-workout. For best results in the weight lifting department, I recommend that you do the following: 1) consume Protein about an hour/ or an hour-and-a-half before your session; 2) pre-workout 15-30 minutes prior to your session; 3) BCAA's during your session; 4) complex carb/simple sugar intake 15 minutes after your session (causes insulin spike which will increase protein synthesis); 5) consume post workout 30 minutes after your workout; and 6) consume your protein 45 minutes after your workout (get that protein in before the hour!). Good luck to you. And let me just say, do not give up on weight lifting. Muscle development and maturity takes time and consistency. I have been lifting consistently 4-6 day a week for almost 2 years, and my body is still transforming. You have to look weight training and fitness like a job. Sometime you do not want to go, but you do anyway because it pays the bills. Well, fitness is the same. Sometimes we are tired or we are just not in the mood, but you suck it up and get to that gym because that is the only way you will receive that paycheck of better health, a better body, and a better you!
  17. NewSetOfCurves

    28 grams of Protein in 4 oz!

    @@Recycled, but you are correct...now that I have read it over, it definitely sounds like a commercial . I do a lot of public speaking events...I can't help it sometimes.
  18. NewSetOfCurves

    28 grams of Protein in 4 oz!

    @@Recycled, I majored in English
  19. I guess so! It was 90 degrees here in south Texas. Hit the pool with the kids.
  20. NewSetOfCurves

    32 yr old mama of 4 just starting my VSG journey

    I was 32 when I had mine. I have four kids too. You CAN and WILL succeed! Welcome to the site and I wish you the best of luck!!!
  21. @KindaFamiliar @KindaFamiliar
  22. @KindaFamiliar !!! Wish you could Tag people in new posts on this site, because I would ask you to tag me when you post that pic of you rocking that speedo! But, yes. Expecting a woman in a monokini and getting a man in a mankini would cuase quite a shock. LOL
  23. @@KindaFamiliar, I fixed it and I REALLY cannot wait to see your picture!!!

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