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  1. spiritedcowgirl63

    5-6 years post op

    I'm 4 year this July. I lost 83 need another 15. Well I been eating bad. Gained 15. My clothes feel tight and I don't like it. It's hard changing eating when your grocery shopper buy junk. I truly believe if I can get a cooking class of health foods I can get back on track. I cook with salt n pepper. Boring!
  2. spiritedcowgirl63

    Bilatoral medial thigh lift

    Long time off line. How did your surgeries go? I'm thinking of having them done now. Your thoughts?
  3. spiritedcowgirl63

    Tell me about insurance

    I'm thinking of going to mx for arm surgery. Your thoughts?
  4. spiritedcowgirl63

    Tell me about insurance

    I documented rashes and got rx creams dr visits etc for 18 months. Insurance paid panini removal only. I paid for the upgrade to full tummy tuck. Love the results but the bill after was not what was written and I ended up paying $7k over the insurance payment. Didn't realize this til after surgery.
  5. I had bcbs Oregon. Paid for panni portion but I upgraded to a fdl.
  6. spiritedcowgirl63


    I took lots of pictures and they deems it medical necessary after being turned down.
  7. spiritedcowgirl63

    Anyone from Oregon?

    Looking for Oregon supporters. Any out there?
  8. spiritedcowgirl63

    Anyone from Oregon?

    Hello!! Yes I came to terms that you need to think ahead 15 mins. Took 3 months to figure it out. Lol. Stop eating cause in 15 mins it will hit your tummy. I am 5 dpo from TT.
  9. spiritedcowgirl63

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    Hello I'm 23 months out and going I. For TT June 11th. Down 70 pounds. Was 83 but slid from not paying attention. Back on track.
  10. spiritedcowgirl63

    Year out tummy tuck covered by bcbs

    Need question answered ASAP. Those that had ins pay for panni. What $ portion did ins pay vs you? I know there is a wide variable but I just signed up for panni ett and had to pay up front even though letter from ins approving it.
  11. spiritedcowgirl63

    Tricare and abdomnioplasty

    Any pics yet Mary? I went to pre op today and having hiccups on fees. My ins approved panni and the doctor wants paid up front $7500 with another $2000 after ins pays. The original agreement was $7500 cash then ins reimburse for the coveted portion I get reimbursed. Somewhere a miscommunication. Anyone know how much the normal panni procedure costs?
  12. spiritedcowgirl63

    Anyone have experience with BCBS-MA?

    I had documented and pics of rashes. They denied prior to pics, but overturned when pics shown. They too will pay panni only. I'm paying for the TT upfront and I'm to be reimbursed after. Makes me think if anyone has had an issue with ins paying for the panni after the patient upgrade.
  13. spiritedcowgirl63

    Just a pannus removal?

    My ins will pay for panni got my approval letter. Doc wants me to may up front for TT w muscle repair. I will get reimburse whatever the ins pays them. Have you ever heard of ins not paying for the panni portion if I then do a full TT?
  14. spiritedcowgirl63

    Tricare and abdomnioplasty

    Mary. Do you have pics? I fought my denial and won for panni. Surg june11th. Do you have idea what $ amount they paid?
  15. spiritedcowgirl63

    Anyone else have an outpatient abdominoplasty?

    I'm having fdl on June 11th outpatient. Surgical unit with hospital 3 blocks away. Can't wait:-)
  16. spiritedcowgirl63

    Arm & Thigh Lift this Thursday, March 12

    How are you doing after surgery?
  17. spiritedcowgirl63

    Goal and plastic

    Are photo s attached? I am interested too cause I'm holding at 150 for 6 months. I just got approved for TT. Do I lose the 10# he suggested for premium result s.
  18. spiritedcowgirl63

    Year out tummy tuck covered by bcbs

    I just got my approval too. I had appealed it and won. After photos and primary Dr notes of history of rashes sent in.
  19. spiritedcowgirl63

    Plastic Surgery

    Jamie. Who did you see in Mexico?
  20. spiritedcowgirl63

    Bilatoral medial thigh lift

    Tebow. How much time off to heal? I so much need mine done. Are you having it done self pay? USA?
  21. spiritedcowgirl63

    Yakima County Washington

    Long beach. Family in toppenish
  22. spiritedcowgirl63

    Bilatoral medial thigh lift

    I've lost 80# now looking for skin removal. Trying for ins company to approve at less a panni remival.
  23. spiritedcowgirl63

    Bilatoral medial thigh lift

    Would you say these need the thigh lift with scar to knee?
  24. spiritedcowgirl63

    Citerra... Pain in the b...

    Jenng25. I have a friend going the 27th:-) to alm.
  25. spiritedcowgirl63

    OR - Portland

    You will love dr Patterson. Very confident dr.

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