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  1. What sizes are you looking for?
  2. You look great. You also look super happy. Can't wait to be at that stage of this process.
  3. MCM13

    Unexpected NSV - I'll take it!

    Hot momma. You look Fabulous!!!!
  4. The same thing is happening to me as well. I'm 5 months post-op and had virtually no periods to speak of prior to surgery. In February I had a light, but steady period for the entire month. I'm actually going for an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure the Mirena is in the right spot. My GYN nurse practitioner said this is not abnormal with the rapid weight loss. Hopefully it will go back to no periods.
  5. MCM13

    Valentine's Challenge

    2/7 Him: 283 (no change) Me: 214.4 (-1.2)
  6. I have 5 bras with matching panties size 44D or 42DD and most panties are 22/24. One is 14/16 (because that's all they had at the time). There are 2 other bras nude and black--no panties. Make an offer or if you're in desperate need, I'd probably just give them away for the cost of postage. Send me a private message if interested; haven't been on here much due to my work/school schedule , but I'd like to pass these on to a fellow wt loss person because they're practically new.
  7. Hi Samantha, Just wanted to let you know that they're already gone. Sorry : o(
  8. MCM13

    Valentine's Challenge

    1/31 Him: 283 (-3) Me: 215.6 (-.6) barely creeping down.
  9. MCM13

    Valentine's Challenge

    1/24 Him: 286 (-4) Me: 216.2 (-.4) boo hiss
  10. MCM13

    Valentine's Challenge

    1/17 Him 290 (-6lbs) Me: 216.6 (-3.8lbs)
  11. MCM13

    Valentine's Challenge

    His: HW:375 CW: 296 Valentines goal: 275 Mine: HW: 278 CW: 220.4 Valentines goal: 199.9 or less
  12. I used to take Questran years ago after I had my gallbladder removed too. I couldn't stand that gritty powder & just started taking Immodium when I was going to eat in public. I mentioned this to my current doctor. She told me there is a med out in pill form that does the same as questran. It's call Welchol. It's very expensive, but it's worth a try if you have insurance that will cover it. Seemed to work for me..when I remembered to take it.
  13. MCM13

    Valentine's Challenge

    We are in again
  14. MCM13

    Any Pa sleevers?

    We are doing great. Wish we were losing faster, but we are going in the right direction. He's under 300 now so he's lost 76 lbs from his highest and I'm down 54 from my highest. We need to be more consistent with our exercising. How are you doing?
  15. MCM13

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Nov 28--Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Him: 307.4 he made it to goal and then some Me: 229.5 Barely squeaked out my goal.
  16. MCM13

    Dr. Alavrez patients...

    Today was your big day. How are you feeling?
  17. So glad to hear everything went well and you loved Dr Alvarez too. How are you doing now?
  18. MCM13

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Nov 21 Him: 312 (-4) Me: 232.4 (-2.2) Our goal was 10 lbs each so he's 3 lbs under T-day goal. I have 2.9 to go by next week.
  19. MCM13

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Oct 31 Him 325 Me. 239.5 Nov 7 Him. 323 (-2) Me. 238.8 (-0.7) Nov 14 Him. 316 (-7) Me. 234.6 (-4.2)
  20. I have to agree with everyone who says they don't see the rolls. You look amazing. You and the hubs are doing amazing. I hope to make so much progress by 3 months.
  21. Did your doctor mention a procedure called a Nissen if your reflux gets worse? I'm guessing that is a concern to her as well. The procedure involves wrapping the stomach around the esophagus to prevent the acid from going back up. I'm not sure if you'd be able to get that procedure if you were sleeved. I haven't run into that scenario at work so maybe ask about that.
  22. What an inspiration!! You look fantastic. Beautiful girl before and after. Congratulations on your successes both weight loss & career.
  23. Good luck tomorrow and speedy healing. You'll be on the loser's bench before you know it. Keep us posted on your journey.

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