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  1. MIJourney

    Need Help

    I was on liquids only for the 1st 2 weeks post op. I know I didn't have my protein or liquids numbers where they should be but Dr was more concerned with not becoming dehydrated so I sucked on SF popsicles and drank chicken broth. All Drs and programs are different.
  2. No you did not stretch your sleeve out. I had bad shoulder pain but it was the gas they pumped into me that somehow ends up as shoulder pain.
  3. MIJourney

    When is too soon?

    Everyone has different Dr orders on this. Mine was ok with decaf during pre-op and post-op then ok'd to try caf at 6 months.
  4. MIJourney


    At 2-4 weeks I was tracking protein and fluids but by way of that did have a tally of calories but wasn't trying to stay at a certain number if you know what I mean. That said I know I was in the 300-400 cal range for a several weeks.
  5. It's totally normal to feel tired and run-down after having major surgery. Anesthesia alone can knock you back for a while. Not sure about elevated temp but I basically slept most of the first days home and then had more waking hours each day. Was probably 10 days before I felt somewhat normal but even that wasn't the normal that it is today, Hang in there. It will improve each day!
  6. MIJourney

    9 wks out!

    Great job!!
  7. MIJourney

    Pics at 19+ weeks post op.

    Looking like a hottie! Love the boots!
  8. Breaking your scale is not a bad thing! I waited til my 2 week check up to weigh in:)
  9. MIJourney


    All docs have different guidelines. Mine allowed decaf and at 6 month post-op said I could try caf again and see how it went.
  10. MIJourney

    How do I wean myself off of coffee?

    I was allowed de-caf coffee & tea post surgery. I actually switched over a couple weeks pre-surgery. At my 6 month check up I was cleared to try caffeine & carbonation to see how it went. I drink both caf and de-caf coffee now. Have not tried pop and probably won't get back into that habit but have had some 0 cal-0 sodium sparkling raspberry water and that has been a refreshing addition in small quantities.
  11. MIJourney

    7 1/2 months post-op

    You look awesome! Congratulations!
  12. MIJourney

    I am so weird

    So your ID name is no longer accurate!!
  13. WOW the incredible shrinking woman! Congratulations on your journey!
  14. MIJourney

    My Story in Pictures

    Congratulations on your loss and a great photo journal!
  15. MIJourney

    Before and during...

    You look incredible!! Great job!

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