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  1. HI! I look back on my post op experience and my biggest regret is that I got off of the liquid diet too soon. I followed my doctors advice and followed the post op plan, I just wish I had gone even a few more weeks or even a month on pure liquids. I look back and that is when I lost almost all of the weight. I haven't been able to replicate that loss since then. I still have another 20-30 lbs I really want to lose. Post op liquids is also the hardest time. It was like going through withdrawal! haha I thought it was horrible and damn near excruciating to be cut off from solid food, it really wasn't all that bad in hindsight. I wish I had embraced that feeling. Good luck to all!
  2. Cheer Mama

    I messed up! Help :-(

    I have been at the same weight now for 8 months. I was just put on a 600-800 calorie restriction. I'm on day 2. I didn't think I would start to loose again so quickly, but I am. This makes it soooo much easier to pass up the pigs in a blanket I made for my family.
  3. Cheer Mama

    70 pounds

    Congrats! I've only lost 60..... Great job!
  4. I have been so stressed lately that I think it has actually caused me to have a second period this month! Geez, hasn't this school year been bad enough? But now, my body goes and decides to have another period, stress eating, pimples and all..... I think it might be time for much stronger mood meds.... ugh! Ohhhh, I think I need to ask for Xanax. yep! That's what I want! )
  5. I used to get that.... I'm 5'2" and was 205.... Now I get, "you look great!" or, I LOVE this one, "you are gonna shrink to nuthin'!"
  6. Cheer Mama


    oh, my! it IS worth it! I promise! I hope you will soon find a way to keep stuff down. Call your doc again and again till you get to keep your liquids down. You may very well need to get an IV for dehydration. Water is hard to drink for many. sometimes I could only do some watered down crystal light.... good luck!
  7. No, not 40 years old ( I wish), 40 pounds! I have been at a stall for WEEKS! I finally got that 1 more pound to hit 40lbs gone!. I am half way through..... I shouldn't complain, it's only been 2.5 months. :0) ( happy dance!)
  8. Cheer Mama

    Dallas people

    cool, I'm in Midlothian!
  9. Cheer Mama

    Sleevers by profession.

    Special education middle school teacher
  10. Cheer Mama

    Sleeping 1 week post op

    I couldn't sleep on side, stomach OR flat on my back for 3 weeks. But I also had an umbilical hernia. Now THAT thing hurt!
  11. Cheer Mama

    Burning pain

    Yep! I wasn't even in my bed till 3 weeks out and then it still hurt to lay in bed for another 2 weeks.....
  12. Cheer Mama

    protein shakes..... how long?

    I'm in my 3rd month and I use them to up my protein when I can't eat enough. But it is a supplement since I need to eat real food as much as possible.
  13. When it is really bothering you, Ladies, call your doctor and talk to someone.
  14. I couldn't stand canned soups. I got the flavor packets outta the ramen noodle packages and just used those. I added non-flavored Protein when the liquid had cooled enough. I was given extra time on liquids because of a hiatal hernia repair. I almost cried! But remember, this is a very short amount of time in the whole scheme of things.... Your journey is just beginning. You may also be hungry because of not enough protein. Try adding non-flavored protein to your soups. But it might also be stomach acid. I have had a big problem with the acid and have had to double up on the prescription that was given me. But when the acid is high, I so seriously want to eat everything in sight, even though I can only have a bite. :0) Good LUCK!
  15. Cheer Mama


    What about powdered Protein drinks made with Water? They can also be made with almond or soy milk? I know a lot of the powders are made with whey, but it is worth a shot.... Are you able to drink Isopure drinks? If you can't tolerate plain water, what about chrystal light or Gatorade? Soups - I hated the canned soups. I instead got ramen noodles and just used the seasoning packet. When the broth was cool enough, I added non-flavored protein to it. I know I am eating more variety of food than what I was earlier on. I still can't tolerate meat. chicken is hard and for me, fish is the easiest for me to eat. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  16. Cheer Mama

    Sleeved 7/22 & Struggling!'

    BM = Milk of magnesia - I've only had to use it twice. Stay near the bathroom. It kicked in for me rather quickly. Drinking more fluids will help also. Remember, like Jessica wrote, your BMs will not be daily like before. Your body has to have enough food to have a good poo! I'm about to start my 3rd month and I have a small bm every other day..... Fluids - Protein Drinks count as fluids. In the beginning I had to line up my measuring cups and have 1 oz every 10-15 minutes. I started to drink more liquids when the threat of going back to the hospital was thrown at me because I was getting dehydrated. Yogurt - There is some pretty yummy yogurt out there that is flavored. Just don't get the kind with bits of fruit in it. :0) Now why they only said plain yogurt is beyond me! That is hard to do. I had yogurt, cottage cheese and VERY soft egg. I honestly didn't want much else. Jello was ok for me but it actually kinda hurt going down. And pudding just doesn't taste good to me now. :0( Honestly, I was having yogurt before I was in that phase because that was the only way for me to get my meds down. But it sure wasn't plain! YUCK! I also had to stay on the soft phase for a longer time because I had a hiatal hernia repaired. I almost cried! haha Head hunger- It's hard, real hard. I did and still do have a Protein Drink to help with the head hunger. To me they have gotten very sweet. Something else to think about, is your stomach kinda burning and that is why you are hungry? Maybe it is acid and you need meds. Crying - when you have lost so much fat, all the hormones stored in the fat are released. It reminded me of bad PMS. UGH! The beginning is VERY hard. It does get better. Take a deep breath and remember, you are a newbie and things really do get easier. :0)
  17. Cheer Mama

    Surgeon trying to talk me into band.

    none of the other doctor's offer the sleeve? The docs on your approved list of physicians? That sounds really weird. I would stick to the sleeve, personally. I've had friends where the band slipped and caused them lots of pain and not just in the stomach area. She was having intense back pain. I had another friend who got the band but never got it filled because of time..... I wish you all the luck!
  18. Cheer Mama

    Bridesmaid dress question

    Who knows HOW small you'll be by then. :0) The sales people aren't used to dealing with sleeved customers. You may fir perfectly into the 14 or you may be a lot smaller. All of our bodies are different. Good Luck!
  19. Cheer Mama

    Sleeved two days ago

    tiny sips! For almost the first week I had my measuring cups lined up and I was sipping them every 10 minutes. IT WAS HARD! :0) After that I kept, and still use, a Water bottle with the oz. measurements on the side. I have to admit my commitment to getting all my liquids was the threat of hospitalization again due to dehydration. Sip your tiny sips. OFTEN! I'm about to start my 3rd month and I get dehydrated very easily and it's made worse by the fact that I can't gulp water without my stomach having serious spasms. good luck!
  20. Cheer Mama


    EEEK! I remember my tongue a few weeks out. YUCK!
  21. Cheer Mama


    OMG!!!! That is awful! I thought it was bad to have my stomach taken out! No more solids, really?!?!?
  22. Cheer Mama


    call doc on the heartburn in the morning. There are many who take meds for it. I have actually doubled up on my meds and I'm about to start my 3rd mo. Good luck!
  23. Cheer Mama

    Do ppl not lose at all?

    I actually notice more of a loss when I eat more and make sure I drink a ton....