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    5 years and it is never too late

    Type I diabetes and Type II diabetes are virtually different diseases. Type II means insulin resistance, therefore a Type II's body makes insulin, but can't process it. Type I is an auto-immune disease. Our pancreases don't produce insulin (or enough insulin) to survive. So Type I's can't take oral meds. We have to take insulin to produce what our bodies stopped producing. Ultimately, we gain weight the same way as everyone else, too many carbs+ too much insulin=fat. So low-carb snacks are what I recommend. Low carb/no carb is the best diet for diabetics. Your endocrinologist can prescribe something newer than Metformin. You shouldn't have to suffer through bouts of hypoglycemia. If you do, try 4-8 oz. of skim milk or juice to correct it. I'm sure you are worried about the extra calories you have to consume too.
  2. Teachamy

    How do I break this habit?

    Ok--sounds like you need another veteran to respond. (Not sure why non-veterans are answering these posts...) Empathy? You got it! Try salads, veggies, water, water, water, and 10 minutes on the treadmill or climbing stairs, your choice. I also recommend eating at the table instead of in front of the tube and actively considering what goes into your mouth. It is NOT easy, but I believe in you!!!
  3. Teachamy

    Gastric sleeve revision?

    I wondered about this, but I see the results of going back to basics. Getting rid of breads and crackers and popcorn completely, and some restriction is back. Getting rid of seltzer has helped too. It's not perfect, but once I cut it out cold turkey, I craved carbs less with every passing day. If I drink enough, 2 oz. of chicken and a cup of broccoli is enough for lunch. Some days, it's just cottage cheese. Maybe you could visit your bariatric center and get some dietician support and see if it helps. Seeing some positive results and having someone to talk to may be enough. If not, s/he could support you through revision. Good luck!
  4. Teachamy

    4.5 years, water still an issue!

    I drink Powerade zero almost exclusively. And a still water with a hint of fruit flavor (unsweetened) called "Hint", go figure. Anyway, if I try to drink seltzer, I can't get through a can, but I can get through 16 oz. of Hint and 32 of Powerade. That's 48. Then I try to drink 8oz. of warm water before bed, because I can't stomach cold water (That's 56 total) I was once told if 50 is the best I can do, it's good enough. It worked when I was initially losing, so losing some of these excess pounds should happen again with 56. (One hopes!)
  5. Teachamy

    5 years almost

    Be careful! I have gained more than nine due to every excuse in the book. (medical issues, medicine, depression, etc.) and 9 pounds becomes 19 really fast! So I'm in month 2 of recovery and watching a pound a week going in the right direction feels pretty good.
  6. Teachamy

    Liquid and soft food diet for veterans

    I try to remember that starches are the enemy. The more starches I eat, the more I want to eat, and the less room I have for foods that are actually nutritious! I have been eating healthy, complex carbs like fruit, but nothing refined. I never ate much fruit immediately after surgery, but I keep count of the calories, and It helps. Bananas, smoothies, even a lo-carb tomato soup might be helpful. But remember the protein and try to track. You got this!
  7. I weighed in about once every 3 weeks when I was losing. Otherwise I agree, hyper focus on the scale is counter productive. Focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit, as you go down sizes, etc. The scale is just one measurement tool, and it often fluctuates during the day and from day to day. 3 weeks was good for me because I inevitably saw a loss of more than a pound.
  8. Teachamy

    5 years and it is never too late

    As a Type I diabetic who is on an insulin pump, I can attest to the fact that insulin makes you hungry. The more carbs an insulin-dependent diabetic eats, the more insulin we need to inject. I am leery of the Keto diet. Carbohydrates are not eaten, so the body doesn't need to produce as much insulin, but doesn't skipping breakfast keep the metabolism in sleep mode? (burning less fat) Anohter issue I have, the amount of saturated fat in this diet is obscene. Definitely not lean or heart healthy. All that being said, it often causes people to lose weight, the problem arises when carbs are reintroduced and saturated fats remain in the diet. Sorry to sound so critical. I just know a lot of people on this diet, and I sometimes worry that some of the science is junk science.
  9. Teachamy

    Chest pain, ER

    I should add, I had normal BP and normal cardiac labs in the ER.
  10. Teachamy

    Chest pain, ER

    I have heart disease, found when I massively failed a cardiac stress test last year. Young women can have heart issues too, I am 44. I would ask for a referral to a cardiologist, just to rule out any cardiac issues. (That often feel like GERD or the flu, nausea, neck pain, etc.) It may take a load off your mind. Be prepared to advocate for yourself, doctors tend to overlook heart disease in women. A cardiologist is the place to go. By the way, Nitro doesn't knock you out, but does stop angina, which is what it sounds to me like what you were feeling in your chest. It drops your BP though, so it's best to be sitting or lying down when you take it. Good luck! Keep us updated!
  11. Teachamy

    2 years out - what is your daily menu like?

    breakfast: Weekends I eat 2 scrambled eggs and occasionally 1-2 Hilary's sausage patties (veggie sausage). On weekdays I eat an Rx bar or a siggi's yogurt occasionally with fruit. I also have coffee daily, with half and half or milk. (Half and half accounts for my sat. fat) morning snack: If I have 1, it is fruit, a Siggi's nonfat yogurt, or a 100 calorie pack of almonds lunch: salad with red wine vinegar and a dash of oil or veggie soup(with lentils, chick peas, sunflower seeds, chicken etc. in salad or soup) afternoon snack: usually an apple Dinner: I have a health food store 5 minutes from my house that makes a variety of soups daily, gluten free and delicious! In my fridge currently, I have curry chicken with veggies, sweet potato 3-bean chile, and white bean and escarole. So I eat a cup or 2 of these most days. On non-soup days I eat a veggie burger or tofu salad, I am avoiding starches at all costs, with the exception of the occasional potato in soup. Bread is the enemy! I have also found if I eat a corn chip or piece of chocolate, I can't stop there, so I don't tempt it. It opens a flood gate! LOL! I should add that if I go much beyond 1300 calories a day, I gain. I am a WLS slug.
  12. Teachamy

    I do not understand 'no restriction left"

    I read on this site once the statement, "I used to eat a whole pizza in one sitting. Now it takes me 12 hours to eat a whole pizza." The point is, calorie consumption is calorie consumption. Grazing is certainly an issue for a lot of us. Also, I was told after the sleeve, no straws, no carbonation. I use straws daily, and drink a few seltzers a week with no issues. After 5 years, I've become used to my sleeve, so I don't really notice the restriction, unless I overdo it.
  13. Teachamy

    5 years and it is never too late

    Hi Proud Grammy! I am never on here anymore, but happy to see a familiar face! Hope all is well!
  14. I stopped weighing everyday or every week. I went to my doctor's office once every 3 or so weeks, and I was guaranteed to lose weight when I went in. It helped my mindset a lot. Try to focus on lifestyle. Your clothes will fit better and better (and then your size will go down). Take your measurements too. The scale is just one tool to measure progress. Don't let it frustrate you--it's too early in the game.
  15. Neither broth nor jello have any protein. Do you mean that you want to add extra low calorie foods? Once you are out of surgery, 1000 calories will seem like a lot, but eventually your swelling will go down and you'll be able to eat more. Your doctor wants to be sure you have the commitment and ability to do this. What are you eating now?
  16. Teachamy

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    @@Teachamy ... yes, this is maybe a bit on the high side, but I've averaged 1700 calories/day for many months now. I mostly walk outside for exercise. I also do a little yoga, stretching and floor exercises. But the winter and these nasty March days have meant I don't consistently do that now. And let me be very clear that I'm not at all a gym rat. However, I am so much more active than I used to be -- do a LOT more housework, run more errands, probably even fidget more than I used to. I can't say what will work for you, since WLS patients show considerable variation in how much and what kinds of food they can eat to maintain their weight. But I will offer this: When I was losing weight, my surgical practice's very well educated and experienced physician's assistant strongly urged me to eat more (not fewer) calories as my capacity increased. Specifically, she suggested that during months 5 and 6 post-op I eat 1,000 calories and during months 7 and 8 I eat 1,200 calories. She said that this would help my metabolism not get stuck at a lower level than it needed to be. Half a month later, I reached my initial weight goal (150 pounds). Then I, my PA, my NUT and my exercise consultant all agreed (based on my weight loss rate and history and my MFP macronutrient records) that 1,700 calories made sense as a maintenance calorie budget for me. But then ... very slowly over the next year while averaging 1,700 calories/day I've lost another 15 pounds. So obviously I need to be averaging more than 1,700 calories. In the last few months I've weighed from 133 - 138. I do NOT like weighing less than 135. That's why I've recently been eating more. This is just guesswork on my part -- but if you want to raise your calorie intake, do so very gradually. This will require you to actually track assiduously your food using something like MFP. Maybe raise it by 50 calories every week for the next month and see what happens. Then stay there. Then try that again. I wish we could just do a cheek swab and send it to a lab to see how much we can eat to maintain our weight. But it doesn't work like that. My own WLS experience and success has been ALL about observation and mindfulness. I don't worry about being perfect. Instead, I consider that everything I do just gives me more information to figure out how my body works. And believe me, 19+ months post-op isn't long enough to imagine I have it all figured out. P.S. I forgot to mention that I'm 70 years old. Was sleeved at age 68. My Certified Diabetes Consultant/RD tells me 1200-1400 calories a day now. My surgeon told me no more than 1100 to maintain. I have a few pounds to take off, although diligence is working. I use MFP religiously, with the exception of Easter Sunday, ironically enough. (Hershey's kisses were calling my name!) Thanks!
  17. Teachamy

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    Hi VSGAnn! I am one of those people with a sloth-like metabolism, and I gain if I eat more than 1200- ish calories a day. Is this your typical caloric intake? What is your workout routine? I think I may need to ramp it up!
  18. Teachamy

    Anyone gone through menopause AFTER the surgery?

    I had a hysterectomy (uterus only) one year ago. Although I still have my ovaries, I think menopause has finally set in. Hot flashes every evening and at night. (Anyone else have a partner who is overly amorous when s/he wakes up and finds you nude and panting in bed? I don't have the heart to tell my husband he's not a rock star.) I am suddenly far less interested in that arena of late too. I am only 42, so I am hoping for a few more years before my hormones go completely out of whack, because I have heard that menopause does cause weight gain. Good luck!
  19. Teachamy

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    The crust is just SOOOOO filling. If I ate the crust, I could do one piece of pizza and then I wouldn't get enough Protein. So on the very rare occasions I do eat pizza (it really is rare, this pizza was leftover from two weeks ago!), it's toppings only. I see your point! You are superhuman in my book!
  20. Teachamy

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    I am amazed people eat the topping off pizza, and not the whole piece of pizza. I have ordered it without cheese before and added my own vegan cheese at home, but I need the crust! Yesterday: Breakfast:coffee with half and half and a Quest bar MS: More coffee with Half and Half Lunch: NOTHING appealed to me! So I ate an 80 calorie Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurt Afternoon snack: I didn't eat lunch, so my bloodsugar was plummeting. Another quest bar. Dinner: Udi's gluten free tortilla with 2 slices of Daiya (vegan) cheese, 1 serving Chobani yogurt ES: 1 cup grapes, 2 oz. cheedar cheese curds This is not evidence of my best eating day, but it is honest. I need more fruit/veggies and more Water. (I think I made it to 40 oz. yesterday, not including the coffee, of course...) Onward!
  21. My mom, who has always fallen within the normal BMI range also has her days when she feels she lacks motivation to get on the treadmill or get some physical exercise, yet she does it 90% of the time. She very rarely buys junk food that she is tempted to eat, and eats the same type of meals everyday. My mother-in-law who is obese doesn't exercise. Period. She buys ice-cream, chocolate chips, Cookies, juice, etc. She will bake cookies with my daughter some weekends, say she is bringing them to church, then ends up eating half of them herself. I think I fall somewhere between the two of them. Focused and motivated or hanging out in complete and utter denial where guilt is camped out just over the horizon. Food is much more addictive to me than it is to my mom, but I am not my mother-in-law, nowhere near her. When I get really bored with my food choices, I hear my dietician in my head, "Food is not entertainment. Ask any thin person you know and they'll tell you they eat the same thing most everyday". And damn it, she's right. I so hate it when she's right. So I am back to my usual Protein bar, 80 calorie yogurt, Beans, chickpeas, tofu, daiya cheese, blah, blah, blah. Not entertained, but fighting the good fight, I guess.
  22. Teachamy

    Maybe I should just get more cats....

    Personally, I can't wait until you sashay past him at your goal weight.
  23. Teachamy

    IUD - What should I expect?

    The first time my male OB inserted the Mirena, and it caused some cramping. I didn't enjoy the process, but I was fine once it was inserted. 5 years later, my new and improved female OB replaced it and POOF! She was so fast! It was amazing! You can survive this. But if your doctor isn't taking your anxiety and request for a sedative seriously, maybe it's time to find someone who listens to you. Just a thought...
  24. You can do this! You are human, and it's OK!

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