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  1. I am 7 months post op . I was losing my hair like crazy and often felt fatigued. To help, I make sure I am getting my protein in( I still do a shake per day) and get all of my vitamins. At 6 months the hair loss slowed down majorly and over the last month my hair is starting to grow back. I have short hair sticking up all over my head. I was really concerned about the hair loss feeling like it was excessive, but now it is coming back nicely. My doctor told me at 6 months it would slow down and it did. Keep up the good work!!
  2. melegge

    Surgery was 7/8/13-down 62 lbs

    I have also slowed down. But I am still very happy with my results. I was sleeved on 7/1/13 and am down to 235.
  3. melegge

    Caloric Intake

    I was at my one month appointment yesterday and I am supposed to be under 500 Calories until I am 6 months out. I will be up to 1000 calories by the time I am a year out. Right now at 5 weeks I get 300-400 in on average. My plan is strict three meals no snacks. 1 protein shake.
  4. How is everyone doing? I had my 1 month post op today and it went well. In 2lbs I will move from morbidly obese to obese. I thought that was pretty cool. I have been doing good with trying new foods and they have all been well tolerated by my sleeve so that I am happy for. I have only lost 1 lb in the last almost 2 weeks so I am bummed about that. Hoping it will pick up again. I hope you are all doing well.
  5. Great job. I can see a huge change in your face! This is so exciting isn't it!?!
  6. Here are my night before surgery and almost one month post op pics. I notice change in my face, stomach and hips. I can't wait for my 6 month pics. I hope to see some others post before and current too.
  7. Mine is melegge but you have to search for friends by email or facebook. My email is melegge@tecksquad.com if you want to add me What is your email?
  8. Thank you for starting this!! I am 31 yrs old and 5'9" I was sleeved on July 1st. Starting weight 312 Surgery date weight 297 Current weight 277 I am getting 350-500 calories per day and just started soft foods. I get in 50-64 oz of liquids. But really struggle to get in my shake. Now it makes me sick feeling. I too can cross my legs. I did it and didn't even realize it too. My clothes are getting baggy. My nursing scrubs look ridiculous and my face has started to thin out. I have stalled for almost a week. I started stalling when I introduces foods pureed and now soft. I am wondering if it has something to do with that. I will try to get pics posted soon. I did full pics the day before surgery and plan to take them monthly on my anniversary date. For exercise I walk 30+ min, bike for 45+ min. Do light weights and the treadmill. I am thinking of starting the 30 day shred as it has cardio and strength. I try to get 30 min + per day but have been slacking a little as I had an overwhelming week at work. This week is a new week and I plan do get my motivation back!
  9. melegge

    Buyers remorse anyone?

    First off congrats on sticking to what you want and staying strong. Good for you for putting your health and happiness first. You are not only doing it for yourself but also for your daughter. I am sorry that it has been such a struggle and I wish you the best success with the sleeve.
  10. melegge

    Buyers remorse anyone?

    Today I start my third and final week of liquids. I am so excited for this week to be over so I can start pureed food. In the last several days I have had several family parties that have revolved around food. While both of those events were hard, I had no buyers remorse. I think the negative feelings I had early on were related to my feelings of pain and sickness. I have survived 2 weeks on liquids, I can do one more. I am loosing an average of 1lb per day which feels good!
  11. I am still on liquids. Full liquids for 10 more days. I wish I could start pureed. I had a family gathering today of course that revolved around food. It was really hard but I made it. Keep on keeping on!
  12. melegge

    Nine days post-op

    I am 10 days postop and my weight loss stopped when I started full liquids 3 days ago. I am only getting in 300-400 calories per day. I had lost 10 lbs the first week after surgery. I am assuming it will start again soon. I too feel very tired well more like exhausted most of the day. I sleep 10 hrs at night and take a nap during the day. Something has to give! I am managing to get my liquids in.
  13. If you aren't feeling better tomorrow I would call your surgeon. You shouldn't be feeling that way. If you are that weak you are probably dehydrated. Maybe try some cream soup with more calories. I love the butternut squash soup from Target(if they have target where you are). Also you shouldn't be feeling real hunger. My surgeon said yesterday that I should not feel hunger for a long time, maybe never. Also I use Muscle Milk light for my protein and it doesn't have dairy. That might help you. I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time. I hope you will call you Dr. tomorrow if you aren't feeling better. You may need IV fluids. Take care. I hope you feel better soon.
  14. melegge

    July 8

    The liquids do feel funny going down for the first several days. Mine started feeling normal on day #4. Getting in the liquids is hard but keep up on them and walk as much as you can. Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions. I am POD #8
  15. The transition didn't hurt at all. But I take it really slow. I do notice quit a bit of gurggling after each bite. But I suppose my stomach is just adjusting. No nausea or tightness though. Good luck and enjoy!
  16. I just got home from my 1 week postop appointment and I can start full liquids. I am currently having 1/4 c of organic summer squash soup which is amazingly delicious! So now I am on full liquids for 2 weeks then pureed. The full liquid stage seems much more doable. The clear liquids for a week was hard.
  17. My sleeve book says diarrhea is normal it is either from only having liquids or possibly a food sensitivity like dairy. I am 6 days out today and feeling good. I am only taking Tylenol for my pain and getting my fluids in. I hope you all keep doing well. Each day should be better then the one before!
  18. melegge

    For recent post op'ers

    That sounds so good! I am on clears and would die right now for a tomato with mozarella cheese! I am post op day 6. I have one more day of clears then 2 weeks of full liquid then pureed.
  19. Walking helps a ton. I go for 30 min each day since I have been home. My Dr gave me a RX for a pill that desolves under my tongue. That really helps me with the pressure. Feel better soon!
  20. Sorry you are having such a hard time. This really is tough and I don't think this "part" of the process was discussed much pre op. I had been preparing for surgery for 10 months and never heard how hard it would be. I am off the Lortab because it made me sick. I take junior dissolve tylenol every 4-5 hrs and that takes the edge off. The thing I find most helpful is walking. It makes me feel normal and helps get rid of the extra gas. I wish you the best and hope you start feeling better soon.
  21. Feeling good. Two more days of clear liquids then I get to start full liquids.

  22. Head hunger go away!! This was always the prime time for snacking! :(

  23. melegge

    Buyers remorse anyone?

    I am 4 days out and have had two episodes of "what the hell did I do". I worked through them, day dreamed of the future and drank some Water. I know I was mentally and physically prepared for this but still there will always be those moments when I second guess myself and then realize there is no turning back. Then I sit here and read this site and all the success that people have had and are currently having and realize that I will look back at this hard month of my life and it will be worth it. My biggest struggle is my postop diet. I have liquids for 3 weeks! I am only 4 days in and 3 weeks seems like a eternity. I see some started pureed the second day out. That makes me jealous!! I just want a bite of yogurt or something to chew. Anyways the time will go fast as it always does. I have struggled with bootcamp, low calorie diets and no weight loss. I can do this!
  24. Surgery 7/1 Starting weight 312 Surgery Day weight 297 Today 290 Feeling good about that. Getting in my liquids and protein shake. Struggling with head hunger! Majorly struggling... I can do this!
  25. I had my surgery on July 1st at 730 am and was discharged on July 2nd at 4pm. The worst was the 1 hr ride home. I was sore when I got home. I don't start my vitamins/supplements until 4 weeks postop. My post op diet is as follows: weeks 1-3 liquids(first week clear then full liquids after 1 week post op appointment) Sucky! week 4 pureed week 5 soft I find it interesting how different all the post op diets are. I wish I could have full liquids now.