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  1. I had VSG in May of this year. I had a wonderful experience. I have lost 53 lbs and could not be happier with my sleeve. Due to my success, and seeming ease of recuperation (overall, that is), my husband decided to have the surgery in August. He has had nothing but problems. He has never been able to keep any food or Water down. He constantly throws up anything he takes in, including Vitamins and medications. It is not nausea--it is an inability to digest anything. He has had multiple IV's for dehydration, and would have been hospitalized multiple times if he did not work in the medical field (which allows him access to IV Fluid without being admitted to the hospital). He is now about 6 weeks post-op. His doctor finally did an EGD this week. They found a kink in the area where his small intestine connects to his stomach. Essentially, it causes the food to have to travel "uphill" (for lack of a better description) to exit his stomach. It's just not working. He has erosion in his esophagus and severe GERD b/c of the buildup of acid in his stomach. They dilated the spot that is kinked, but it didn't make a difference, which they didn't expect it would because it is not a stricture. Now his doctor wants to convert to gastric bypass. It is sooo disheartening. Neither of us would have considered having a bypass electively and he is terrified of the side effects of the bypass. We know that the side effects cant really be much worse than what he is going through now but it is still stressful. We have been unable to get a second opinion (my surgeon just retired and another is on vacation). My husbands surgeon (whohas been absolutely wonderful through this whole process) wants to do the bypass ASAP. I have read a few posts with similar circumstances, but can't find any recent updates. Does anyone have any information/thoughts/ideas/experience with this? If so we would love to hear! Thanks for letting me vent and for any suggestions or thoughts! Right now we are just trying to process this whole mess!
  2. nervousnellie

    Workout Dread

    I always dread working out. Every single day. I don't enjoy it. I never have, though I wish I did. However, I just got done working out with my trainer and I feel sooo much better (more energy). I just wish I could internalize this feeling BEFORE I work out so I didn't have all the dread..... ugh!
  3. I had one too--didn't even know until I woke up and it was repaired. It shouldn't be a problem.
  4. nervousnellie

    what to eat before exercise?

    my trainer recommends oatmeal or other slow digesting carbs. I always eat oatmeal before I work out with her and it has made a difference. If I don't I tend to have severe blood sugar drops and almost pass out. If I eat protein before I just feel more tired. I always drink a protein shake right after our workouts.
  5. nervousnellie

    Cauliflower pizza

    I made one too. I thought it tasted fine, however the cauliflower gave me such bad gas and my stomach hurt soooo bad! I'm glad it worked well for you!
  6. nervousnellie

    Some questions for a nervous nelly...

    interesting screen name : ) I guess there are two of us.
  7. I am 8 weeks out and have had a few (small) glasses of wine. I haven't had a problem. I have also had a mixed drink with no problem, but I did sip over a long period of time.
  8. nervousnellie

    Tennessee sleevers

    Also in Murfreesboro.
  9. nervousnellie

    what to eat before working out?

    So, I had a first meeting with a trainer today. She had me do some basic moves and my blood sugar plummeted. I almost passed out. I will be 5 weeks post op on Wednesday. I eat very few carbs, mostly because I don't tolerate them well. Do you guys have any suggestions on slow digesting carbs I can eat early in the day before working out? I don't really like oatmeal very much. Thanks for any help!
  10. nervousnellie

    what to eat before working out?

    I was told not to eat nuts this soon, or peanut butter...I think I will suck it up and eat some oatmeal and a protein shake. I hate eating breakfast in the first place, but I felt AWFUL when my sugar bottomed out. I can't eat bread yet (really doesn't sit well with me), so a sandwich won't work for me, but I already eat tuna salad every day. I just don't want tuna for breakfast!
  11. nervousnellie

    what to eat before working out?

    My trainer wanted me to have carbs other than fruit--she said preferably not fructose. I think part of my problem is that even if I eat perfectly, I just can't get much in! Thanks for your response!
  12. nervousnellie


    I sometimes use whole wheat melba toasts or Wasa crackers. I just don't eat much at a time.
  13. I had a shellac mani and a pedi a few days before my surgery b/c I had a party to attend. I didn't take it off and it wasn't an issue.
  14. nervousnellie

    Hard Boiled Eggs-How I Love Thee

    I have been eating deviled eggs regularly. So yummy!
  15. I have had this too. It actually happened to me at my pre surgery seminar. I don't want to explain anything to people so I just say "thank you...I'll take that as a compliment." It frustrates me too, and to be honest it's not wanting to get into it with people that is making me not tell anyone.
  16. nervousnellie

    Food post op

    I do eat it alone. I sometimes use pretzel chips, but I kind of just use the pretzel as a spoon. When the section I am licking the hummus off of gets soggy, I eat it. But, I usually only go through two pretzel chips since I can't eat much at time.
  17. Just take tiny sips and get as much fluid as you possibly can. Plain water hurts more than flavored water, milk and other drinks. Keep with it. It will get better. I am three weeks out and still can't get all my water and protein in a day and my dr. is fine with that. Do the best you can.
  18. nervousnellie

    Food post op

    I felt normal day 10. I am not far enough out to tell you about what you'll be eating. I'm three weeks out and I mostly hummus, eggs, deli ham & turkey and cheese.
  19. nervousnellie

    Diet Foods?

    I use full fat mayo and cheeses. I would rather eat less and have the full flavor. I do also use the olive oil mayo sometimes. If I don't have some oils in my diet, it messes up my digestion. I do use them in moderation though!
  20. nervousnellie

    Got turned down and you will never believe why

    That would be extremely frustrating! I'm so sorry! I guess I was lucky. My doc wrote the letter and let me proof it before they signed it to make sure it had all the information I felt like it needed (it did). Best of luck as you try to get this fixed!
  21. nervousnellie

    New Syntrax Flavor!

    I've had the grape. It tastes like super sweet grape kool-aid to me. It was too much for me, but I don't love fruity drinks anyway. I think the Crystal Sky was good. It was fruity but light.
  22. nervousnellie

    Tell us about your pet -- and pics!

    No pics to post right now but I have 2 boxers (one is 8 and one is 5). I also have an 11 year old yorkie. They're my babies! By the way--my in-laws lost their aussie five years ago and they have never gotten another one either. They're great dogs!
  23. nervousnellie

    Post-Op Grocery List

    Hey--I'm from Murfreesboro! Had my surgery with Dr. Eckles!
  24. nervousnellie

    Creamy soups!

    Cream of chicken was my favorite too, but I did mix it with skim milk and added protein. Tomato basil was good too.
  25. nervousnellie

    Down in the dumps

    Happy Birthday. Sorry you are feeling down. It's my birthday too by the way! Hang in there!

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