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  1. I went to the seminar at my local hospital & then started the steps to follow thru their program & got as far as meeting the surgeon last Friday, but sorry to say, it wasn't a good experience at all. The surgeon was wonderful & I would have this surgery with him in a heartbeat BUT when I was at the clinic attached to the hospital, I was so disgusted by how filthy it was in there. Nothing to do with the surgeon but the 2 rooms I had been brought to first, were just nauseating! I had to complain immediately because I sat there crying for the first 30 mins (while waiting). My husband was with me & wanted us to leave but I didn't want to leave without meeting the surgeon. Anyway....long story short, they were in the process of having someone clean that exam room from hell before I even left, after I raised a big fuss, but you know how it is, now it's the only thing on my mind. I can't seem to forget what I saw & no matter how much I'd want that surgeon to do my sleeve, I'm looking into another facility, just in case I decide to change my mind. So tomorrow I start all over again at a different hospital & have to start with the seminar. I'm so bummed. Thankfully any medical testing I've had done, I can bring copies but other than that, I have to follow their program steps now. I currently have a surgery date of mid July at the "filthy" hospital but am hoping this new hospital can offer me a summer date as well so I can cancel at the dirty facility. Please wish me luck.
  2. Has anyone tried "Amazing Arms" from As seen on TV? I'm looking for something to wear under my short sleeved tops so that no one pukes after seeing the flappy part of under my arms. Most people call them "bat wings" but my left arm has a balloon looking piece of lard hanging which is disgusting me! Is there something anyone can recommend ~ what it is they're wearing & where it was purchased? I check out "Amazing Arms" from the As Seen On TV site & there is only 1 review & the person said the first time they went to wear it, the front clasp broke. Please advise as I'm desperate to hide my arms. I'm not even close to goal yet but holy cow, I'm so discouraged due to this arm thing! http://www.asseenontv.com/amazing-arms/detail.php?p=486216
  3. YES! I forgot that I have ordered from this site & they are much cheaper than paying store prices! They often have specials too! Thank you for posting, I will go back to checking this site out! It's been so long, I forgot!
  4. Pixie Dust

    Amazing Arms?

    I was looking at some of those compression sleeves but I need one that would hook around my back or something...not just a sleeve. I can just picture the sleeve rolling down & my arms exploding out of my awfully tight sleeves, just like the Incredible Hulk!
  5. Pixie Dust

    Amazing Arms?

    They are crap! That's my opinion lol. I am post op, but a male so I wouldn't obviously wear them lol. But I got them for two of my friends who are post op (got them from Boscovs, they sell the same ones there), and it was a disappointment. Hope you find something to make you feel more comfortable! Thank you rensterness....hoping someone will have some advice as to what perhaps they are wearing so I can try it. I'm just miserable & the worst part is that I could fit into the next size down in tops but my arms won't fit in the sleeves.
  6. I went to Catherine's last weekend too & the sales clerk measured me (they are trained in measuring for Bra fittings) & I went from a 46DDD to a 42D by only losing 65 lbs. So I guess I know where most of my weight is coming off from! That's fine with me though, they were waaaaaaaay too big! Watch for sales or at least go shopping armed with the right size & maybe you can pick up a lesser expensive bra here & there. Not sure if Kohl's sells larger sized ones but I'm going to try. If not, I'll go back to Catherine's as they're having a Bra event going on right now.
  7. Pixie Dust

    Cruise At 3 Months Post Op! Help!

    Exactly. This was perfect advice! Enjoy your cruise!! Take me with you!!
  8. Pixie Dust

    Week Three Progress Picture!

    Amazing difference! Good for you!!
  9. Wow! You both look hot so quit your complaining!
  10. I hiccup 3 times after each meal! Go figure! Oh & yes, this is a new site & I miss the old one. :-(
  11. Pixie Dust

    I can' believe it

    All wonderful news! Congratulations!
  12. Pixie Dust

    5 months out

    Naughty boy! LOL! Awesome job Sarah! Congratulations! You look gorgeous!
  13. Pixie Dust

    2 Months Before and After Pics

    Major difference already! You look great! Keep up the good work!
  14. Pixie Dust

    I'm 55 And Had My Sleeve Done On August 8

    For me, it really wasn't painful at all. I was expecting terrible pain but really, it was more painful having kids than this....this was nothing to me. They kept me comfy at the hospital & pain killers at home. I often wonder if I really needed the pain meds, but I just kept taking them at the appropriate time, even if I had no pain, but I didn't want to feel pain...so not sure if I would have if I had not taken the meds. The worst part for me was feeling nausea, & that was caused from the pain meds. Once I was given a prescription for anti nausea meds which I had to take prior to the pain meds, all was well in my world! Nothing hurt to eat or drink either. So I did accuse my doc of not actually performing that surgery on me! But just go slow with everything & pray. All will be well. Good luck to you!
  15. Pixie Dust

    I keep sitting on my ladybits.

    :D :lol:
  16. Pixie Dust

    Cognition post VSG

    **Forgot to mention this yesterday** but when I tried to vote "NO" it came back to me saying that I must answer the 2nd portion of the question (negative or positive) but with a "NO" answer, there is no negative or positive outcome?? I think there is a glitch in your system, but I was happy to participate in your poll. Let me know if it's fixed because my answer would be "NO." I was brain dead before the surgery, sadly.
  17. Pixie Dust

    Cognition post VSG

    Hi gamergirl ~ I'm just past that exciting (NOT) part of my life. I'm 54. It started about the time I gave birth to my youngest, which was about 12 years ago. After posting yesterday, I really started to think about when this issue started & it was about the time I gave birth because I do remember asking my OB/GYN about it & he said it was just hormones & my eyesight went bad too about that time & he also said that was hormones but I've needed reading glasses since & now I probably need to wear them all the time. So do I see my regular PCP about something like this or what type of doctor do I need to see? If it's curable by just a shot, I'm taking my son too!
  18. Pixie Dust

    Cognition post VSG

    Laura, I have word retrieval issues. Like you, I can see in my minds eye the object, but I can't think of the word or some other (off the wall) word comes out?? I was thinking that maybe I had suffered a small stroke. I was never that way until the past 10-12 years? Altho, I was diagnosed with ADHD so maybe that has something to do with it? My son who has severe ADHD has the same issue as me with word retrieval problems. He's not overweight. Sorry, didn't mean to hi-jack Innerchild's thread but I've been so concerned. I hope my memory improves but maybe I haven't lost enough weight yet? In fact, today I had yet another issue....I was trying to tell my family a story of something that happened yesterday & 4 times, while telling the story, I lost my train of thought & had to have my family coach me on what I was saying before all connection was lost! **HELP!!!**
  19. Pixie Dust


    WOWZA !!!! Look how tiny your waist has gotten! You look amazing for being less than 3 months out! How wonderful for you!! Congratulations! (I'm still depressed! )
  20. Pixie Dust

    How has your relationships changed?

    I just didn't tell anyone of my surgery & that saved a lot of headaches. Since I'm losing slowly too, no one is the wiser so it just looks like I'm doing it by cutting down on food intake. Plus my neighbors all see me walking around the neighborhood so they see I'm moving more too. No questions asked. Good luck to you. If these people really love you, they'd be happy for you, not jealous or ugly towards you. That's pretty sad.
  21. Pixie Dust


    OMG! Never mind, I just saw you got sleeved 2 weeks AFTER me & I'm still hanging in the 250's! Ohhhh....I'm so depressed....you are a rock star!
  22. Pixie Dust


    Lets see that "AFTER" pic!!!! It's too hard to see in your profile pic. You must feel so good! Congratulations to you! I'm the same height & started basically at the same weight & have the same goal as you so really excited to read your post! When was your surgery?
  23. Wow...you look like a model in your photo! Congratulations to you & God Bless on your new precious baby growing inside of you! Such a blessing! Please keep us informed on how you're coming along! We're all going to be your little one's "Auntie's" & "Uncles!"
  24. Pixie Dust

    Below 250 woo hoo

    You look fantastic Moorecr! I was sleeved the same day & I'm going between 253 & 255 over & over. What did you do to get out of that vicious cycle? I need out of it too cause it's consuming my every thought right now! Can't wait till I can get down to the 240's now! I'm taking it in 10 pound increments. Come on 240's (even 249!)
  25. Pixie Dust

    Breakfast ham and egg cups!

    Those look delish! I'd like the spinach version too! YUM! Thanks for sharing this!

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