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  1. I'm so glad to read this post...I too have been in a stall for what seems forever but I believe its been 2 weeks now, just seems longer. I keep going up & down the same 2 lbs. I'm staying just below 800 calories & getting my water in so have no clue what the problem is, except that I keep reading it's normal. Well, I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT! Grrrrrrr! Yet, I do see my clothes are fitting me differently & I'm swimming in some of my tops that I couldn't wear because they were too snug on me so something is happening but I want to see it on the scale! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I do have a love/hate relationship with my scale ~ always have, always will! (Well, maybe I'll really love my scale when I reach my goal!)
  2. Pixie Dust

    84 pounds gone!

    You look fabulous!!! Congratulations!!
  3. Hey, who said he looks like a little old man???
  4. Just viewed your profile pic ~ wow! What a transformation! You know, I still am shocked at how much younger people look after they've lost weight. I guess I never thought about weight aging people but when I see before & after pics, it's almost like seeing a Mother/daughter or Father/son (in your case) pic! You look awesome! Congratulations!
  5. Pixie Dust

    162 lbs in a year!

    What a wonderful post to read! I'm so happy for you because I can only imagine how happy you are! It's like being handed a new life, isn't it? Congratulations to you & please, post pics as soon as you're able so we can all be even more motivated!
  6. I too use My Fitness Pal & find it extremely easy. I love that you can change the amount of what you ate too on there, like a default might show up as 1 sandwich but I switch the amount to .50 to show I only had half of a sandwich (I'm not eating sandwiches yet, just using that as an example). It's pretty easy...if I'm home I just walk over to the computer & log in what I've had. If I'm out for the day, I still pretty much remember what I've had & just log it all in at night & I do log every single little thing...even if I had something I wasn't supposed to! It's interesting to see the totals by the end of the day! I know you can do this on your phone too but I'm not that phone savvy to use it on my phone so I just do it on my computer at home. Whatever works or helps is what I'm thinking!
  7. Pixie Dust

    Oh Happy Day!

    That's awesome & you should be very proud!!! Congratulatons! Only down to go from here!
  8. Loved all the details you shared! I agree with you, hate the word "CROTCH" YUCKO! You're doing fabulous! How about some pictures??!! Congratulations to you!
  9. Pixie Dust

    6 months down 76lbs

    Wow...your body & face has changed! You look great! You must feel great too! Congratulations!
  10. Pixie Dust

    feeling amazing!

    You're gorgeous! Keep up the good work!
  11. Pixie Dust

    lost 51 lbs in 4.5 months

    You look amazing & your beautiful eyes stand out even more now! Congratulations!
  12. Pixie Dust

    We made 8 oz of fish...

    I'll send you my address!
  13. My journey just began but I do have one real regret....that I didn't do this sooner! Like at least 10 years sooner!
  14. Pixie Dust

    We made 8 oz of fish...

    Your dinner sounded delish! I had salmon today. I used to eat a whole piece which is 7 oz but now I only eat half & sometimes less than that! YIPPEE!!! I should notice a diff in the grocery bill soon!
  15. What a difference! I'm sure you're very excited about it!! Good job!
  16. Pixie Dust

    Free Quest Bar from GNC

    I printed mine out yesterday & went today to GNC & got my free Quest Bar! So it's a real coupon! Thanks once again!
  17. Pixie Dust

    2 free Quest Bars.

    Thanks! I just sent for mine as well!
  18. If I got rid of my bra, I'd be kicking my girls down the street as I walked! That has nothing to do with sagging from weight loss either. But as big as they are, they are hanging south so far, they're almost in Florida!
  19. Pixie Dust

    Almost 7 weeks out

    What a difference! Beautiful girl!
  20. What an inspiring post! Good for you & keep us going with your uplifting posts! Hope to hear about your journey often!
  21. Pixie Dust

    throat noises?

    **Raises hand** Count me in too...mine is more of a gurgling noise from my throat. But the kicker is that when I'm full, I hiccup twice REALLY LOUD! I don't understand that & will be embarrassed if I do it out in public! I asked my doctor about the gurgling noises & he said it's fairly common. He said it would go away in time.
  22. I have no advice to offer, but just want to wish you both well. I hope you keep us up to date on your journey!
  23. Pixie Dust

    progress pics

    What a difference in such a short time! Good for you!!
  24. Pixie Dust

    weight gain

    I'm just over 4 weeks out & I've had a 2 lb gain. I attribute it to my body being in starvation mode because most days I only get in about 500-600 calories, so there is NO WAY I could gain 2 lbs with that. But I keep trying to get more in & I have lost a considerable amount of weight in 4 weeks so I'm just going to keep trudging along....Don't feel alone tho.
  25. Pixie Dust

    Free Quest Bar from GNC

    Thanks! Dying to try them too since one of my friends is addicted to them!