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  1. caitiebug

    Hair question

    I feel like I'm turning into freaking teen wolf. I'm noticing more hair on my chin and tummy. This sucks.
  2. caitiebug


    Thanks everyone! I think when we go out to dinner I'll convince my friends to order desert and give me a bite
  3. It's my birthday!!!! In super excited to Celebrate but no cake just seems weird. What things did you substitute with? I'm not going to go stuff my face with sad choices so no need to get preachy and its my birthday so no mean posts.
  4. Take a sip(hold liquid in mouth) exhale through your nose, then swallow. My nurse taught me this trick and I do it automatically now. Hope this helps
  5. So I've been having the hardest time sleeping. I thought it was because my pillows lost their fluff. But then I realized all of my pillows didn't loose their fluff I did! (Well not all my fluff...yet) Vets how long does it take to get use to having bones you can feel?
  6. caitiebug

    Down 65 lbs

    I'm 60lbs down too!!!! Feels great doesn't it! You look great!
  7. I'm 6 weeks out and my Dr said go for it! Watch the rides that push on your tummy but if it doesn't hurt have fun
  8. caitiebug

    Flying after surgery ?

    I haven't flown in a few years but I'm taking a trip next week. Last time I flew I needed an extender but that was 50lbs ago. Should I ask for one now or see if my slightly smaller frame can buckle the seatbelt without it?
  9. I was in the same boat as you. I'm 24 sw 310. I'm a month post op and feeling good. Do your beat to follow dr's orders but don't be supervised if you struggle in the beginning. Drinking is really hard I'm still struggling to get my protein in. If you need anything message me
  10. Mine did the same thing. My dr gave me his personal cell. Oh what a sad choice on his part lol. So texted him this pic and he said it was fine just to keep it covered with gauze and to not put anything on it except soapy Water when I shower. Hope this helps.
  11. caitiebug

    One month post op salad dressings

    High protein ranch http://fabulouspinterestfinds.blogspot.com/2012/02/protien-ranch.html?m=1
  12. caitiebug


    I'm 3 weeks out and I have to FORCE myself to eat. I don't want to eat and I'm not hungry. I can't imagine over eating
  13. caitiebug

    Cooking with wine

    Thanks soooo much!!! I'm making shrimp scampi http://www.smokedngrilled.com/easy-healthy-shrimp-scampi/
  14. I forgot to eat today. I drank my water but that was it. Oops 3 weeks out and not hungry.
  15. I'm making a meal for my family, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of wine and chicken broth cooking the mixture down to half. I don't plan on guzzling the sauce but I'd like to add a little when I stick my portion in the blender. Sad choice?