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  1. brittersmom


    I had my sleeve done in june of 2013. Ive lost 132lbs. My tailbone hurts if I sit for longer then 10 minutes. Even in a nice patted chair. Has anyone else had this problem since losing weight? Could it be cause I use to have padding there and now I don't?
  2. brittersmom

    ulcers and pouch

    Does anyone know if its normal to get ulcers being post op? Its been a year this month and now I have ulcers and a pouch on my sleeve. Dr said I have a pouch growing off my staple line due to low blood flow after surgery. I've been very sick due to all this. I'm honestly scared and tired of always being sick.
  3. brittersmom

    ulcers and pouch

    I don't drink coffe but I drink tea. Their going to go on with a scope and check things out. He haant mentioned any other surgeries tho. I really hope not
  4. brittersmom

    Sharp Pain in Right Side

    I also experienced sharp pains on my right and left side. Dr told me it was normal. Eventually it did stop. Good luck
  5. brittersmom

    ulcers and growth

    Anybody help plz.... First off I'm 1 yr post op. I've been very sick for the past week (nausua, throwing up, etc). So dr ran some test and I have ulcers in my sleeve along with a little pouch in there. He said that the staple line didn't have enough blood flow and created a pouch. I'm taking meds for the ulcers now then were going to go in with a scope. Has anyone else ever had or heard of this? I'm a nervous wreck =\
  6. brittersmom


    Thank you. All this makes me feel better. Try sleeping with a pillow between ur knees. It might help with knee and hip pressure for you guys. Thats what I do
  7. brittersmom


    Thank you everyone for the quick response. Im going tomorrow to purchase a doughnut pillow
  8. brittersmom

    energy drinks

    Im 10 months out from surgery. I had a lot of energy until I was hospitalized for kidney stones and had 2 surgeries. Are we allowed energy drinks?
  9. brittersmom

    energy drinks

    Im not eating veggies. My dr told me to focus on protein only cuz the protein shakes make me sick. I do exercise. I go to our local gym. Only go for about an hr a day, 3 days a week cuz I have no energy. I take my vitamins like I'm suppose to. I know its cuz of being hospitalized. I just need to gain my energy back.
  10. I was sleeved June 2013. I love it. Im down 131lbs. Im feeling great and want to tan. Will tanning beds hurt my little stomach? I know its crazy but I worry about everything
  11. brittersmom

    kidney stones

    My sleeve was done this last June and since then I've had to deal with kidney stones 3 times. Does anyone know or experience this being due to the sleeve? I've had 3 surgeries to blast huge ones and I'm hoping I don't have to continue fighting these
  12. brittersmom

    soda pop

    I'm 9 months out and was admitted into the hospital for kidney stones and they gave me Shasta pop why I was in there. They knew I had the sleeve done. Is Pop ok to drink?
  13. brittersmom

    soda pop

    Thank you both for replying. I was nervous about it
  14. brittersmom


    I'm almost 15 weeks post op and have not lost any weight in over a week. I feel like I'm hungry more and I'm able to eat 5-8 bites now instead of 3-4. Does this sound normal?
  15. brittersmom

    Question for June sleevers

    I was sleeved on June 11th. Starting weight was 329 with 1 week per liquid diet. Went in to surgery weighing 319. Now 13 weeks post op I weigh 258. I maybe get 300-400 calories a day in. I can't do protein shakes cause they make me sick but I'm loving my sleeve. 3 weeks ago I never thought I'd say that. It does get better.
  16. I know exactly how you all feel. I was at the point to where I was starting to regret my sleeve. I cried all the time and just wanted to be able to eat more then 2 bites per meal. I can't do protein shakes and I always felt bad. I'm now 13 weeks post op and love it. I've lost 71lbs and am slowly starting to eat a little more. All I focus on is eating protein and my fluids and I started to feel so much better. It's amazing how a little protein makes me feel. I'm no longer sickie and tired. I hope you all start to love your sleeve soon. We all did this for a reason. Good luck to you all : )
  17. How neat. I'm also 11 weeks post op and leave for a cruise sept 1 to Florida then Bahamas. Ive been stressing about getting sick cause I barely eat anything. I'm going to try my best to eat nothing but protein to help keep my energy up Good luck to you!!
  18. brittersmom

    June surgery dates

    Hw 329 Sw 319 Cw 267 Total loss 62lbs Sleeved 6/11/13
  19. brittersmom

    Anybody not hungry?

    I also went for awhile where I was not hungry and always felt nausea. I also can't do protein drinks. My dr told me to focus on only eating protein cause I wasn't getting enough, which this I knew. I started buying rotisserie chicken from Walmart and eating chicken and turkey more and it made a huge difference with how I felt. Getting in more protein made a big difference. Good luck to you all!!
  20. brittersmom

    Where Is Everyone From?

    I did and thought everyone did an amazing job. I love dr. Kirk
  21. brittersmom

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Tulsa Oklahoma
  22. brittersmom

    Diet soda

    I'm 7 weeks post op and was curious as to when diet soda is allowed for most? I don't have a drs apt until the end of sept so ill ask him then but I'm curious as to what others do if any at all.
  23. brittersmom

    Diet soda

    Diet rite is what I was drinking before surgery a well. What I'm confused about is some drs including mine say no alcohol for a year. So is that meaning no beer just liquor?
  24. brittersmom

    What foods do you no longer like?

    I've had a lot change. I don't like eggs, milk, tuna, peanuts or peanut butter, turkey, anything sweet at all, French fries are nasty to me, ketchup. I could keep going.

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