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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Has anyone else had very dry skin after surgery?
  2. kcinpa

    Nothing I Eat Tastes Good

    I was sleeved 1/28 and I agree food does not taste as good as it did before.....
  3. kcinpa


    Yes the pain and bloating go away as well as the lung pains when you take a deep breath. It's different for everyone, t took me 2-3 to feel "normal" again. As for the night sweats I would ask your dr about that.
  4. kcinpa

    Just an update ;)

    I didn't have any issues in the hospital, but at 6days out I was right about where you are. I am at 2.5 months now and I still rarely feel hungry..... If it wasn't for my work schedule and my family eating dinner I could easily forget to eat anything at all. Everything starts to get better once you are on the semisolid phase. Congrats on your surgery and good luck!!
  5. kcinpa

    6 months weight loss

    My Insurance only required a three month pre diet, and it didn't require me to lose any weight on the diet to qualify for the surgery. My insurance is independent blue cross.....
  6. Congrats on the great work!!
  7. kcinpa

    Chicken stuffed poblano peppers

    This sounds real good!!
  8. Haven't had any issues except a pulled muscle in my side....
  9. kcinpa

    My head is spinning!

    I don't wait ten minutes, but I do eat real slow. Chew, chew, chew........
  10. Congratulations and good luck!!
  11. Congrats and good luck!!
  12. kcinpa

    5 months and...

    Congrats!! Great work!!
  13. Congrats on the great work!!
  14. kcinpa


    That doesn't sound bad ill have to give it a try!
  15. Mine has gone away, I use 1% milk now to make my shakes no problem at all!!
  16. Remember liquids are easier then solids, so you can probably take more right now. I thought the same thing when I was on liquids, but now that I have some semi solids I eat an ounce or two and I am stuffed....
  17. kcinpa

    Post-op questions

    I was sleeved on 1/28 @450lbs, as of 2/15 I was at 416lbs
  18. kcinpa


    Good luck, ill keep my fingers crossed for you! :-)
  19. kcinpa

    Sleep study tonight

    I have been on my cpap machine since 2005, it takes a little while to get used to it but once you do, sleep is so much nicer. I rarely feel tied at all, it's easier to concentrate, and I feel better all around. My son thinks I look like darth vader though.....
  20. kcinpa

    A little thinspiration

    Congrats, it's very encouraging to hear stories like yours!!
  21. kcinpa

    Surgery Date

    Congrats and good luck!! Let us know how everything goes.
  22. kcinpa

    March 4th date!

    Congrats on the date!!
  23. kcinpa

    6 week update

    Great work, congrats!!

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