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  1. Has anyone else had very dry skin after surgery?
  2. For the people who don't know me my name is Corey. I started my preop diet in October of 2012 at 475lbs. I was sleeved on 1/28/13, on that day I weighed in at 450lbs. As of today I am at 382lbs, and I can already feel a major difference in things I can do now that I couldn't before. I couldn't walk for more then ten minutes at a time before the surgery, now I go for an hour plus walk almost everyday! I think the hardest part for me so far has been reinventing my relationship with food..... Food use to be my goto for everything. I got depressed, I ate. If I was bored, I ate. If I was happy or celebrating something, I ate. Now I find constructive stuff to do when or if I need to. I started drawing, and I am thinking about buying a tattoo gun and some practice skin next. Me and my son go outside and play (it's nice not being so tired all the time!) and I am looking forward to being able to goto amusement parks this summer and being able to fit on rides!! My weight loss journey is far from over, my goal weight is 200-220lbs and I know that thanks to this surgery as long as I stay committed I will make it. I also wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the people on this site as well, without the support you guys have given me during my rough times in the beginning I don't think I would be doing as well as I am now! Thank you!!
  3. kcinpa

    Nothing I Eat Tastes Good

    I was sleeved 1/28 and I agree food does not taste as good as it did before.....
  4. kcinpa

    Pa sleevers

    Hershey PA
  5. kcinpa

    Hello fellow sleevers!

    Congrats and good luck!!
  6. kcinpa


    Yes the pain and bloating go away as well as the lung pains when you take a deep breath. It's different for everyone, t took me 2-3 to feel "normal" again. As for the night sweats I would ask your dr about that.
  7. Just remember that in the beginning it's hard to tell if you are full or not so it really helps if you weigh or measure your food to help keep from overheating. I hated puréed food, so I ate mostly eggs and protein shakes till my dr released me for more solid food. The taste wasn't bad, I just couldn't handle the texture of it.
  8. kcinpa

    shoulder pain

    I had the exact same thing, and my surgeon kept on telling me it was gas pain. It went away for me eventually but it took about two weeks. Hope you get better soon, and if it gets to much to take call your surgeon.
  9. kcinpa

    Drinking water..

    I hadn't drank water by itself in like two years before surgery, all I had drank was diet soda or diet iced tea. The first week or two after surgery I got heartburn from water, now though as long as its ice cold I love it!
  10. kcinpa

    Finally submitted today!

    Congrats and good luck!! Keep us posted!
  11. I started by trying a small bite of something, then I would wait 15-20minutes. If I had no pains or nausea I would warm up the rest of my food and eat. So far I seem to be ok with everything but mashed potatoes. Those were one of the first foods I tried when I could have soft foods but they will not stay down for me.
  12. Don't get discouraged the stalls happen to all of us. I am about 10 weeks out and I had one that started like two weeks ago. I didn't lose a single pound for two weeks and I was starting to get very upset, then this morning I stepped on the scale and had lost three more pounds!! Just keep up the great work you are already doing and it will start back up, you just have to work through it!!
  13. kcinpa

    It's time!

    Congrats and good luck!!
  14. kcinpa

    One year surgiversary!

    Congrats on the great job!! You look amazing!
  15. kcinpa

    Just an update ;)

    I didn't have any issues in the hospital, but at 6days out I was right about where you are. I am at 2.5 months now and I still rarely feel hungry..... If it wasn't for my work schedule and my family eating dinner I could easily forget to eat anything at all. Everything starts to get better once you are on the semisolid phase. Congrats on your surgery and good luck!!
  16. kcinpa

    6 months weight loss

    My Insurance only required a three month pre diet, and it didn't require me to lose any weight on the diet to qualify for the surgery. My insurance is independent blue cross.....
  17. kcinpa

    Shrimp Lovers!

    This looks great! I think I'll be making this tomorrow.
  18. kcinpa

    What is this hurting?

    I had a pain like that on my side for a few weeks after surgery, I called my doctor and he had me come in. After the exam was done he said it doesn't seem like anything serious probably just healing pains, he made an appt for me for three weeks later by then it was gone. I'm doing great now, never knew what it was but it went away eventually.
  19. kcinpa

    The REAL Hunger Games!

    I remember that feeling it was just a few weeks ago for me. Don't worry it gets better and easier!!
  20. kcinpa

    Is it really that impossible?

    I started my weight loss at 475lbs. On the day of surgery I was at 450lbs. As of this morning I was at 391. I was sleeved on jan 28 and the first couple of weeks were hard but everything is going great now! Your journey will be what you make of it no matter what surgery you pick. I am very glad of my decision on the sleeve because I think it works best for my life style. I hope everything works out for you, let us know what you decide!
  21. Congrats on the approval, and good luck on your journey!!
  22. I call my surgeon whenever I am in doubt of anything.......
  23. kcinpa

    Babybel cheese

    I like cheeses and the protein it has, just not the calories.....