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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Yes, you are doing well at 5 weeks. Sometimes adding a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) helps (like Prilosec) since it might be stomach irritation. My trick, whenever I am unsure of hunger is DRINK! Drinking can fill you up for a little while so you can get back to sleep...

  2. No such thing, really. Some MDs talk abot percentage of excess weight lost... Follow your plan and you WILL lose weight. That is for sure! I am a slow loser, and at 9 months I've lost 110# (started at 423# and 6'2"). I am still losing, very slowly. I am focused on the food PLAN and the activity PLAN and let the pounds take care of themselves. You will do GREAT!!!

  3. I am not sure that Journey meant that a low BMI was (or should be) by definition a reason to exclude from surgery.

    That said, we are on a similar journey but have vastly different paths. Luckily I was (well, still am) a Very fat healthy man. My BMI was 52. Some with BMIs much lower have very significant medical reasons to be sleeved.

    Nonetheless we are ALL in this together! The only exclusion from the sleeve is a high liklihood that the patient will not or cannot comply with the behavioral changes that the sleeve requires (and even this is IMHO)

  4. Hey Kitty!

    Consider using Protein shakes to get in more Protein.< /p>

    See, if you can eat pizza, it's NOT your tummy, it's your head! So you need to start your head battle! We ALL have evil brains (I call mine Skippy). Skippy really wants me to eat sugars and carbs and stuff. And when I do I MUST have more and more and more. I have to be very strong for 3 or 4 days and the cravings DO go away.

    Also, please consider OA or therapy. We all are a bit bent when it comes to food, and there IS help out there.

    We are with you as you start this DIFFICULT path.

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