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  1. Arts137

    3 weeks post-op: Pizza and Pasta?!

    Lory, "I know I cannot do any white flour or white sugar as I was an addict. It triggers me to want more." Dat's me too. I am fine as long as I don't have 'one'...
  2. Arts137

    wheat, carbs my dr said NO, NO!

    Thanks Butter!!!
  3. HAHAHA My program gives me a card that says something like: "The bearer has had gastric surgery so please, please, pretty please let him/her order off the clild's menu" But I just order... and take home what I need ALSO I special order... Like "I'd like a chicken salad sandwich with just the chicken salad, lettace and tomatos - no bread"
  4. I'd avoid beer because of the carbs. But I got (accidently) looped on a few glasses on wine on Christmas. My tolerance is WAY LOW!
  5. A lot of folks report this. I do NOT get this, probably beause of my framed poster that reads "When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you". On a more serious note. You do your own research, and Please ask the professionals on your team. Look at the before and after pix, and of course, ask here!!!
  6. Yep. Try a fatty meal, and if the discomfort comes back and lasts for 1 to 4 hours, get suspicious. But here is better info... http://www.gallbladderattack.com/
  7. Well, we menfolk are good for entertainment, if nuthin' else!
  8. Good Linda! Cause if we ain't laughing, we surely must be crying!!!
  9. Arts137

    wheat, carbs my dr said NO, NO!

    love this attachment!!! And there is some thought that for SOME folks an equal amount of sugar/simple carbs calories are "more fattening" than the same number of calories of Proteins and fats... But I don't understand this yet.
  10. Feed your eyes, Thanks for the good info, this DOES make sense and I appreciate that your postings are so well researched. It makes sense because there appears to be a "sweet spot" for BMI. Too high - obese - and you have all the problems associated with metabolic syndrome, DM, CV disease, arthritis, etc. Too low, and you are in malnutrition or are catchetic (sp). Some very recent work suggests that BMI drops as a predictor in the "aged" but that the quality of life suffers with obesity... So much to think about!
  11. fascinating: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/weight-loss-surgery-may-reverse-signs-aging-docs-say-2D11600482 Not the sleeve, but... I am surprised and wonder if it will hold up!
  12. Arts137

    I'm having a bit of a tough time

    Hope I did not upset anyone? That's NEVER my intent, though I am very "un"-serious at times.
  13. Arts137

    If Living Well is the Best Revenge...

    Fluff, I've seen your pix and "woof" to you as well!!!
  14. Arts137

    If Living Well is the Best Revenge...

    Vix, Yoy were cute in both, but in the now one you have a certain "glimmer" in your eyes! Woof!!! (from someone old enough to be your father or grandpa!... sorry!!!)
  15. Arts137

    I'm having a bit of a tough time

    I raised two boys, then raised two girls. The boys in adolescence were sweaty, smelly, messy and they could eat anything ANYtime time and had a great propensity for stoopid decisions. The girls were self-absorbed and had an amazing ability to be shocked at how stoopd their parents (especially Mum) could be. But we survived (barely) and all 4 kids turned out OK. Now my goal is to turn THEIR children into creatures that GROW UP JUST LIKE THEY DID. That'll fix my children.
  16. Arts137

    3 weeks post-op: Pizza and Pasta?!

    46??? 46 ain't old!!! You are a Spring Chicken! Me, I'm older than dirt. I got the tie-dyes T-shirts, and saw the concerts too. My surgery went OK. No matter your age, removing 85% of the tummy IS a big deal!!!!! I was tired and wanted to sleep and nap a lot. Luckily, there was little pain and little nausea...
  17. Arts137

    Take THAT! Christmas!

    Still, Note to self... DO NOT dare Laura to match shots... no matter what my evil brain Skippy says!!!!!
  18. Arts137


    Oh boy, I am entirely unaware. I'll search around!
  19. Arts137

    How bad is the nausea?

    No nausea. One episode of the slimies. Otherwise AOK!!!
  20. Arts137

    Sex after surgery

    My program said 30 days, BUT the "plumbing" is different entirely, so... just use your good judgement and start gently!
  21. Arts137


    Good for each of you! And you lose what you lose, just stick with your program!!!
  22. Arts137

    Take THAT! Christmas!

    Madam, you 'n your stout look FINE. And Laura, while ONCE I could have matched you with good tequila, no more! I got W-A-S-T-E-D Christmas day on 4 glasses of wine. What a wuss...
  23. Arts137

    2 lbs from goal weight

    Only you will know... And finding the food/activity balance may take some time. Follow your heart, but DO take care of yourself!!!
  24. Arts137

    Oh GREAT!

    Just think of the heating bill savings?
  25. THAT'S The Spirit, Linda!!!!!

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