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  1. Arts137

    Remind me again...

    I guess there is no 'average', there is just you. I track weight by week, but there are stalls and stairsteps, and even gains. Just follow your program as strictly as you can and it'll wotk out!!!
  2. Arts137

    Slowing Down!

    sigh... All I can say is me too.
  3. Arts137

    7 Weeks Out and Constantly Starving!

    hmmmm, Maybe it's not hunger, since your head isn't hungry??? Try to increase dense Proteins a bit and see of 'saitiety' helps. You wanna make your stomach feel full. It helps me. Keep us posted. (I gurgle and bubble a lot, but I tell myself I am not hungry...)
  4. Arts137

    i ate some candy

    Who knows. Don't beat yourself up, and Get Back On That Program! Me, any sugar causes an increase in cravings, but that's me...
  5. Sometimes I can't keep up. But I DO like chopped liver (and Lipstick) And I DO miss Laura's wisdom.
  6. Arts137

    Chike or Unjury?

    I use and like all unjury products. They are in Northern VA, and get material to you QUICK if you live close (I live in Delaware). I also use their bariatric Vitamins. Was sleeved in June 13, have lost over 100# and have another 100 to go. I still use Unjury one or two times a day. I am addicted to carbs, so I restrict myself from them and sugars. I eat mostly Proteins and veggies... not starchy ones though.
  7. Arts137


    great nsv, curvy!!!
  8. eating slowly.. for sure...
  9. Arts137

    Starting Pre Opt Diet

    IF you stay with it, it WILL get much better after 3 or 4 days. If you don't than you'll need to "start over" and be hungry each day as if it were day 1. TRY HARD, drink Water, walk, take a nap. YOU CAN DO THIS!
  10. Friend, please relax. Do not worry. Just do your best. Try to focus on the process, and ignore the weight loss. It will take care of itself. Now PART of the "process" is following your plan. Drink ALL of your shakes! If your body thinks that you are starving, it'll slow weight loss... strange no. WE ARE WITH YOU, and it'll be ok!!!
  11. Arts137


    HAHAHA! Gall Bladder issues are VERY common with rapid weight loss. (Mine was already gone). But there are some medical treatments during your BIG weight loss, if you don't remove it prophilactically (sp)
  12. Arts137


    Doing great!. Continue to focus on Proteins and liquids, IMHO!
  13. Of course!!! You are among friends here!
  14. Hey Kathy, As you continue your journey please DO keep us all posted! A LOT of good information and exchanges here... I am of the school that the Sleeve is a great tool. That said, after your Sleeve you still will need to work on behaviors to remain in healthy control! But it is certainly doable! hair... Most have a period of hair loss, but that said, it does get better (I lost hair from month 2 to month 4 after the surgery). You will be advised on suppliments to take by your program, but again, there is a lot of information here. And don't be shy! Ask questions or respond to any posts or threads!
  15. I was 423 at highest, 366 at surgery, and about 315 now. I lose slowly, but that's OK, what else am I gonna do?
  16. Is it standard to get the blood thinning injections during your stay (and some given for your return home)? None in hospital, but I self-did Lovenox for 30 days after release Is it standard to get the blood clot prevention boots after the operation? (They are like huge blood pressure cuffs that squeeze your legs). Yes I had them and I LOVED them and would have stole them if I could What were you offered by way of food and drinks? Was it bullion type broth, just Water etc? Water via ice chips till day of release. Had a LOT of IV Fluid, though Are you given any meds to go home with, and if so what? No, was advised what Rx to modify or get through PCP. Were you given information packs for your future eating, drinking regime? Yep Were you allowed to wear your panties during the operation? Maybe paper ones? . Does your nail varnish have to come off? Finger, toes or both? Probably, since they will want a pulse ox on your finger most of the time in the hospital, and nail varnish interferes with the readings.
  17. Arts137

    living with angina

    If your cardiologist approves, the sleeve can be done. Obviously, cardiac disease changes the risk factors, but losing weight might be a GREAT thing for your heart. Work CLOSELY with the cardiologist and surgical team to find "balance". for example, the surgeon might say "no aspirin" and the cardiac group might say "take an aspirin". Be pushy. Make 'em work together and give you ONE answer!!!
  18. tuna (as you know), canned chicken, canned ham... I lived on yogurt and cottage cheese... Remember at this point, focus on PROTEIN!!! rest will come...
  19. Welcome to our club. We ALL have stalls, I think. It's hard to stay motivated, but please keep up your great work. This will pass and you'll drop again, and you'll stall, and you'll drop... Well, you get the picture!!!
  20. I am with Altagirl 100%. Maybe we could use a little practice of not making food the center of all our activities. I can tell you this has helped me, and like any habit, it can be made to work (if you cant). As to our friend who said that skinny folks eat 2 - 3 times the amount... well not mine, in the bad ol days! Popcorn - slider food, eat a lot and it compresses down without filling. Also it is all carb, so I am avoiding it, because I am a simple carb addict!!!
  21. Arts137

    4 random post-op questions

    1. what exactly does the pain feel like right after surgery? No real pain, maybe some discomfort. And they had GOOD drugs in the hospital. No Worries! 2. do they let you wear underwear during surgery? Nope, bare butt naked... and you'll lose any modesty within 10 minutes of your arrival at the hospital. 3. were you have to use the restroom by yourself? Yes, from the very start. 4. is there a trick to making it less painful when getting up or sitting? Just a little soreness for me. Did not impair my mobility much at all... My biggest deal in the acute recovery time was fatigue. I was REALLY tired and slep and napped a LOT!
  22. Arts137

    Drinking pop

    I gave up carbonated drinks and survived. I drink Water mostly. Sometimes Crystal Lite. I admit that I DO drink coffee... Sigh.
  23. Friend, it happens to every one of us. We all get stalls and "stairsteps". JUST KEEP ON with your program! Do not give up!!

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