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  1. Arts137

    What's your favorite go to snacks?

    This is gonna sound strange, I admit it. I plan my food, and do not snack unless on the plan (I am an addict). When I get a craving, I drink Water. Helps me feel full for a little while!
  2. Arts137

    Hating my protein

    Try Unjury. All taste OK to me.
  3. Arts137

    No Energy

    I too was very tired... BUT it WILL improve! Drink your fluids and get in your Protein, and 'the tincture of time' will take care of the rest!
  4. http://www.today.com/health/food-addicts-new-study-measures-out-control-eating-2D11988780
  5. Right there with you, Kat!!!
  6. 1. The BIGGER you are (or the higher your BMI) the 'faster' you might lose. 2. Boys lose faster than girls (nya nya nya). 3. Activity should help you lose 4. Water is important for weight loss, so get the water in! 5. Rules 1 through 4 don't always apply. 6. You WILL have stalls and you WILL hate them. 7. BUT, you are in this forever, so, no matter what, you'll lose as fast as you can.
  7. Your MDs will likely place you on PPI (like Prilosec) for a while. Unless the bipopsy discovers something untoward, likely WLS will go forward.
  8. Arts137

    Insurance Authorization

    HINT!!! Start to taper your caffine NOW... I was able to get through the process with NO caffine withdrawal side effects, and they CAN be nasty!!!.
  9. Arts137

    Flipping out!

    It's major surgery, but one with fewer risks. Bet on a routine recovery. And if you are like me, take comfort in the fact that only the good die young... :-)
  10. Arts137


    Welcome, and know that we are with you.
  11. AND what are you snacking on? Liver? Fried chicken? Brocolli??? I bet it's simple carbs or sugars. And if so, ask yourself if you might be "addicted" to 'em. If so... well check the "carbs and cocaine" article in the research section. My only solution was go Cold Turkey from sugar and simple carbs period. Hard for a few days, but all OK now...
  12. Mild hair loss started at month two and had stopped by month 6. Since then my hair is nice & dry. I can easily skip a hairwash on any day (something that before I could NEVER do!)
  13. Arts137

    Honest Answers Only!

    Pen, it's the liver that shrinks... and some won't do the surgery at all if no progress made!
  14. Arts137

    how to calculate excess body weight

    And, why should you decide to just be "average". You be "above average" and let someone else be "below average" OR It's in your control!
  15. PERFECT! Try this. Throw away the scale! You seem to be doing very, very well without it!!!
  16. Change can be stressful to us all. All I can suggest is cuddle him a BUNCH!!! and then the "new Mommy" will become the old Mommy...
  17. Arts137

    Learning what not to do

    Wisdom generally comes from experience. And bad experience gets you a LOT of wisdom!!!
  18. And I believe it. I AM a carb addict! http://www.details.com/style-advice/the-body/201103/carbs-caffeine-food-cocaine-addiction
  19. OK, I love doctors and want you to follow your plan. My rant is that I cannot see how saying "you are behind on your weight loss" is helpful. Read the posts on this board. There aren't two people who lose the same way!!! Sigh... rant over. Just don't give up... you'll lose! This book says some VERY interesting things... it's helping me! http://www.amazon.com/Why-We-Get-Fat-About/dp/0307474259
  20. Arts137

    Any single sleever men in NYC area 40-45

    Sorry nobody has answered, friend. "Getting it" is important!!! Best of luck, Stacey!!!
  21. Arts137

    Normal Diet

    "Where you could eat what you wanted?" ummm, what do you want to eat? What I want to eat would sure as anything get me fat/fatter again! So, I focus on Protein and veggies ALL the time. I avoid sugars and carbs (because I CRAVE them and if I start I really can't stop (yes I am a junkie)). So do on vacation and have a WONDERFUL time. Try to be "normal" and not place food at the top of the fun Pyramid!!! At 8 months out you will be a pro!!!
  22. Arts137

    Trying not to panic...

    IT WAS FLYING!!! Water retention is SUPER common when flying. Keep drinking water and it'll resolve. Don't beat yourself up over 2 Cookies. Save the beat up for 2 cookies every day, or hour...
  23. Arts137


    Hmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm OK, review this material and see if any makes sense to you! http://www.buzzle.com/articles/gastric-sleeve-diet.html If so adopt it... if not, ignore. Remember (1) that you might be a slow loser (as am I), (2) that I gained after surgery and didn't "rehit" my surgical weight for 2-3 weeks! (3) You are also lucky, you are starting from a lower BMI (I was well over 50 to start!). (4) And of course, your monthly cycle can play havoc with Water weight. But throughout it all, just press on... As Lipstick said, you will lose weight as you follow your plan! DON'T give up, and if the scale pisses you off, hide the scale!!!
  24. Arts137

    Insurance Authorization

    Lauren, appears that you are trak for Sleeve-ville!!!