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    Annie04 reacted to Slave to Senor Sleeve in Protein drinks without fake sweeteners?   
    I'm a fan of the Jay Robb whey Protein and yes they are pricey. I also just bought Optinum Nutrition 100% Natural in chocolate and it's pretty decent ( I add hazelnut sugar free Syrup and instant expresso powder to make a morning mocha). It's also a little cheaper since its huge container. Both are sold in Vitamin Shoppe.< /p>
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    Annie04 reacted to Mantar in Best surgeon in Mexico for a reasonable price? Ignore my previous post, i hit post too early   
    I had Dr. Fernando Garcia - and went through Ready4Achange http://bariatricweightloss-surgery.com/
    My cost was $4700 and that covered everthing but airfare... and I had a great experance
    My insurance didn't cover the operation... However I do have a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account and I was able to get reimburest $2500 from the money that was in it,,, so for me.. out of pocket it cost me $2200 plus airafre
    any questions about Dr. Fernando Garcia and my experances feel free to ask
    Good Luck
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    Annie04 reacted to ladyomnom in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    I am going to Dr. F Garcia in Mexico! I have only heard exceptional things about him and his staff!
    My mother had VSG surgery done by Garcia and she has only said the best things about him also! My surgery is September 9, so I'll keep you updated!
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    Annie04 reacted to jrsno1fan in List of Bariatric Nutritional companies offering Free Samples!   
    8 bottles but 3 of them are cane sugar. So if you get samples make sure you only drink the ones that say sugar free on the bottle.
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    Annie04 reacted to cindysc in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    You get three nights in Marriott and two in hospital. I have seen some have same day surgery that they flew in on. Some want to get back home as soon as possible. It was not a problem traveling after surgery. I had a 5 hour flight. They plan and take care of it all except air travel. They have it all planned out for you for a really smooth process.
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    Annie04 reacted to Liz210 in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    Dr. Garcia and team are highly recommended by me. I opted for same day surgery flew in on a Friday afternoon and had surgery around 3 p.m. I was to leave on Monday, but I had some issues going on with my lungs that were pre-existing. My PCP thought I had pneumonia before going to Mexico and was blaming all the shortage of breath on my weight gain. I will tell you this, "Dr. Luna, After Care Doctor, did not leave my side until I was back on US soil and followed up with me for many weeks. I guarantee that we would not get the same treatment in the states. Dr. Garcia is always available for his patients. He has a Facebook page; if you send him an email, he will respond in a timely manner. I had surgery on May 10 weight at 230; I weighed today (07.21.13) at 188; I am so happy that I pick Dr. Garcia. I added some pictures. The picture of my stomach is my incision. I had the single-incision and the incision showing is from the drainage tube.

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    Annie04 reacted to rnursewillis in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    you will do great. had mine with dr. garcia on the 19th and would do it again in the blink of the eye. just make sure you take something with you to do for the couple of days you have to wait before you fly home, sitting around hotel gets boring. they do give you free internet if you ask for a password at checkin. let me know if you have any questions will answer them the best i can. Walmart 2 blocks in a little shoping mall. taxi cab ride 5 dollars american.
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    Annie04 reacted to rnursewillis in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    call alma with Ready4Achange she handles all dr. garcia's scheduling and gives you a quote. if you bmi is less than 50 it is cheaper. i think it runs between 4500-4700 for bmi less than 50 for bmi greater than 50 i think it jumps to 5200 but dr garcia and his team are great. the price includes everything including meals, transportation from airport, hotel, shuttle to hospital for surgery, 2night 3 day hospital stay, 2 night 3 day hotel stay, and transportation from hospital to hotel and also transporation back to airport. It coves all lab, xray, anesthesia, medical drs, surgery, and follow up in hotel following surgery. there was 4 of us that went and had it done, all did good following surgery, are home now and still doing good, very good dr. and very good choice, his name is dr. Fernando Garcia, but like i said alma at ready for a change handles everything. its safe and if you don't have anyone to go with you, you will be okay, everyone is really nice.
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    Annie04 reacted to Shrinking_Lola in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    @ Judi- 4700.00 You spend 3 nights in the hotel and 2 in the hospital, ALL covered! Even your guest is covered for lodging, however if they want to eat and buy souvenirs they will need to spend their own money, OH and tips for the bell boys and the driver aren't covered so bring about $20 extra cash.
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    Annie04 reacted to AngelNP in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    I was sleeved on Friday and both of my surgeoms followed up woth me on Sat and Sun. I had awesome care.
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    Annie04 reacted to Thenewmrssmith in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
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    Annie04 reacted to EMSJen in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    Where did Dr luna go? He called me almost every day when I had to go into the hospital!
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    Annie04 reacted to JosieMac in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    I have to submit some paper work and pay the deposit this week. I have booked my surgery for sept 28 with Dr.Garcia.
    I can not wait. I am happy and scared at the same time.
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    Annie04 reacted to chickadee73 in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    Depends on when I weigh myself lol. This morning, naked, without an ounce of food or Water in me, it showed 7 lbs. After work, with clothes but no shoes, it only showed 4 lbs. STILL. First time the scale has gone down in many moons! I'll take it.
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    Annie04 reacted to bigntexas in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    My name is Brandi, hope to see y'all soon
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    Annie04 reacted to Islandlife in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    My name is Frances. Can not believe I leave tomorrow!! 2 days and 14 hrs of flight time and we will be there. So Excited!!!
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    Annie04 reacted to SweetT23 in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    Tracy here! Can't wait to meet you all!
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    Annie04 got a reaction from rnursewillis in Dr Garcia self pay Mexico   
    Dr. Garcia charges $4700. if you have a bmi under 50. It goes up from there but not a crazy amount. It includes 3 nights at the Marriott ( I night pre op and 2 nights post op) It also includes ground transportation from the San Diego Airport. You can also bring a guest, because you get a private room at the hospital which you share with your guest. You will stay 2 nights at Florence Hospital. I am scheduled for 8/30/13, the Friday before Labor Day. I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of Dr. Garcia's patients and I am so confident in my decision. I am so ready!!!
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    Annie04 got a reaction from emr3857 in 9 moths later... Sleeved by Dr. Garcia   
    I love your pic's, you do look so amazing. I am so excited to be seeing Dr. Garcia for my surgery in 6 days. I am around 202 right now and looking forward to getting to Onderland soon.
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    Annie04 got a reaction from chickadee73 in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    I am having my surgery with Dr. Garcia on the morning at 10:00am. I am the only patient on that day. My name is Annie. I will be staying at the Marriott on August 29th. Hopefully I will see all of you there. Bigntexas, and Islandlife and SweetT23, please post your first names so I can say hi. I will be in the hospital until Sunday when I go back to the Marriott.. We got this my friends, this is the beginning of the next chapter in our lives!!
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    Annie04 reacted to stefaniwg in My experience with Dr. Garcia and team   
    Girl I asked Alma if I needed one and she said I would be ok without it. There were others in the van with us and Samuel Sr that spoke Spanish and English but when the guard started asking questions nobody wanted to talk! Lol. So I told her why I was there and she said ok and let us thru. Somebody was praying for me for sure!!!
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    Annie04 reacted to stefaniwg in My experience with Dr. Garcia and team   
    I had same day revision surgery from band to sleeve on 5/22 with Dr. Garcia and ready for a change.
    Day 1
    When I woke up that morning I was ready to go. My husband loaded up the car and headed out. We dropped our daughter off at my parents house and headed to the airport. Once we landed in San Diego within minutes Samuel Jr.was calling to let me know he was waiting for us. r4ac has an older model mini van but it was very clean. Samuel showed us around a bit and we were at the hospital within 25 minutes. When I arrived at Florence Hospital Samuel took all of our luggage in and waited with us until the receptionist was available to give me paper work to fill out. After I filled out the paper work Ana who is the onsite coordinator took us to my room and gave me a gown and explained what was going to happen now. After I disrobed Hector the X-ray tech came and wheeled me into do some X-rays and have blood work and urine test. Then I returned to my room where the nurse gave me some medicine to calm my nerves (though I was not nervous at all, God had already given me peace) and put in my iv. Next, I meet Dr. Velasco who she is very pretty and another female doctor but I can't remember her name, Dr. Cabrera who is the anesthesiologist and Dr. Garcia. All of them were very very nice and answered all of my questions and spoke English very well. Next thing I knew I was being wheeled into the OR, Dr. Cabrera asked was I ready, I said yes and that's all I remember. When I woke up my husband was there telling me about his adventuress in Tijuana while I was out, but I don't remember hardly any if that conversation. I had no nausea, no pain and very little gas. Though I had no issues the nurses were on it with the medication and checking vitals every hour on the hour. As soon as I could I got up and walked. BTW the tv sucks. They are currently changing to digital so there was absolutely nothing to watch. This was the only down fall thus far.
    Day 2
    When I woke up the nurse told me to get in the shower. I really didn't want to since I felt like I had just been beaten up but she insisted. With the assistance of my wonderful husband I showered. About 15 minutes later she came back to change my dressings. Later I was taken by Hector again for X-rays and a barium test. It wasn't nasty to me but maybe to others. I was just glad to have something in my mouth by that time. Everything was great! Still no pain, no dry heaving or vomiting I could just feel the gas moving which landed in my chest. No true pain just uncomfortable. So I walked and walked some more. Later that evening I was given the blue dye test and that was all good too! Finally I could have Water, apple juice, Gatorade, ice chips OH MY! Life is looking pretty good at this point!
    Day 3
    This day the gas had moved to my back! Dang it!! But I didn't want any more drugs and they wouldn't take no for an answer. Oh well. Here comes the nurse again insisting on a shower so I did. I still needed some assistance since that stupid drain is always in the way!
    Then she once again came to change my dressings but Dr. Velasco came in and she did it and took out my drain. Not painful at just a very weird feeling. She went over the pre op diet with me and answered all of my questions. While I was out walking the halls I ran into Dr. Garcia who was on his way to see me. He is a very sweet man. He told me that my surgery went perfectly, that I had very little scare tissue and issues with my band. He gave me all of his contact info answered all of my questions and even gave my husband my band after surgery! Eww!! Lol the nurse came to take my iv out and I was ready to get out of there. Ana came and gave me my papers and to go bag with water, Gatorade, all my medicine, pre op diet and my little stuffed tummy. Hector came and wheeled me out to the Marriott van and off we went. The hotel is very nice and have English speaking tv! We were ecstatic! However, I started feeling feverish but I thought I was because I fell asleep with the heating pad on. Any who Dr. Luna was coming shortly to take out my staples and boy is he a hottie!!! He took my temperature and it was 100.4 check my vitals and all was good. Then he proceeded to take out my staples, no pain at all. He took my temp again and it was 99.8, so he order me some Tylenol and allergy medicine since I also had some drainage. He is also very nice and sweet. He gave me all his digits and was out. About 30 minutes later my husband went down to the lobby to pick up my meds. Someone rode a bike over to the hotel to deliver it!! Can you believe that? My husband ordered room service. He had some shrimp enchiladas and tortilla Soup and I had chicken broth. It was very tasty!!
    I felt like a new woman! I was up and at it early. We got dressed and was off to walk to Walmart. We got almost there as it is up a large hill from the hotel and I was winded and it was a little chilly out side so we turned around and walked back. BTW it was only like 8am. We got back to the hotel and walked to the pool and sat there awhile, then to the gym. I did the bicycle for about 5 minutes and I was ready for a nap. We had lunch in the restaurant which was nice. After then I went to the store and got v8 splash and Vitamin water. It was a Mexican flavor but were good! That night I took a shower and changed my dressings they don't look as bad as I thought. Watched a ton of CSI Miami, New York, NCIS and criminal minds and off to bed I went.
    Day 5
    I was feeling great again! At 7:01 Samuel Sr. Called to say he was there to take us to the airport. At 7:07 we were on the road. 7:25 we were at the boarder. Neither my husband or I had a passport but wasn't an issue. At 7:50 we were at San Diego airport.
    To sum it up everything exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very nice and treated me like I was the only patient they had. Sorry it was so long. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Annie04 reacted to bigntexas in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    29th with Dr Garcia! Scared shitless but feeling good! What have y'all lost pre op?
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    Annie04 reacted to SweetT23 in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    I'll be there on the 28th with Islandlife! Started the pre-op diet yesterday. Very excited!!! See you there!
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    Annie04 reacted to newcocoame in Will you be in Tijuana with Garcia or Florence Hospital August 26 to 31?   
    Thanks,chickadee! Alma called and reserved a spot for me...Sept. 10th. Please keep in touch. Praying for the best with everyone's procedure.

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