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  1. As long as u stick to the plan, the weight will come off. But it is a lifestyle change. The surgery isnt a magic fix but a tool to help us regain our health. A lot of us r true foodies at heart which the surgery doesnt help to correct. Pls b sure to seek help from therapists etc if u dnt adjust well. Good luck on ur journey!
  2. KDNetta127

    My fitness pal!

    Love my fitness pal username KDNetta127
  3. KDNetta127


    Its probably your body adjusting to your new, normal caloric intake. I,too, felt hungry post op. luckily it passes and your body eventually adjusts. Good luck on your journey!!
  4. KDNetta127

    Off track

    I think we all have moments when we stray from the diet plan. Face it, most of us are food addicts. It takes time to recover like any other addiction. Only thing is, we need food to survive which makes it that much harder. Dont get too down on yourself. Start fresh tomorrow, its all a process. Enjoy the journey!!!
  5. i, too, have a hard time seeing the difference in the mirror. i guess once you've been overweight for so long, it's hard to see yourself any other way. i've gone from a size 22 down to a size 14. you and i started about the same, but you seem to be losing much faster than me. keep up the good work; hard work pays off!
  6. KDNetta127


    My doc said to wait 18 months but im afraid of gaining weight. Luckily i only gained 10 with my son. Im just starting to think hes goma be an only child ive worked too hard for this!
  7. KDNetta127

    im not convined

    to piggy back on everyone else, the sleeve is definitely a tool not a "quick fix". also, if you aren't eating healthy and exercising how can you expect to lose weight? 25 lbs in a month is great which is about how much i've lost also. i've started back doing zumba 3-4 days a week and light weights. you still have to put in the work in order to have success. good luck!
  8. KDNetta127

    hair loss

    viviscal is not chewable but it is a small round pill. good luck! it's about 30 dollars a month if you order from amazon.
  9. KDNetta127

    hair loss

    Biotin is cheaper and can be found in bulk at sams but ive seen results first hand with viviscal.
  10. KDNetta127

    coffee or no coffee?

    I use skmi milk and splenda in mine
  11. KDNetta127

    coffee or no coffee?

    I was told to limit caffeine like no more than one a day.
  12. KDNetta127

    hair loss

    My nutritionist warned me that abt three months post op hair loss is common. I take viviscal bc i had a baby 7 1/2 months ago and then surgery so i didnt want to take any chances. I order it of amazon. Good luck!
  13. KDNetta127

    New and trying to decide

    i chose the sleeve due to less complications. i almost opted for the lap-band but didn't because i didn't want to deal with the adjustments, etc that come along with it. i think it really depends on how much weight you need to lose. i felt i could lose 100 lbs with the sleeve. if i had more to lose than that, i probably would have opted for bypass. good luck!
  14. KDNetta127

    Work out weight gain?

    yes, this is normal. your body is probably in shock. give it a week and i'm sure you'll start seeing loss again. also adjust your diet a little bit. when we become predictable in our diet and exercise the body gets "bored" and sometimes needs to be caught off guard. also muscle weighs more than fat so...that could also be the cause of the weight gain. but to be honest, your weight can fluctuate 2-3 lbs daily depending on certain factors. i wouldn't be too concerned. good luck and keep up the good work! your efforts will certainly pay off in a big way!
  15. congrats; i just hit a milestone on my 30th birthday under 200!!! woohoo go us!
  16. KDNetta127

    Question about liquids..

    not long following my surgery i "forgot" we are to sip and not gulp. gulping hurts! it's kind of annoying having to sip. i'm 1+month post surgery and still find it difficult to get in all my fluids. Good luck!
  17. KDNetta127


    it's annoying more than anything. be careful with it and make sure to dump often and clean the site. mine got infected and they removed it a few days earlier. let your doc know if a foul smell comes from it. i hated that damn drain!!!
  18. KDNetta127

    Five month pics!

    wow; amazing transformation. keep up the good work!
  19. KDNetta127

    I'm at a stand still

    between 60-90 grams of protein daily
  20. KDNetta127

    I'm at a stand still

    i was cleared at my 2 week checkup. my doc said i could resume zumba and weight training...

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