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  1. Hi there, I'm just over a year out and 20 weeks pregnant. I've lost 100+ (it fluctuates) lbs (pre pregnancy). My OB and I discussed my weight history, my past pregnancies, and my current pregnancy and she gave me they ok to not gain (but not lose) any weight. If I do gain, we hope it's less than 10-15 lbs. So far I'm right on track at 163 and my baby is growing just as s/he should. I even have a bit of a bump showing! My questions for you are... How much weight did you plan to gain? How much did you actually gain? How did you stay on track with your weight during pregnancy? How much weight did you have to lose after birth? Were you able to lose the weight and what was that like compared to your pre-pregnancy sleeve weight loss? Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply!
  2. onelessfatgirl

    Before Surgery ***tom***

    I got mine the day before. I'm now 9 months out, down 100lbs from my heaviest and my tom is STILL not regular. It git crazy... like 50+ days in a cycle. Now it's down to 38. But talk about stress each month. I'm not trying to get pregnant! I just got my sexy back!
  3. Haven't read it but am adding it to my amazon wish list now.
  4. Mental Health Professional. 2 yrs supervision by an mhp and you get the mhp designation.
  5. We have just the one. But I'll have my MHP designation in a few months.
  6. I graduated with my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently working in community mental health. Taking my exam next fall/winter and will have my required hours for license by Feb 2015. I'm in WA. Surgery was in March.
  7. onelessfatgirl

    Suprising offer by hubby.

    I'm a month post op and my husband's been like that. He's been so so so so so very supportive. I'm glad you have a good, supportive partner!
  8. onelessfatgirl


    RE: dumping My surgeon told me it could be a possibility for someone like me who didn't have a gallbladder since I was having these symptoms before. However, since being sleeved I haven't experienced it.
  9. onelessfatgirl

    Pear shaped vs Apple shaped?

    I'm interested in this too! I'm abt a month post op. I've lost all over but most noticeably in my torso. I'd like to lose in my thighs. :^/ We shall see what time will tell.
  10. onelessfatgirl

    My bra fits better... And worse.

    I'm right there with ya Amanda.
  11. onelessfatgirl

    March 12 th

    I'm a lil over 600 cals a day. I'm trying to do more eating of protein rather than drinking. I'm ok to be on soft foods (including soft meats) now. I find that I burp up eggs each and every time I eat some. I feel full after 2.5 ounces drpending on the consistency of the food. But what really got me lately is that when I eat something really flavorful (even if its on my ok list) I feel guilty. Is anyone else in that weird head space?
  12. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    Hi Joe, I did both steps. I sent the vst msg first with both my fb and my email. Then I saw you posted your fb link so I sent you a friend request on fb. You don't have to unfriend me though. TIA! Lana
  13. onelessfatgirl

    She's here!

    Congrats on successful birth and a beautiful, precious baby girl, and on the post pg weight loss. You're such an inspiration doing all you're doing, doing as well as you're doing. Thanks for sharing your lil darling with us! And good luck with all things move related!

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