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  1. ponyuptexas

    fit bit and other trackers

    Does anyone use the fitbit scale? I've had a fitbit 1 for about 5 months and am considering getting one for my hubby and the scale.
  2. ponyuptexas


    When I go out with my husband I always just eat off of his plate. We usually go to Mexican food places so I will eat some of his beans and a tortilla. We went to Pei Wei last night and I had a few pieces of his chicken and some snap peas. I found that when I ordered something for myself and tried to take it home I would always eat too much of it. It is really great because we are saving a ton of money now. Remember that you can also order from the kids menu but it is usually too much food and not a very healthy option. Happy Valentines Day to you all!
  3. ponyuptexas


    You will not give it up you will only have to find a way to do it differently. At first you will not be able to drink that much because of the swelling but soon after your surgery you will be able to drink your gallon. The hardest part for me was to stop drinking with my meals.
  4. ponyuptexas


    Mexico I am in the same boat with you. I can get more than a mouth full down but it is not satisfying and I am always thirsty. I have started drinking more green tea and that seems to help some. I never chugged it before and don't feel like I am missing out I suppose. I still am hopeful that when summer hits I will be able to slam down a bottle of cold water!
  5. Kristikay we all have to be accountable for what we do (or don't do), and what we eat. I know I have had to not let myself psych me out. Sadly ice cream will always go down better than fish but that still doesn't make it the right choice. Everyday that you make good choices you get a little stronger and it gets a little easier. The good thing about the sleeve is if you do go off diet you cannot stray too far or do too much damage! Remember to be kind to yourself.
  6. ponyuptexas

    Protein Shakes

    Try half a protein shake with half a cup of coffee.....
  7. ponyuptexas

    My Biggest Fear - I Need Your Advice

    Thanks everyone for sharing. Susanne when is your surgery? West Texas Gal how are you doing?
  8. ponyuptexas

    Hows your weight loss coming along?

    Get all that Protein in, it will really help. Sometimes eating a piece of sugar free candy will help get me over the need to eat. Keep in mind your body is adjusting to everything so don't let a few days get you down. Pick yourself up, dust off and keep on keeping on, you will get there. 2 lbs average a week for 52 weeks equals 104 lbs. Give yourself time......
  9. Try half a protein shake with your coffee....i hate them also!
  10. Are you getting all your protein? Your body is adapting, keep in mind that this is a process, if you loose "only" an average 2 pounds a week that will still be 104 pounds in a year!! Keep chigging away at it you will get there. Be kind to yourself!
  11. ponyuptexas

    Steri Strips?

    A few of mine were still on for almost 4 weeks. Baby oil or olive oil might help work them loose.
  12. Mine was Fuzzy's fish tacos. I would eat 4 before surgery so I thought that 2 would be safe now, minus the lettuce and cheese, and salsa. Boy was I wrong! I got half of one down and then pushed it.....and I drank some water too. Oh no, they tasted much better the first time, and I almost did not make it out of the place before I started barfing. Live and learn. I think that when I have had enough protein I do better at resisting temptations, but when I am running low my resolve melts away.
  13. I have noticed that I get bubbly and gurgly but have not put it and chicken together, I just thought it was normal. Now I wonder if it is because I also eat too fast. I can take an apple with peanut butter or can of tuna and turn it into a 15 or 20 minutemeal but if it is a hot meal it's not happening. I did not think I was ever going to get out of the habit of drinking and eating at the same time, I made myself sick twice before I finally stopped trying. Yes I am stubborn!
  14. ponyuptexas

    Everything smells funny

    Mrs Gina What is the "taste thing"? Must not have been a problem for me but I am curious
  15. ponyuptexas


    Oh yes the feeling of satisfaction that comes with chugging a big glass of cold water, or iced tea. I miss that more than anything. I try to fool myself by getting a big mouth full and swallowing a little at a time, but it still not the same, I am SO excited to think there maybe hope! Thanks for sharing your journey. Laurie