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    Lesson learned

    I would start to sweat and my nose would start to run when my sleeve said that I was full. Sometimes you also have to watch what liquids you have as well. I was about a month out and I decided that I would try a couple of sips from a milkshake, bad idea. I discovered that I was lactose intolerant to full fat milk and creams. This seemed to be temporary, but wow did it hit me fast and furious.
  2. At two weeks, I had lost about 24 pounds if I remember correctly.
  3. fp9107

    weight loss has slowed

    The weight does slow down and you need to mix up your exercise rountines. I have had to vary my workouts to get my body to break a stall and to start to lose weight again. My body seems to get used to certain exercises and it holds on to the weight. Make sure you are getting the reccomended amount of Protein and make sure you check your sodium intake sometimes this makes you retain Water. Keep plugging away the weight will come off. It is slower, but still coming off. Good luck!
  4. fp9107

    Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months

    I went from a size 48 to a 34. Congrats on your success!!
  5. fp9107

    Friday morn @0830!

    Good luck. You can do this!!!
  6. I have walked the path that you are walking down. It is not easy at times, but know that in the end it will all have been worth it all. You will enjoy being with your family and knowing that you can keep up with them and not be the one sitting out because you are so tired that you can not move. You have got this!!! You can do it!!!
  7. fp9107

    Constipation! Help!

    I use this when I am constipated. It takes about 8 hours for it to work on me. Do not go over the recommended time or your stomach will be in knots. Good luck. http://www.drugstore.com/yogi-tea-herbal-tea-get-regular/qxp140567
  8. fp9107


    How many calories are you taking in? I am almost one year out and I am trying to judge if I am on track with normal calorie consumption. I am taking in 1000 to 1200 calories a day. Is this too much, not enough?
  9. fp9107


    I am running out of breakfast ideas. What is everyone eating for breakfast?
  10. fp9107


    I am almost a year out and I pretty much eat the same thing every day, I eat an egg white omelette with peppers, a little cheese and a piece of bacon or turkey sausage. I am glad I am not the only one that is a creature of habit. I just looking for some new ideas.
  11. fp9107

    Protein drinks

    My favorite is GNC's Wheybolic Extreme 60. The protein is a little pricy, but it gives you 60 grams of protein for three scoops. It tastes like HI C fruit punch.
  12. fp9107

    what vitamins do you take?

    I take Critical Calcium citrate 3x daily, Vitamin b12 in the am and a men's Multivitamin 3x daily I started with the bariatric Vitamins but they tasted awful. I also take fish oil for my cholesterol.
  13. fp9107


    Sometimes it is your body adjusting to the weight loss and sometimes you may need to do something different to get the scale moving like a new set of exercises you have not done before that works a new set of muscles. Hang in there it will come off.
  14. fp9107

    What to expect?

    Here are a few things I wished I had known before surgery. Buy protein powder after your surgery not before, because your taste buds may change for a while. I spent a wad of cash on protein powder before my surgery and it was way too sweet after my surgery. Invest or borrow a recliner the first few days after your surgery, that is where I slept for a few days because my belly-button hurt so bad. Find good recipes for stock (Clear Liquids) before your surgery. Some foods once you get to the puree stage do not puree very well, chili is disgusting. I was also very sensitive to salt. Some soups like potato cheese tasted like someone had dumped a cup of salt in them. The first couple of weeks are miserable, but know that you will get through this. Take time off from work if you can after your surgery. You will be very weak because of the small amount of calories you will be taking in, it took me a couple of weeks to feel like myself again. Do not worry about taking in the required amount of protein they want you to take in at first concentrate on the water intake. The protein will come in time. Find an all natural water enhancer like Stur to add to you water. Buy jello that has light flavors like peach. Some of the flavors are really too stong for your tastebuds. Do not buy a lot of soups at one time buy a few to try because sometimes you think you want a particular flavor and you start to eat it and it makes you gag. Be careful for your tolerance to dairy. I thought it would be a good idea to drink a small milkshake from McDonald's not knowing that I could not tolerate full fat milk anymore I barely made it to the bathroom before it came back up. Buy lots of frozen ice pops sugar free of course. Once you can eat regular meals avoid really dense meats like pork. Stay away from really dry foods like French fries they seem to scrape all the way down. Make good food choices stay to the outside of the store and avoid all of the processed foods. When I eat processed foods like cheeseit's it makes me crave carbs. I could eat an entire box over the period of a day. Avoid all of the artificial sweeteners you can. I prefer KAL stevia for my sweetner. Shop for clothes at second hand stores because you will be loosing weight so quickly. Invest in a leather punch so you can put holes in your belt. Do not buy quality belts when you have to buy a new one because you will under-grow those really quickly. I started in a size 3x and a 46 in jeans and at almost one year out I am wearing a 36 in jeans and a large in stretchy fabric shirts and a xl in a dress shirt. Make sure you have the proper shoes to exercise in, you will loose weight in your feet as well. I used to wear Nike, but now my feet flop around in them. I prefer Reebok zigtechs. You will at some point have a stall, mine happened at week three, know that this is normal , and up your protein to break a stall (usually). There will be lots of people telling you not to do this, value their opinion, but this is somthing you have to do for yourself. This is kind of a long post, but I hope this helps.You have got this and know that you will beat back this obstacle that has been holding you back from having a enjoyable and healthy life.
  15. It takes awhile to adjust to not thinking about about food. The first month is pretty rough. The first few days I thought to myself, what have I done. I sat at the table with my family an watched them eat these huge plates of food and I wondered if I would ever eat a normal meal again. I thought I had made the worst mistake of my entire life. The surgery has actually had thee opposite effect. I have more freedom than I have ever had. I am now able to ride roller coasters with my kids and not be so nervous that I will not fit. You will learn to replace food with other activities. Hang in there you can do this! It is hard at first, but we have all walked the same path that you are walking and in the end it is worth it. Keep up the good work. You have got this.
  16. I have had gout since I was a teenager. Here is what I do fo my gout. I try to drink as much water as I can stand and I mix lemon juice with the water. The lemon juice is a natural way to get rid of the uric acid. I avoid shrimp and when I see the joint on my big toe start turning red ,I flush my system with as much water and lemon juice as I can stand. After surgery I had several flareups but I think that was due to my body adjusting to the high levels of protein I was taking in. I also try to avoid red meat everday, if I have red meat one day the next day I eat chicken or pork. Good luck.
  17. Disney has really updared their healthy options. You may have to do some searching to find the healthy options, but they are there. I visited this past summer and this was my first visit to a amusement park after my surgery. In Magic Kingdom in Fronteer town beside the river boat there is a stand that has fresh fruit, hummas celery and carrots. There are seaveral that offer good proteins like grilled chicken lean beef. Take some protein powder with you. Good luck.
  18. fp9107

    No Support From Family

    Not everyobe will suport you in your choice. You have to do this for you not for others.I kept my surgery very quiet. I had to tell my boss because I needed time off and I told my inlaws the week of my surgery, but that was it. When I was thinking about the surgery I shared with a few people and I got some of the same reactions from my family as well. You will in time not miss the soda or junk food and you will feel one hundred times better. It is amazingv what losing weight will do for your spirit. You will want to workout and stay active. It is not a easy road but it is worth it. I wish I had had the surgery five years ago. You can do this!!!
  19. fp9107

    Vitamins making me throw up...

    Can you return them? Some stores will let you return them if you do not like the supplements. I know that GNC does it and I think where I ordered my first bariatric vitamins does as well.http://www.bjsbariat...&Store_Code=bjb I kicked the chewable stuff to the door at about three weeks in and I changed over to a pill form because the chewable ones made me sick and according to my labs at that point, my body was absorbing them the way it was supposed to. You might want to consult with your doctor or your nurse.
  20. This is my first winter after surgery and I am freezing all of the time. Is anyone else cold as well?
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    That's funny.