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    Pasta or Not

    How many of you are eating pasta? I am eight months out and I have not had much luck with eating it. Does anyone have a pasta dish or recipe you would like to share that sustitutes pasta for some other kind of vegtable like zucchini or spaghetti?
  2. fp9107

    Pasta or Not

  3. fp9107

    Shaving before VSG?

    When I went in they shaved just where the incisions were going to be, so I looked like my chest hair was falling out. My suggestion would be to shave it, at least the hair will be pretty much be the same length. They may have to shave just where your incisions will be.
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  5. I can not tolerate full fat milk or creames , thick cut pork chops or pasta. I do not tolerate french fries either.
  6. Try Target, Marshall's, thrift stores yard sales.
  7. Here is what I do for gout. I put lemon juice and water in a glass and drink as much lemon juice and water as I can stand over a week and that usually gets rid of it. The lemon juice is a natural way to get rid of the uric acid. I also drink lots of water all the time and drink at least one glass of water a week with lots of lemon juice.This has controlled my gout for years. I think your system has to adjust to the high amounts of protein you will be taking in. I had a flare-up when I was first sleeved, but not in a long time.
  8. fp9107

    Stomach Sleepers

    I slept in a recliner for four nights, then I moved into the bed and I learned to sleep on my back and still do.
  9. fp9107

    Protein drinks

    You have to keep trying brands until you find one you like. My favorites are banana creame from GNC. I also like the Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 in the fruitpunch (Tastes like Hawaiian Punch) and in the strawberry. They have 60 grams of protein per serving, which is three scoops. The Wheybolic Extreme is more expensive, but they have a lot more protein.
  10. I take a multi vitamin 3x daily, calcium citrate 3x daily and vitamin b-12 1x a day and burpless fish oil or kreel oil for cholesterol 1x daily. This routine has worked well for me , but I adjust after I have my labs if something is too low or too high. I stopped with the bariatric chewable vitamins about a month out because they made me want to vomit. I would suggest that you go to your PCP after surgery to let them do blood work to see what you may be lacking. I had labs done at one month, three months, six months and I will have more labs in November and I will have another set the week before my one year follow up which will be February 19, 2014. Your doctor may not require as many labs as mine, but to enter my doctors program that is what is required by him. I also am supposed to have a follow up each year to make sure I am still on track with nutrition and weight loss. If you are eating healthy fooods you may not need as many supplements. I hope this helps.
  11. fp9107

    Dr. Weigh In Today

    You should be proud.
  12. fp9107

    Trouble going #2

    Try this. I cup of strawberries,three droppers of KAL liquid Stevia and about six to eight ounces of water. Put in a blender and drink. Everytime I drink this, it makes me go to the bathroom within 30 minutes sometimes less. I am not sure why, but for my system this works wonders.
  13. fp9107

    Two Days Post-Op

    I was able to get around well at day 5, but my belly button was painful for about a month.
  14. fp9107

    What did u lose

    Since February 19, 2013, I am down 67pounds.
  15. How much weight have you lost? I am down 66 pounds since February 19. How are you doing?
  16. I started at 288. My current weight is 221.
  17. fp9107

    Fellow cooks! How do you do it?

    You could taste and spit it out.
  18. fp9107

    Just Starting Out!

    My journey was six months. I was on the three month path. The time frame really depends on your insurance company and your doctor. Here is what was required by my doctor and my insurance company. I had three mandatory classes that my doctor and the hospital required. My insurance company required that I meet with a nutritionist and a exercise specialist for three consecutive months. I was also required to meet with a psychologist. There are also alot of labs and tests required. I started in August of 2012 and I actually had the surgery Feb 19, 2013. I was also working a fulltime job. It was hard to fit all of the appointments in and not get my boss mad because I was taking long lunches.
  19. fp9107

    Gas Gas and more Gas!

    You might want to try GAS-X strips.
  20. Amazing, just amazing!!
  21. fp9107

    Too tight? too short?

    I asked my wife last night the same thing. I feel that all if my current shirts feel too small, but they are not. I am used to buying shirts larger to hide my weight, so a normal size shirt that clings still feels weird to me.
  22. fp9107

    fish oil

    I just started taking fish oil, I bought Target's burpless brand and I take it with food. It does not make me burp. The pills are relatively small, about the size of an aspirin.
  23. What is your latest non scale victory? My current nsv is that I can fit in a size 36 men's jeans. Woo Hoo!!
  24. fp9107

    Non Scale Victory

    That is funny. I still hang all of my clothes up besides jeans and slacks.