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  1. Michelle1977

    Ice cream=bad idea!

    I am 6 months after surgery. I have found that I can't tolerate ice cream any more. I get the stomach cramping and upset stomach with it. I can tolerate other dairy (like cheese and yogurt) but I cannot tolerate ice cream.
  2. Michelle1977

    Feeling tired, lack of energy, etc...

    I am 6 months out of surgery. I get an average of 1100 to 1200 calories per day, 100 gm protein, and 150gm carbs. I find that when I have too little calories (or carbs) I feel sluggish and tired. I also know that when I'm not good about taking my vitamins that I feel that same way.
  3. Michelle1977

    Migraines and VSG

    I am a chronic migraine sufferer. I had my surgery on 2/12 and I have had 5 migraines since the surgery. The mess I take are small pills so I can still take them. I know my triggers to my migraines and I think both hormones and stress caused them (plus the drastic drop in calories). Wish I could say that the surgery helped the migraines but they didn't (and honestly I didn't expect it to).
  4. Michelle1977

    A real shi!@&$ topic

    I think it was 8 days for me.
  5. Michelle1977


    I am 4 weeks out and so far haven't had any food that I was not allowed to have. Exercise on the other hand is a different story. I am supposed to be walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Ummmmmmm I haven't been doing that. I am very hit and miss when it comes to exercise.
  6. My doctor said no starting the phases early. Your stomach is still healing.
  7. Michelle1977


    Keep doing what you are doing. I am just shy of 4 weeks post op. just before I hit 3 weeks I stayed the same for like 5 days (after 3 weeks). The past couple of days I have lost 5 pounds. Stalls happen. Just stay consistent and it will start to come off again. Also, try increasing your protein.
  8. I dry heaves for the first 24 hours after surgery. NOT what you want to be doing after surgery. I didn't have any diareha at all but I have had the constipation thing. Lots and lots of girggling after I eat or drink something. The foamies and slimies. When you take ne bite too many (or in my case I had a huge gas bubble in my stomach), and your mouth starts watering and uncontrollable swearing and having that feeling you need to throw up. I was able to get the burp up without throwing up and I was fine.
  9. I had a 2 week long food funereal.
  10. Michelle1977

    Made it below 300

    Great job!
  11. Cinnabon cream of wheat, oatmeal packets, eggs w/ laughing cow cheese mixed in, smoothies
  12. I felt the same way. I am 3 weeks post op and I am very happy. The first 2 weeks weeks were tough but since I moved to soft foods I am happier. You are mourning the loss of food. It is normal. You made the right decision.
  13. Michelle1977

    One lander!

  14. My doctor actually told me to not start the different phases early. She said that it will help your body physically heal and it proves to you and the doctor that you can follow instructions. I was on clear liquids for one week. Full liquids for another week. I am now on soft foods for 4 weeks. The first part of the week I did sweet potatoes and cream of wheat. I just tried scrambled eggs today. So move slowly. I will have to say that I have more energy on real food instead of just liquids.
  15. Michelle1977

    Puree week! Help

    I had mashed sweet potato, baked ricotta, cream of wheat, a little watery oatmeal, protein shakes, soups that had chunks that I put in the blender. I am on soft foods for 3 more weeks (just about done with week 1 of soft foods). Today I had egg beaters and didn't have any issues.
  16. That is totally awesome! Congrats! You look great!
  17. I was told during this whole process that my insurance would cover my procedure. I was approved by insurance. Well, I was looking at my explanation of benefits and it turns out that is not the case! It is too late though. I was sleeved on feb 12th. My surgeon does have a contract with BCBS of Tx and that will be covered. But the part that won't? The endoscopy I had done in January. That doctor (of which I had no choice of and had no knowledge he doesn't have a contract with BCBS) is not going to be covered (4000). The doctors office also billed 2 generic appointments under that doctor instead of my surgeon (at 1000 a pop). I am super mad! The doctors office told me to calm down that the claims aren't final and they work with me. I expected to come out of this paying 1900 (which is my max out of pocket cost for in network). Now it looks like I will have to pay Double that since that is my out of pocket out of network cost. I am livid. I hoping they will appeal. Ok. Rant over.
  18. Michelle1977

    portobello cordon bleu

    That looks sooooooo good!
  19. Michelle1977

    2 questions, please help!

    You might want to switch to the 4 day option. I only thought I'd be in the hospital 1 day and ended up in the hospital 4 days.
  20. Michelle1977

    Feb. 12!

    No drain tube here. I do have staples that are coming out tomorrow. I ended up being in the hospital until Friday.
  21. Michelle1977

    Today is the day!

    Lol I shaved my legs but not my hoo ha. I am about to head to the hospital as well! Best wishes everyone! See you on the flip side!
  22. Michelle1977

    Feb. 12!

    I am sooooo excited! My dad is picking me up at 5:30. My husband is taking my kids to school (we don't want to get them out of their routine) so my dad said he would take me to the hospital. I check in at 6. M procedure is at 8. I can't wait!
  23. Michelle1977

    Sooooo tired of the liquid diet

    I know it gets old! I struggled with just 1 week of it! Get creative though. Are you allowed to have smoothies? What about Soups (not just clear broth)? Different doctors require different things. My doctor said liquids only for 1 week (liquids being anything that can be sucked thru a straw (even a big straw)). Also, think about that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can totally do this! The liquid diet isn't forever!
  24. Michelle1977

    found a tolerable clear liquid protein.

    Where do you get Isopure at?
  25. Michelle1977

    Hospital just called!

    Awesome! I have to be there at the hospital tomorrow at 6am also!!!! Wishing you the best tomorrow!

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