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  1. Finding My Feet

    Hello again & what might I need to know?

    Yeah, it does worry me. I have a partner who had issues on them after a short period of time. I’m told with MGB it’s a life long need to take them, and to take take vitamins too.
  2. Finding My Feet

    Hello again & what might I need to know?

    Yes, If I miss a dose of Omeprazole I know about it. This is the one downside for me. MarinaGirl, with RNY, do you need to take PPIs every day?
  3. Finding My Feet

    Hello again & what might I need to know?

    Hi Lessismore, RNY was never even a consideration for me tbh as my surgeon prefers the MGB. Once I started researching it (see first post for my disappointment that sleeve wasn’t recommended!) I totally understood what the surgeon had said about the single reconnection. Post surgery, I am aware that I have a larger pouch as predicted by the surgeon, because of scar tissue, because I can eat more than you’d expect with the sleeve. So really my choice was between the sleeve and the MGB. But I am losing really well and really, really pleased I made this decision. I’m keeping a diary which I will stick on here shortly as I think a lot of us get on so well we don’t frequent the site that often. I really needed to read more but couldn’t find it. It’ll probably be the end of the week before I get a chance to post it all though. FMF xx
  4. Finding My Feet

    Any MGB in March?

    Yes! So far I’m very pleased (amazed even) with the weight loss. I thought I would struggle because I’m fairly certain I screwed up my metabolism with the band but so far so good
  5. Finding My Feet

    Any MGB in March?

    Hi Miss Apple, I’m still feeling a bit delicate. Overdid it a couple of days ago and am now paying with some back pain. Otherwise getting there. I’m in the UK so I travelled to Belgium to see Christian De Bruyne. It was cheaper and he appears to have more experience than the UK surgeons do. I’m pleased so far the proof is definitely in the long term I think. Biggest regret for me is that i left it four years from getting my band out to act. I was only ever going to end up back at my pre band weight. I should have done this years ago! What’s making you consider a revision?
  6. Finding My Feet

    Hello again & what might I need to know?

    Good luck with your journey Aussie Liz, I think the decision making part is the hardest bit xx
  7. Finding My Feet

    Hello again & what might I need to know?

    Hi Aussie Liz! I’m really good thanks. Surgery went well. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain tbh. I’m day 9 now so still early days but already this “feels” better than the band did. Not having a dead stop when I swallow is good but will take some getting used to. I’m properly excited for the future now. That’s a feeling I can get easily used to Are you planning an MGB then?
  8. Finding My Feet

    Any MGB in March?

    Hi! I’m 4 days post op and feeling marvellous so far. Home and happy I’m struggling a bit to get enough fluid in but figure this is bruising/swelling and will ease by itself. Mission hydration is the important thing right now. How’s everyone doing now?
  9. Finding My Feet

    April 19th (or about) surgery buddies??

    Hi again! I did it! Woop! MGB performed on the 17th, out on the 19th, home and recuperating well. Having been banded up until a few years ago, I’m already pleasantly surprised by the differences I feel. There has been less pain which is a surprise. I’m struggling a bit to get the required amount of fluid in but feeling awesome despite this. Roll on the rest of my life How is everyone else doing?
  10. Finding My Feet

    April 19th (or about) surgery buddies??

    Hi, I’m scheduled for MGB on 17th.
  11. Finding My Feet

    Hello again & what might I need to know?

    Thank you BostonWLKC I will take all the reasurance i can get! I do think having had one experience and things not working out how you thought they would makes for a very nervous second time round. I’m still reading everything I can get my hands on. I wish there was more chat from MGBers. I guess people are out there getting on with life which is a good sign.
  12. Thank you for sharing this. It’s helped me get a lot of silly images out of my head and I feel marginally less scared now
  13. Hello everyone Long story short, I’m scheduled for surgery in a little over 3 weeks and I’m terrified! I had a band way back in 2007 which I did OK with, if you call throwing up almost daily in order to lose weight OK! The early months were great, I didn’t feel hungry, I coped really well with all the liquid stages every time the band was tightened and aside from the port discomfort which seems pretty constant, it worked how I expected it to. My issues came when I tried to eat solid food. I think the big downfall for me with the band was the pure unpredictability of how your stomach will react on any given day. Hormone fluctuations and stress and because it’s a day with an S in it, all made for a pretty difficult to gauge what I could or couldn’t eat. I ended up fully emptied for the last few years and still once experience a blockage which had me unable to swallow anything for days (and that is really scary!), not using it as a tool anymore, living on slider foods, drinking with food in order to avoid the pain and ultimately gaining back weight. In short, I was miserable. I had it taken out 4 years ago and I have now regained every sodding pound I lost before. Gah! I had spent a year or so convinced the sleeve would be right for me, kicking myself for not having gone that way in the first place. I convinced myself that that would have been like the band but with less of that nasty, sore blockage. It would be the tiny tummy I think I need to have in order to be the skinny minx I am in my head. So I headed off to the big smoke to see the big man to talk about the sleeve and was slightly miffed when he told me I was wrong. He said the pouch they’d have to potentially give me would be too big because of potential scar tissue from the band. “But it’s been out for 4 years!” I protested, but he continued with all the reasons MGB was a better idea and he convinced me he is right. So, after a brief rethink on everything and some gathering of funds, I’m booked. And terrified. Did I mention I was terrified?! I’m finding chat about living with the MGB a bit short on the ground. I think I have read everything I can find! What I’d like to know for you lovely lot, what do you know now you wished you’d known before? What is the reality of living with the MGB? What can you eat and what can you absolutely never in a million years even consider eating? I have millions of unanswered questions so please forgive my constant chatter. I’ll try not to be too irritating
  14. Happy 41st Birthday Finding My Feet!

  15. Finding My Feet

    Slight Ddespression due to not being able to eat

    Hi everyone. I suffer from depression at times but have been "stable" without meds for a few years now (thanks to CBT). I've found that despite being chuffed to bits with my weight loss & am generally in good spirits, the depression monster has been making the odd appearance and just reminding me he's about. I've found making sure my vits and minerals are up has helped loads. Just drinking a slim fast shake if I'm on the go is an instant pick-me-up. I'm very well restricted at the mo and never seem to get hungry, which is great, but the flip side of that is that I can get very tired if I forget to look after myself (mad isn't it?). Almost without fail my grumpy/bitchy/downness starts when I'm lacking nutrician. I'm also really having my eyes opened to the self-medication cycle I was in with food. The fact that I feel so much better with proper nutrician now instead of a constant flow of crap is a revelation to me.