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  1. I just joined! My username is htowncgk74.
  2. ChrystyK

    3 mos out today down 103

    Way to go!!!! You are my inspiration!!!
  3. Well, sad to say that I'm one of the unlucky ones. I had my surgery on 12/21 and I almost immediately started shedding hair! I leave hair in the comb, in the shower, and on the pillow! I don't know what to do to make it stop shedding. But the good thing is that I've lost 24lbs!!!
  4. Hi there! Have you thought about how often you wanted to do updates on the challenge? You want to report every week, every two weeks, etc.. We need to be each others support system during the challenge. Let me know your thoughts! I'm super excited! Sent from CGK iPad using VST
  5. ChrystyK


    Thanks! I'll find some when I go to find my bomb pops!!! Right now I've reverted back to cranapple juice.
  6. ChrystyK


    Guys what is MIO?? I've been seeing it mentioned a lot lately, and curious as to what it is and where you get it from.
  7. ChrystyK


    No but thanks for the info!! I'm going to the store to find them!!
  8. ChrystyK


    I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I hate I can't drink water. I know that I need it. I live off of sugar free Popsicles as well!!! That is crazy. I couldn't stand those things before my surgery, 12/21. Now I can't live without them.
  9. Does drinking water make anybody else sick? It makes me sick to my stomach. Before surgery, I could drink water all day, now I can't even get in 4 oz. Is this normal? Please advise. Thanks!
  10. ChrystyK


    Thanks for the info family! I'll go on my laptop and update my profile. :-) Sent from CGK iPad using VST
  11. ChrystyK

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Hi neighbor!! Sent from CGK iPad using VST
  12. ChrystyK


    Where do you find the profile ticker? I don't know where to fill on this info. Please help!
  13. ChrystyK

    All of my December sleevers...

    Sleeved 12/21/12 PreOp weight 241 Current weight 216!!!! Absolutely loving this!!!!! Sent from CGK iPad using VST