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  1. I think a lot of people after their surgery have a lot of swelling going on with their stomach... which just further limits capacity. Maybe you don't... maybe your surgeon didn't cut you as small... I wouldn't think anything is wrong. I can take maybe 3-4 sips too. I had my surgery Nov 29th.
  2. gillopez


    Well hey hey... you are capable of standing up for yourself. Now try some of that with your parents... it's your life... and if/when you do go through with the surgery... you'll love life more with every passing day...
  3. gillopez

    Last night before my surgery!

    I had my surgery a little over a week ago. It was a lot scarier in my head than it actually was. Think of it like going in, laying in bed... the anesthesia puts you in a nice sleep... then you just wake up and it's all over. The pain isn't bad at all and the gas is a little weird.. but you can walk around to minimize the discomfort. It'll come and go just like everything else in life.
  4. gillopez

    Post Op Penis Size

    The fat around it.. yes... I've imagined that. I'm 34 now and haven't been an average weight since middle school... so I'm excited to see changes. I read an older thread about stamina which was interesting... there have to be more guys out there who are curious like me.
  5. gillopez

    Post Op Penis Size

    I was curious what kind of enlargements men on here have seen with weight loss. I am not asking anyone here to reveal penis sizes... I'm just curious as to what kind of gains people have seen with 50lb, 100lb, etc weight loss in terms of inches? Or inch? Is there anything else that someone's encountered that may be fun to look forward to or to look for? I'm 10 days post op and looking for various subtleties to look forward to....
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    If you've been talked out of it then why waste our time posting here?
  7. gillopez

    Life Change

    Still no answers?
  8. gillopez

    So nervous next week is it

    You'll be living longer, healthier, and happier. That's good for both of you.