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  1. I'm just curious what people have gained or what other doctors are recommending for weight gain during pregnancy?
  2. jen1211

    how much weight gain?

    Okay, 15 lbs seems a little more reasonable. Especially because I'm still technically obese, even after losing 140 lbs. Lol
  3. jen1211

    how much weight gain?

    Okay, so you are very new then. I saw my surgeon at my one year and he saw no reason to see me for another year, I wasn't pregnant then. I suppose if my ob sees a problem with my weight or baby I will see him if I need to. :-)
  4. jen1211

    how much weight gain?

    How far out from surgery are you? I'm about 14 months out and I'm almost 13 weeks. My ob said she wants me to gain 30 lbs but I don't know that she's had many wls patients. I haven't gained anything yet but I'm sure I will...just that 30 lbs seems like a lot.
  5. Just wondering how many other sleeved mamas are out there right now and how are you feeling?
  6. Normal women frequently lose during the first trimester so I wouldn't worry too much. :-) I have heard of women earlier out than you that lost during pregnancy and still had healthy babies! :-)
  7. It is super exciting, I heard my little ones heart beat with a Doppler in the office yesterday. That was great! :-) I'm definitely working on staying hydrated...but I feel like it's hard to eat when I'm always trying to drink! Lol
  8. I have been feeling ok, exhausted but ok. I have my days though where I'm light headed...it's sooo easy to get dehydrated. Is this your first? I have a 3 year old son...he's very excited! Lol
  9. When I had called my surgeon/nut they weren't too concerned it seemed. She just said to keep up on my vitamins and make sure I am getting my protein, add a healthy snack a day. However, I have lost a few (5) pounds so I'm waiting to hear what my ob says about that today? I'm a little freaked out about gaining weight. I'm 10 weeks now and my pants are getting tight...it's hard after not feeling like this for so long.
  10. I have been fluctuating between 187 and 190 for months and now that I'm 9 1/2 wks pregnant I weigh 184-5. I'm trying to up my protein and my calories too.
  11. I had surgery 12/11/12 and I have lost 140 pounds. I don't regret it for a second...once in a while I think it would be nice to eat this or that like I used to but then I remember the 140 pounds gone that have given me my life back! :-)
  12. jen1211

    November fitness challenge

    Thanks, I hope this is over quickly! I really haven't been sick much since surgery and it just feels awful! Lol
  13. jen1211

    November fitness challenge

    I'm pretty frustrated...haven't done any exercise since Thursday. Friday was a rest day and Saturday I got sick and I just feel miserable. I'm hoping to jump back in as soon as this passes!
  14. jen1211

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess that I'll be 1 year out in December and I just started exercising. I confess that I actually like the energy high that exercising is giving me. I confess that even though I have lost 135 lbs I'm frustrated with how much I weigh. I confess that I hate my skin...I have so much extra skin that I'm not comfortable wearing clothes that fit. I confess that I have been eating candy corn and I went and bought Halloween candy yesterday...all my old faves but I'm not opening them til 7pm Thursday!
  15. I am a nurse and do a lot of lifting/bending and moving. I took 4 weeks off and I feel like I definitely needed that time. :-)
  16. jen1211

    November fitness challenge

    I am in! I had surgery 12/2012 and I have lost 135 lbs without really exercising. I had said I would start when I lost enough and I just never did. I have not lost weight in about 3 months I think and have been eating a lot more things I know I shouldn't but I am maintaining. I have decided to throw my excuses out the window and just get moving! My goal is to continue the c25k I started on Friday and also begin doing ab workouts and I think some kickboxing. Just need to find a workout video I like. If anyone has beginners advice for me I would love it! :-)
  17. I started on Friday, I am so out of shape I almost puked! :-( day 2 was better though!
  18. jen1211

    Where Is Everyone From?

    I'm in grand rapids...not too far!
  19. jen1211

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Where at in Michigan?
  20. jen1211

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Where at in Michigan?
  21. I am 10 months out from surgery and down 135 pounds and just found out I'm pregnant. I have to say I am just nervous about the weight gain and ability to lose post-baby. My weight has been pretty stable these last few months, so I'm not concerned that this pregnancy will be unhealthy for the baby but I also know I need to make some healthy changes and eat more. Just wondering about others in the same situation and how everyone is doing?
  22. I started bleeding yesterday afternoon and have miscarried as well. I have definitely been stress eating these last two days...ice cream, cookies and popcorn. I know I need to stop. :-(
  23. jen1211

    8 weeks

    You cam take your prenatal. I started mine as soon as I found out and talked to my nutritionist and she said it was fine.
  24. jen1211

    Nausea :(

    I'm sorry, hope you get some relief soon! :-(