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  1. As far as carbs, my bariatrician gave me a number before surgery, while I was doing the insurance diet, of no more than 100 carbs a day, but obviously preferrably as low as you can get. With the small portions and high Protein intake I've had it's nearly impossible to get anywhere near that regularly. I don't think I've gone much over 70 at all since at least 2 weeks before surgery. The rule I have at this point since I've made it to "healthy diet" stages is three "meals" a day obviously starting with protein first and two high protein Snacks a day and obviously lots of Water. I haven't had sweets since my surgery other than sugar free Jello one day after surgery that was too sweet. I have some frozen greek yogurt for a high protein snack that I haven't eaten yet and sugar free popscicles. Mostly I've been going to the store and while I'm there I'll pick up packages of things I used to like and basically if the sodium is super high &/or if there is less than 4g of protein per serving I put it right back down. Helps eliminate the junk food obviously. Plus there are a lot of fun substitutes. For example, I bout a bunch of seeds and nuts to snack on for preotein and fairly low carbs. All I do is find a seasoning I really like (I buy that Mr. Kernel popcorn seasoning since for being a seasoning its still not a ton of salt) spritz the seeds/nuts with olive oil Pam and sprinkle a little seasoning and shake it up. Flavored like chips but high in protein. I also buy flavored pork rinds, to get a sensation like chips with no carbs, low fat and pure protein. I am happy to say that since yesterday my weight creeped down a tiny bit so maybe I'm finally over that hurdle. We'll see!
  2. I guess that's true, its just super frustrating, especially since it seems so soon after. I guess I'll have to keep after it of course, I get so paranoid especially when things seemed to have been going so well.
  3. For the last week or so I've been writing everything down and keeping track. Though everday is a little bit different, I've managed to keep my Calories between 700-900, my fat at 25-50, my carbs at 50-80, and my protein at 50-80. Which from what I was told by my doctors and others who've had surgery that's all fairly normal and decent levels. I do 30 minutes of cardio daily and I'll be uping that soon hopefully, and I'm drinking 40-70 oz of Water a day. I just can't figure out whats happening. Sigh...
  4. So I'm about a month out and I'm freaking out. About a week ago I hit a stall for about a week after losing just over 20 pounds. Now, almost a week later my scale says I've gained weight. For reference I went into surgery on April 22 weighing 316. When the stall hit my scale said 293. The last two times I weighed about5 days apart I had 297 and 300 respectively . I dunno what's happening. I'm following the rules doing 30 minutes of Cardio every day and the numbers are still creeping up. Anyone go through this or have advice?
  5. Had surgery on Monday and already under 300 lbs. for the first time in years!

  6. I got my surgery date! April 22 my journey begins!

  7. Seeing my Bariatrician for the first time tomorrow!!

  8. Shrinking_Cat_11

    Free Tummy Tuck At Burn Unit

    Someone mentioned this in my orientation seminar today actually! Apparently the burn center in San Antonio performs this type of surgery, the free tuck if you promise to donate removed skin. Which if I can do that when the time comes, i'll gladly do it!
  9. Tomorrow is my bariatric weight loss seminar! One more step toward my sleeve!

  10. Made appointements with bariatrician and for weight loss surgery class today! On my way!!

  11. First appointment with my surgeon tomorrow morning!

  12. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    Hello everyone! My name is Cat and I wanted to post this message to see if I could meet some new people. I'm in the very early stages of my process, contemplating vertical sleeve surgery. I've struggled with my weight all my life and I've finally made a decision to take this step. I still have yet to consult with the doctors and everything, but I am very serious about looking into this. I have an acquaintance who's undergone gastric bypass (i know it's a different process) but she's done very well and says its the best decision she's ever made, and I think I'mread to make this decision for myself. I feel I'm at a place in my life where this is the right time and I'm actually very excited about it. I've done a bit of research but I know the best research comes from those who have experienced something themselves, so I found this website. So, I'm hoping to find some people to help me understand even better what to expect and good ways to maintain my goals, and just have support in general. Can't wait to meet you all! ~ Cat
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    In the early stages...

    I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply that I think this process is anything like a regular diet. I tend to have a hard time clarifying myself. I think what I mean is simply to ask if I'll have the opportunity to eat things I want on occasion rather than simply what I should. My brain chose cheeseburgers as the example but I just meant food in general. I'm sure my cravings and tastes are going to change and what I'll want won't necessarily be fast food but that's kind of my point of reference for right now for cravings.
  14. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    Haha I'd say you are Iggy. I just know from previous diet experiences and just talking to medical professionals all my life that a diet is only successful if you're able to eat what you want every now and then instead of strictly what you need. Keeps you on track if you don't feel completely restricted.
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    In the early stages...

    Shuhnaynah, I agree, but I guess I just wonder for the fact that yes, the healthier options are always and will always be better, but occasionally it's nice to have a tiny treat, especially with friends who may want to go somewhere that has a famous burger or other less than amazingly healthy options haha. You know? That may just be me. And iggy, thank you so much sharing! That's a very positive and aspriational moment to look forward to, when I can enjoy a meal and still know I'm maintaining healthy habits and doing what is more important in a nice dinner...the company and the reason you're there.
  16. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    Oh! I didn't think you were being rude lorraine! Sorry, i was just clarifying And I agree with you both Iggy and Lorraine, I want to get this to give myself a reboot of sorts, to have no choice but to change, the knowledge of the need to change is hard when you know there's so much that you can do not to. But if you have to change, its the motivation you need. At least that's how i feel.
  17. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    I think Iggy just means that at this point shrimp doesn't agree with her stomach yet. Your body has to relearn foods from what I understand. Somethings take time to get used to I'm sure.
  18. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    Again, both very helpful!! Everyone's input really helps put things in perspective. I'm excited about the whole process, not sure if this will make any sense but i'm very excited about the fact that getting the sleeve will almost give me a do over in my diet...making me reteach myself what and how to eat. Does that make any sense? Cause right now for me it's almost like, yea, I know what I should eat, but I already look like this, why bother? But with the decision to do this, it's like the mental and physical jump I think I need to learn to be healthy.
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    In the early stages...

    That's how I felt the very first time I heard about bariatrics years ago. Back when the only option was gastric bypass and it was still so new. I kept hearing things like "malnutrition, hair loss, appetite loss, fatal" all the scary buzz words that people throw out not thinking about the fact that they're talking to people already facing a serious life decision, and probably already in a life or death situation, as many who consider bariatrics are (as we're told all our lives its only a matter of time right?) But since then so much as improved. The surgery has become so much more efficient and the options have changed drastically. I mean now we have vertical sleeve and lap band and everything. it's all loproscopic and there are specialists in every step from pre- to post-op and nutritinal follow up. People are more aware of bariatrics and it's benefits, and with an epidemic like obesity in the US it's necessary that people become very good at what they do. I can understand being scared, and I'm sure I will go through my terror moments too as I get closer, but I just remind myself that nothing is too terrifying to convince me that an early grave is an option. I don't have major health issues yet *knock on wood* but I have a few (bad knees, easily worn out, pre-diabetes, poor circulation in my legs, PCOS). And I know doing this will give me a much better quality of life. I'll be able to have real confidence, not the facade I've learned to put on around my friends, I'll be able to go to a shopping mall and not feel embarassed as I walk around the clothing racks with my friends buying so many cute things and me with my pair of earrings cause that's all that will fit. it's what comes after the surgery that motivates me. The idea that i can finally be the person I see in my head and feel in my heart.
  20. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    Both of those replies were very helpful! I'm completely ready to deal with the portion changes....at least in theory haha. I know it'll have to change and I don't have any choice, so I can remain pretty practical about that. But I also know my brain won't change and I'll still have my favorite foods, that of course i'll have to hold off on for quite some time. But me being pre-op of course I'm wondering about any likely hood that I can ever eat like a few bites of a tiny kids cheeseburger again lol. I'm sure I sound kind of naive but apparently my brain finds certain things to question that are frivilous and is perfectly accepting of the more critical details.
  21. Shrinking_Cat_11

    In the early stages...

    Okay, I think its the thought more than the actual act that makes me wonder. I don't think I actually drink very much while eat as it is...but thinking about not having the option seems like more of a task than it probably will be. I guess my only other major curiosity at this point, based on self research, is that some of the thing I've read about the re-learning to eat, involves of course introducing foods a little at a time, but eating in sections going from Protein, to fibrous veggie, to other veggie or fruit, to starch. Which doesn't intimidate me, I guess i'm just curious if there will ever be a point that I'd go back to eating foods as they come, like for example when I go out with friends/family. I don't mind either way, and I know everyone is different but I thought I'd ask.
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    In the early stages...

    Thanks for the welcome! I hope this will help be really informed beyond medical jargon i'm sure I'll get from my doctors. I've thought about that, I can certainly try the protion sizes but I'm sure that'll freak me out a little lol, just because its been a long life of eating however much I want. And I had heard about the drinking issue also. Is that like a permanent change? Will I never be able to drink while eating again, or simply for quite some time after the surgery as I'm relearning to eat? Thanks again for the warm welcome guys!