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  1. Well I made the big trip to Mexico and had my band removed and after 4 1/2 hours of surgery with doctor Rodriguez and two other Doctors I was luck to get my sleeve. I had my band done over 6 years ago. I had lots of soreness in the port area but did not get sick often . I had no clue my band had slipped . It was like that for many years I guess, just no clue. It took all three doctors working 4 1/2 hour to remove band scar tissue and clean any areas with infection. I was so lucky to have such a great team of Doctors fighting for me. I woke up very sick due to amount of medicine used to keep me knocked out. They also did the upper GI at the same time so my throat was so sorry! It was a rough 10 hours after. I will say this I was truly blessed with great doctors and nurse who worked around clock to take care of me! I will never be able to repay my husband for all his support to walk and cleaning up every time I got sick!! Which was A LOT! The Star Medica was super clean and Juarez was safe! My husband went next door and ate awesome Mexican Food. Think that's what kept him going! The only hard part was the English with the nurses, all doctors spoke English very clear. My husband can speak some Spanish so ... Again he took care of talking for me. If he was not around they would bring in someone to speak English . I am still super sore and healing. This was a blessing! I was taken care of for three nights before sent home. Was given my leak test and video. They even took time out to show me my area that still needed to heal from the lap band. I have a lower BMI so I had an easy pre op diet. Now since all the damage I have 6 weeks of liquid diet. I am down already 8 pounds in 5 days! Here is my story.
  2. Betterplace2013

    Feb 16th

    I am going on Fed 14 to dr. Rod in Juarez !
  3. I am taking a leap of faith and going to Mexico for a band to sleeve revision. I have a infection in my port and slipped band. I have gained about 50 pounds back. My BMI is 36. I have been watching this forum for a while, first time to post. I would love any information about the doctors and what to bring or expect. Thanks for all your help!!

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