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  1. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Revision after Pregnancy

    No idea! I'm hoping they figure it out and quick. I'm miserable!
  2. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Revision after Pregnancy

    I am opposite. Had the sleeve 3 years ago. Just had a baby and have lost all my pregnancy weight in 5 weeks(30 pounds). I can't eat solids at all absolutely liquids even hurt. Wasn't this way during pregnancy just after. I'm wondering if my pregnant hurt my sleeve. Trying to get ahold of the doctor.
  3. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook


    Dexilant is the only thing that works for me. I've been on it for years. My food and water still comes back up but at least it doesn't burn! Sucks how expensive it is. I'm also mad cause I read AFTER I got my surgery that if you have gerd you shouldn't get the sleeve. My bari surgeon knew I had gerd and did the sleeve anyways. So now I'm kinda stuck. Don't want to do a revision to gastric bypass so I just deal and hope I don't get cancer.
  4. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    30 weeks, abnormal Glucose test

    I had abnormal results as well for my one hour glucose test. My ob is wondering if the test is skewed because of my surgery. She told me to ask my surgeon and he told me to ask her. Passing the buck at its finest!! She doesn't want to give me the 3 hour test because of the risk me getting very sick. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. I am 4 months post op. I still can't get in over 4 oz of food down per meal. What is everyone else at? Should I be at more?
  6. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    4 months.. How much can you eat?

    I use my fitness pal and a food scale to measure. It's soo time consuming!
  7. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook


    I do regret it. I am 4 months out. I've had some issues and have been rehospitalized a couple times. I was happier fat. Food made me happy. I still have trouble staying hydrated and getting my protein in. My bariactric center isn't very supportive. I feel more punished than encouraged. I've lost 60 pounds though! Started at 252 and I am at 192 now. Really think about your decision. Once you do it there is no going back. I just have to make the most of life now with no energy.
  8. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    4 months.. How much can you eat?

    Not me. It's hard for me to get my protein in. I can't stomach shakes anymore.
  9. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook


    I can drink a lot more with a straw. I use it whenever I can.
  10. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Will i ever get my period again on my own?

    I only have my period if I am on some sort of birth control.
  11. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Water intake

    Man you're lucky. I'm 3 months post op and I still can't get in my 64 ounces a day.
  12. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Any Regrets?

    I'm on anti-depressants. My doctor doesn't think I'm getting enough vitamins but the Bari ones make me sick. They did some blood work. I'm waiting on the results.
  13. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Any Regrets?

    I'm one of the few that regret it. I had my sleeve in January. I've lost over 50 pounds but I'm still extremely tired and feel gross most days. I would rather stay at home then go out. I miss food, I miss my friends and I miss going out for a drink. Most of all I miss my energy.
  14. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    so much for starting to feel better...

    I feel the same way! I was excited about my weightloss and my doc told me that the way I'm going this will probably be all I lose and I might start gaining. I got a half hour lecture. It was really discouraging.
  15. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Anybody use advocare spark?

    Having issues with my energy levels. Anybody use spark energy drinks? Was suggested to me by a fellow sleever. Just worried about caffeine. Love to hear your thoughts...
  16. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    always tired and cold

    I am always tired. Can't work out. Just want to sleep. Getting a blood panel done. Hopefully they can find out what's wrong. They think it's my hydration levels. I don't think so.. We'll see.
  17. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    13 month update

    See I'm opposite. I'm 3 months post op and so tired I don't want to do anything but sleep. It's a terrible feeling. Getting blood work done this week. Hopefully they will figure something out.
  18. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Alcohol- I was a drinker

    I am 3 months out and so ready for a glass of wine.
  19. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook


    When was your first sip of alcohol after surgery? How was it?
  20. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    Burning in stomach

    I am 8 weeks out. I have a terrible indigestion burning in my stomach. I take dexilant a very strong acid reducer. Doesn't seem to be helping. Does this go away eventually? I was told that this surgery cures acid reflux...
  21. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    3 week out.. Wondering mind....

    I'm 8 weeks out and can only eat 3 shrimp. It's hard for me to eat other meat too. It's just too heavy on my stomach.
  22. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook


    The celebrate bariactric vitamins make me sick. My nut says the gummies don't provide sufficient nutrition. What do you all suggest?
  23. I'm 7 weeks out and can't eat much at all. 3 shrimp is a meal for me. Or 3 crackers with chicken salad. I wish I could eat more. If I do I throw up. I feel like I waste so much food!
  24. Amanda Nicole Hosaflook

    8 weeks out post op

    I'm 7 weeks out and I can only eat 3 shrimp.
  25. I'm 7 weeks and still can't exercise. I don't have enough energy.

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