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    From the album: My Journey

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    From the album: Dogminst

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    Negative Boyfriend

    I think you are very pretty and I think your BF is very insecure. I don't see either of those changing. Probably time to get someone in your life that is supportive!
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    Sugar Free Apple Juice

    There is one that says No Sugar Added. It's not sugar free but has less than half the sugar the normal apple juice has. in fact, on my doctors paper work it specifically said get "No Sugar Added".
  5. Hello, My Name is Don and I was sleeved by Dr. Jay on Nov. 6th. So far everything has gone as planned except a couple stalls. I have lost 53 lbs. so far but I have been stalled for half the time since I have had the sleeve. I am also a Lap Band Revision. I was Banded in 2003 and lost the band in 2005. It took me 5 years to figure out a way to get the sleeve but I got here. Better late than never I say Lets hear your experiences.
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    My Journey

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    Don, Dec 2004

    From the album: My Journey

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    Don 2004

    From the album: My Journey

  9. How are you doing now? Give us an update. I was banded in 2003 and had the band for 4 years when I lost it to erosion. I lost 140 lbs. with my band the first year. I lost an additional 30 lbs. the second year but still needed to lose another 80 lbs. instead I started gettin reflux real bad and after adjustments to the band I gained back 70 lbs. by time I lost it. I had self paid and didn't have the money for the sleeve And insurance didn't cover it so it took me 5 years to get the sleeve. My insurance finally got on board and covered it. I am 6 weeks out now (sleeve surgery was Nov. 6th) and I have lost 49 lbs. already and I can eat where I couldn't with the band. Congrats on your surgery and everyone else in here that had a revision.
  10. Yep, I am indeed a revision. Of course I lost the band 5 years ago from erosion but I do indeed know the issues with the Lap Band. Glad I finally got the sleeve! Congrats on your revision.
  11. I was sleeved on Nov. 6th and I had a stall for 2 weeks. Weeks 4 & 5. Now in week 6 I have lost 4 lbs. hope that helps!
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    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    My Dr. Told me I could start back to full exercise at 6 weeks. That just happens to be tomorrow !!
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    200 Pounds Gone!

    Congrats on 200 lbs gone! You look awesome!
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    Finally...november 6Th Sleevers!

    I know I'm late to this party but I was sleeved on Nov. 6th as well. I hope everyone is doing great! I go full menu on Thursday, how is everyone else doing?
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    Best Tasting Protein Powders

    The only Protein Powder I found that I could stomach (pardon the pun) was Cinnamon Roll by Pep-Tide.
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    From the album: WLS Diet

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    WLS Diet

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    Advice needed!

    I'm one of the people that had the band first. Mine eroded and I almost dies from infection cause being a guy I had other things to do instead of going to see my doc. I had an erosion 5 years ago last week. It left me with a stricture to where I was very limited as to what I could eat for a few years, in fact even right before I got my sleeve 5 weeks ago I still could not eat chicken. I was gaining all the weight back that I had lost with the band and was very not happy! The sleeve so far has been great. Compared to the band, the sleeve doesn't hurt at all. I say the main reason I lost so much with the band was because it hurt to eat so I would just not eat. Now I actually get full with the sleeve And I am still on soft foods. If the sleeve had been an option 9 years ago when I got the band, and knowing what I know now... Never would have considered the band!!

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