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  1. I've waited 2 years for this surgery. Had a lap band about 5 years ago and developed the usual problems with it that many did from keeping the band too tight, and so the pouch over-expanded and caused painful reflux. The Dr. had to remove all the fluid from the band, so there was no limitation on how much I ate, and I gained the weight back again. My ins. co. wouldn't pay for a re-do on a lap band, so I had to wait till I was 65 and Medicare kicked in and till it approved the sleeve, which it finally did in July (YAY !). So, 2 months before my 66th birthday, I got sleeved! So far I'm ecstatic! Some bumps in the road for me: 1.Seems I have some temporary lactose intolerability. No problem. I just take Lactaid when I drink or eat anything with dairy in it, including cheese. I think this will pass. If it doesn't, I still have the Lactaid. 2. I need to learn to stop eating before I feel full. Had the same problem with the lap band. If I eat till I feel full, it's already too late. That food will mix with gastric juices and expand more, after I've stopped eating, and then I end up losing some of it, if you catch my drift. Other than that, and making sure to drink my protein shake @ least once a day, preferably 2X a day, and I haven't lost any hair!

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