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    I know exactly what you mean!! My husband moved/hid my scale, of course I found but have been freaking fixated on that damn scale too!! It is so stupid of me but I do. First thing every one asks is, "how much have you lost?" and I want an answer for them but gotta let it go. Good for you, being able to let that go!! I really wish I had been a little more of a closed book about the whole surgery thing. Told most people that I know and let me tell you, I work at a hospital, one of the freaking anesthesiologists thinks it's his place to tell my damn patients that I am on my way to skinny, explaining to them that I have had surgery and am now losing weight!! That really ticks me off!! Anyway, I am down and out today and came here for positive... Gotta get back positive!
    Happy weight loss!!
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