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  1. Hello everyone.. how is everyone?

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    2. Ginsin007


      Pretty damn good today! Finally. How about you??


    3. Ginsin007


      Wow, you have done very well.


    4. ProudGrammy


      hey dude, don't have to ask about your success - keep up the good job for the rest of your healthier, happier, longer life! new weight loss #? you aces in my book!!! - kathy

  2. H ieveyone .. How are you?

    1. shedo82773


      Hi Frank69 how are you this fine day?

    2. Raymia


      Hello and how are you today : ) Sorry for the late reply

  3. Whats new everyone?

    1. SusanB55


      I have a headache. Oh wait, that's not new, lol. It's hot here. Oh, that's not new either. Well, I guess nothing!

    2. ProudGrammy


      LOL - can i buy you some tylenol - or do you have a supply already LOL - kathy

    3. SusanB55


      Haha, well I appreciate the offer! I've got prescription meds for this ol head of mine!

  4. Tired of all this BS, just want it all to end!!!

    1. losingtheselumps


      BS is no fun. Hope it gets better.


    2. Valentina


      If it wasn't for the BS days, how would we ever appreciate the great days? :) Stay strong, Frank.

  5. Tired if all the BS .. Just want it all to end!!

    1. KristenLe


      :-( Hope things get better soon! Stay strong!


  6. Gotta get my rear in gearll

  7. Frank69

    Red skin around wounds

    I had redness too. It went away with no problems.. skin was irritated..
  8. Frank69

    Need some support

    Your in the right place. Good luck
  9. What's new??

    1. Christinamo7


      same old same old here, what's new there?

    2. Frank69


      Same.. Getting HOT!!!

  10. I think a weekend get away on the Harley is just the thing I need...

    1. Christinamo7


      but it's going to rain?

    2. Frank69
    3. KristenLe


      Sounds fun! Be safe!!!

  11. What happened to all the interaction on this site?

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    2. Valentina


      There seems to be a "bug" crawling up and around, Frank. What to do? What to do???? ;)

    3. ProudGrammy


      ???? it's still going on!! if it weren't you wouldn't "see" me writing this post - 251 lb DOWN-amazing- great before and after pic-keep up the great job!-look for more interactions coming to a theater near you - keep up the good work!! kathy

    4. bigmoe99


      Hey Frank, Interact away, I'm Listening. I promise I'll never say "I know just how your feeling Dr. Crane" (from a funny episode of cheers). Frank you are from Arizona, a suggestion to help with keeping busy, and living in sunny Arizona, take up Golf. it's a great way to get exercise enjoy nature and just being in the great outdoors.



  12. Monday morning..agh.

    1. ProudGrammy


      what can i say?? - TGIF around the corner?!! LOL - you'll make it!! (probably!!! LOL) kathy

  13. Finally Friday...

    1. Christinamo7


      wooohooo! weekend and the weather is GORGEOUS!

    2. Frank69


      Sure is. Time to ride!

    3. Christinamo7


      where are we going?

  14. Frank69


    From the album: Frank69

  15. Not looking forward to today.. Wish my luck!!!

    1. jane13


      why? what happens today? Good luck ~

    2. Christinamo7


      what's going on today? this is my long day at work, but I am planning a wee nap at lunch to get me through.

  16. Everyone have a great a productive week.

    1. Valentina


      Trying my hardiest, Frank. Finally the sun is out here in the Catskills, so I'll be walk'n.

    2. Christinamo7


      well. if I have to. how long until Friday?

  17. Respect to all of you. We all can understand the pain, embarrassment and all that go with being overweight. I recently seen I post on another site with a man stated he couldn't stand overweight people. That we appall and enrage him. Needles to say he got a few words from me but it's just ignorance at its finest. I applaud anyone who tries to better themselves in any way. My moment among many listed above was when my Dr toldmei would be dead in a couple years cause of my weight, I was 42 years young..... Congrats to all of you and the best of luck. Feel free to add me as. Friend,motivater, and helper in any way I can.....
  18. What's your plans for today?

    1. ProudGrammy


      hubby and i "traveling" all over with errands on saturday. bank, home depot, drug store, grocery store, Kohl's, post office- lots of small things everywhere, adds up - could never/or would have wanted to be out and about pre-op, showing myself!!! no prob now - NSV??- yep- got home, sat down!!! exhausted!!! LOL, hope you had a great day too - btw spring has finally sprung - beautiful 71 degrees here in good ol' syracuse, ny!!! - kathy

  19. Mine is when my doc told me I'd be dead in three years..
  20. Wishing everyone a great day...

    1. jane13


      Thank you. Back at ya!

    2. Elode



  21. Frank69

    What the heck happened?!

    This journey is definitely a roller coaster ride. Don't dwell on the stalls and small setba ka that will happen. Do us on the great things that are happening and are coming your way stY do focused and diligent in the "fight" .
  22. Frank69

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    My high was 600lbs!! Down 250lbs and still going
  23. Frank69

    Anyone from the AZ?

    From from I'm from Tucson