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  1. this is competely normal, i really didnt loose anything the first 2 weeks then woosh !! You just went through major surgery and your body is wondering what the heck just happened. stick to the plan and there is absolutely no way you wont loose.....
  2. lisa2job

    Daily calorie intake

    I am also about 8 months out and am stalling, but I do notice that I am loosing inches here and there and working out helps .... remember muscle weighs more ..... I do however need to get back to counting calories been really lazy this last month working on the road ..
  3. lisa2job

    Body image

    I was 338 to start and was crazy dating I never had a problem with men, then I took the year before surgery off of dating , I have lost 97 lbs as of today and at 241 I feel I look the same or worse as when I was 338. maybe because I got some flabby spots on my legs and belly. but I totally get what your saying. I just started to date again but I still feel like the fat girl.. IDK hard to explain
  4. lisa2job

    Adult or child size silverware

    I use a baby spoon and seem to eat allot slower and it also tricks the mind into like you are allot more than you actually are.
  5. I also wondered about this low end for someone 5 9 is 129 lbs high end is 170 so what do I use to calclate 60% if I go with the low end then 212 would be my weight if I go with the high end I am done loosing now but that wouldnt seem right. anyhow I am happy with my weight loss
  6. lisa2job

    What do you eat?

    so I was told eat protien first and at first to have about 600 calories it took a few months to get at that point, now being 7 months out the doc says to eat around 1000 calories , lo carb high protien
  7. lisa2job

    Need help/motivation

    your doing great, the first week I didnt loose a thing !!! constipation is normal. talk to your DR on what they would like you to take to help with that issue, I am almost 7 months out and still have bouts with constipation.... follow yourplan and the weight will come off, i am down 96 lbs.....
  8. i get more the head hunger . not hungry like before surgery but I just want to snack and graze all night.... I have the day time thing down, shake at 7 am , lunch at 11, snack at 3 dinner at 6 thats for a work out day , other days are 7 am shake, lunch at 1100 , dinner at 4 snack at 7
  9. So I am officially 6months out today , down 92 lbs per the scale here at the hotel, was hoping for the big 100 but being on the road has totally thrown me off with my work out schedule and eating. do you know how hard it is to eat out every meal because my company wont pay for me to buy through grocery stores. totally sucks...... anyhow hopefully the lbs will start to drop again once I get back to my personal trainer. I will post pictures soon on my page once i get home and have clothes that fit me ...
  10. My name is Lisa and I am out of Tacoma Washington, I had my sleeve done in Everette by Dr Chock .... she is fabulous and I am down 92 lbs in 6 months ... ddnt quite hit the big 100 but looking foward to more weight loss this next 6 months
  11. lisa2job

    Tummy tuck/thigh lift photos

    omg !! how awesome of a difference !!! where did you have it done?
  12. lisa2job

    New wardrobe

    I was also lucky to have from size 18-26 in my closet but now after loosing 90 lbs I am a 14 /16 and need to shop , I only buy things on the discount rack and they cant be more than $20 dollars. although I did buy a pair of work pants well actually 2 pair that made me look skinny and have gotten nothing but compliments from them for $39 dollars. overall I havent spent tooo much on new clothes and when I buy I buy alittle on the tight side other than the loose side . and they last way longer. down 90 lbs since sept . love to shop !!!
  13. lisa2job

    on the road..

    good luck wishing you a speedy recovery
  14. lisa2job

    Starting out...

    Congrats !! this is your first step to a healthier new you !!! dont look back and keep moving forward, to be alittle anxious is normal and will come and go the closer you get to your date!!!
  15. lisa2job

    having bathroom problems

    I am almost 6 months out and still have this problem from time to time. I have a marriage of different items I take but found once I could tolerate Prunes 2-4 a day does the trick and they are sweet and give me that feeling like I am eating candy..... They are 100 calories for 4 and lots of carbs but they do keep things moving ... good luck cause it sucks when your constipated
  16. lisa2job

    sleeve fail?

    I have found that it is easy to find ways around the sleeve. I can eat anything I like in small portions. So like they say this is only a tool and what we do with it is up to us. As long as you follow your plan and learn to live a healthier lifestyle you will be fine.
  17. lisa2job

    I'm gaining weight.

    I found that I was actually eating more as I started working out more, so make sure to really count your intake , watch the carbs, and up the protien... It will come off !!
  18. lisa2job

    AETNA with bariatric exclusion

    I had BC/BS and there was no way around the exclusion because my company excluded it.... so I had to pay best money I am spending !! happy to write that check every month. 90 lbs down and still going! good luck !!
  19. lisa2job

    How much Protein

    thanks for sharing :wub:
  20. lisa2job

    2 week stall

    I am almost 6 months out and I stall for three weeks and loose during one week , so as long as you are following the plan you will loose be patient !!! i am 90 lbs down today ...
  21. lisa2job

    Well first day post op

    walk, sip rest repeat
  22. lisa2job

    spanx everyday

    dont need them yet but been thinking about that .... still have 8 grand more to pay on my surgery and then I am starting to save for my plastics !!!! tummy tuck is in my future
  23. lisa2job

    post op day 3

    congrats sounds like your doing well.....
  24. I am doing the exact same thing, I will not pay over 15 $ for anything right now... any store I go into I shop the sales rack only untill I get closer to goal.... also I was just told about a few consignment shops in my area for BBW for my dress clothes that I can try to make some money back ... checking that out this weekend.

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