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    Let me tell you my story.
    As a young child I wasn't overweight but when puberty hit I gained weight. I was physically active during my high school years, I participated in outdoor winter sports, loved gym class and swam in the summer months. College life was great, although heavier than most I still enjoyed the social life and even managed to snag a boyfriend.
    After college I waited on tables at a local restaurant and managed to slim down to a nice weight for me and looked pretty good. Got married, found a job in my profession, and then gained weight. My job wasn't physically demanding and marriage wasn't very good, so you can imagine the pounds piled on quickly. Got out of the marriage and after some time passed I joined Weight Watchers, lost 70 pounds and was looking good again.
    Another marriage (this time a good one), job was good and so was the food I was fixing for family. Weight came back again and I tried Weight Watchers again, lost weight, and then gained it back (numerous times and each time added a little more weight--does Yo-Yo dieting fit here?) Two years ago I lost 35 pounds. It only took 6 months to gain it back again plus another 20 pounds. The last time I went to Weight Watchers, I paid my money but just couldn't make myself do it all again.
    April, 2012, I spoke to my primary care physician and started the process to get a sleeve. I had to weigh in for 6 months--I never lost a pound, in fact I gained during the 6 months. (Also during this time my father died so it wasn't a great time to try to diet-or so I told myself.) Had the psych evaluation last May and a scope of my esophagus.
    In October, I finished up the weigh-ins, had an EKG, blood work, and sleep study--all in preparation for surgery. Yes, I have sleep apnea. My insurance approved me and in two days I will be at the hospital having my surgery. I have been struggling through the Pre-Op diet and managed to lose 12 pounds with one more day to go. Liquid diet for the day before surgery and then surgery on Wednesday, November 6.
    I can't believe I am having bariatric surgery in two days, it doesn't seem real to me! I tried other ways to lose this weight and nothing worked. So I have committed myself to this process and hope to God it works. Nothing else has worked and I got myself into this and I am the only one that can get me out of it. I
    So, here's to a successful surgery and looking and feeling better in the future.

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