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  1. 39m

    1 year post op!

    wow amazing work I only lost about 45 lbs..
  2. Oh I loved cashew nuts and almonds ! I could handle them at the end of week 3 I think , when I had trouble eating even mashed potatoes.. Hang in there.. you need 2 more weeks to feel much better..
  3. I got sleeved on 10/18 th the first 2 weeks were really hard on me.. Take it easy on yourself and get a lot of liquids.. hot chocolate (try the low calorie stuff), soups It DOES get BETTER.. just needs time.. I feel so much better the past two weeks and can eat almost anything
  4. Wow that's a lot ! I lost about 22 lbs the first month.. am currently in the 6th week and down about 30 in total
  5. I agree with the "hard for guys" bit ! and it's hard for people to see a 200 lb + guy eating so little anyway thanks for all the awesome answers everyone
  6. Hi everyone, I'm reaching out to veteran sleevers out there. I have to travel frequently for work and often have dinner with clients or colleagues, and I don't feel comfortable explaining to everyone that I've had a gastric sleeve surgery. I've been struggling a bit on my first trip , overeating several times (ending up in the restaurant's restroom puking the extras !) I know this is embarrassing and sensitive but don't laugh at me lol What tips can you share in terms of what to order at restaurants, reasonings to explain the small portions (I say am on a diet etc..)? I'd love to hear from you all Thanks
  7. Wow this is amazing progress I've only lost 30 lbs in 42 days so far - havent' really started hitting the gym - just jogs and walks as I wasn't feeling good the first weeks I've dropped jeans sizes but feel sad about the belly fat.. this looks stubborn and harder to get rid off ! I should start hitting the gym seriously this week
  8. The first two weeks were really very hard on me... things improved a lot in the 3rd and 4th week Don't worry.. things will go much better I am now in the 6th week post op and feel 90-95% back to normal so hang in there and it will get better !
  9. hey Mrs Saso.. I had a terrible first two weeks really.. am now 5 weeks post op - really feeling much much better and can eat most things Really hang in there and you will get better soon
  10. Strangefruit really? weird I really can handle nuts and almonds so easily.. from week 4 even..
  11. Thanks for all the answers and suggestions ladies.. so a very small portion well measured could be justified from time to time.. calories should be carefully counted.. I just love nuts and they slide very well.. Mrs Saso how are you feeling at the moment? in which stage are you and what can you eat?
  12. Hi I'm in the 5th week post op and can't tolerate well a lot of food.. but I can eat roasted cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios without any problem.. I do eat chicken, shrimp and turkey and other food, but it feels so heavy on my stomach still, yet I can eat half a cup of nuts and feel good I'm worried about the calories and fat content though.. What do you recommend ? and what was your experience ? Thanks - I'm feeling guilty right now and not sure I should keep eating those
  13. I had really a terrible first two weeks.. now feeling much better but still can't tolerate a lot of food You really look younger and great I'm 1 month out and hope I'll lose 70 lb like you in 4 months -
  14. 39m

    Please God!

    If this is your face in that picture.. then you are really far from being ugly more on the pretty side
  15. it's normal don't worry...

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