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  1. Thought it would be gone by tomorrow but I don't think so. What am I supposed to do? I'm afraid I'm going to wake up in a mess because there are times I have to change tampon twice an hour. Do they let you use a tampon or do you have to use pads? Am i going to be able to change them after? Or will I be too sore and out if it? THIS SUCKS!!!!!!
  2. For those of you who have a high sex drive, how long after surgery were you cleared to have sex, and how long until you felt good enough to really enjoy it? Thanks!
  3. greensleeve

    Surgery in Mexico?

    Does anyone have good information on how this works? What is included, how do you get from airport, is it safe? Who do you do follow up with back in the US?
  4. greensleeve

    YouTube videos

    This isn't really a rant, but does anyone else watch the WLS videos of people on you tube? Some are so inspirational and some I just want to cheer for the person. But I have noticed that a lot of the people talk the same. They don't start out that way, but by the time they get to losing a good bit of weight, it's like they all watch each others videos and end up imitating each other. It's kind of funny!
  5. Unbelievable. After two years and three appeals I get approval and redo my tests, he tells me I will get a date in two weeks. I call his office after my second round of tests and she tells me they are full for the rest of the year and I have to redo my tests for the third time. She wasted my time and the insurance company money. She acted like it was my fault then informed me that she couldn't accept my approval letter because she had never seen one like it. I was so upset. I was so emotional and raised my voice and she kept saying I should have known they didn't have any more openings and it was my fault. I told her I was done and hung up and cried. I decided to try again today with my insurance contact on the line. Same woman told me that because I complained to the hospital I am now too much of a risk and he won't operate on me. And won't give me my money back to join the practice.
  6. greensleeve

    Why do men do this?

    I can understand fully that everyone has their type, everyone likes a certain kind of person. Some men are attracted to larger women, some like super skinny, some like in between. But this isn't even about that. I have noticed that last time I lost weight three years ago, I was right around this same weight, and suddenly men at my job who had ignored me were talking to me. I wasn't even aware that they ignored me, I guess I am a private person and I don't talk to everyone either. But out of the blue men who were friends with the people around me started to include me in their jokes or ask me questions or what have you. And now it is happening again. It isn't like they are hitting on me. Just saying hi in the hall or adding on to a conversation I am having with someone else. What the hell? I do not get it. I sincerely hope that I am not like that. I have tried really hard not to be like that with people I don't find attractive. I try to give everyone an equal shot at friendship and at contributing something to a team. Why would you just ignore someone until they become socially acceptable to you?
  7. greensleeve

    My costume

    Thank you!
  8. greensleeve

    Post Op March 2014

    Down 100 in that pic from last week. 101 now. Everyone looks so awesome!
  9. greensleeve

    100 pounds down in 5.5 months!

    Good luck to you!
  10. greensleeve

    100 pounds down in 5.5 months!

    Whoops. That's in 6.5 months, I forgot 15 was before surgery.
  11. greensleeve

    Before and After pictures...

    How tall are you?
  12. Only three more pounds to go to hit the century mark! Five months out and life is wonderful. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.
  13. greensleeve


    Good for you! Keep up the hard work. You look so happy.
  14. greensleeve

    Feel like giving up

    You have to be 350 for your insurance to approve you? If I were you, if the scale isn't moving, talk to your Dr about going on liquids with high protein for a few weeks. You can do it!!!
  15. greensleeve

    MO - St. Louis

    Are we having a September meeting?
  16. This is the only pic I have of myself at my high weight. It's hard to look at it. Down 84 pounds.
  17. You find yourself posting way more pictures of yourself on Facebook than you ever have before. You can't buy clothes on clearance for the season that just passed because you dont know what size you will be next year.
  18. greensleeve

    four month out face pics

    Down 93 pounds
  19. greensleeve

    Still seeing a fat girl?

    I think you have dysmorphic disorder. I do have to say that part of you knows you are thin because you are wearing hot clothes and taking pictures. And you put on a bikini even!! It's like a fun house mirror in my head most of the time. I will probably be the same way, rocking a hot dress one day and then seeing a fat woman in the mirror the next. Our eyes play tricks on us, as does our brain.
  20. You look wonderful. You look younger too.
  21. greensleeve

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    These are awesome! This morning I wrapped a bath towel around myself. And it covered me. All of me, with an inch to spare. I had to just stare at myself in the mirror.

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