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  1. Definitely doing a well balanced meal and exercising....these are healthy habits that we all should try to develop.
  2. You are looking amazing...keep up the great work!
  3. Pelekania


    That's great that you are doing that!
  4. Pelekania


    I can honestly say that my outlook on food and free food is definitely changing! They have fundraisers frequently at my job and this lady bought cupcakes and was giving them out. I wasn't tempted (eventhough they looked delicious), but like I explained to my coworker... I just bust my behind in a gym to burn 4-500 calories and I am not about to waste it on a cupcake and plus I didn't want it. Lol now maybe had that been sone shoyu chicken or lau lau...I probably would have taken it :-). Lol
  5. Pelekania


    I definitely agree with you and my condition is definitely my fault and no one else. Some of my colleagues and friends know that I am a big believer in the behaviorist perspective when it comes to learning and conditioning. It saddens me when I see a parent that's morbidly obese and they have a toddler that probably weighs 50+ pounds. Sometimes as adults some of us pass our unhealthy eating habits down to our kids.... do I think those individuals are addicted, not really but luke butterbean said some people don't know what healthy eating looks like and some people are victims before they are really able to make decisions for themselves. And like you stated we have to take responsibility for what we put into our mouth.
  6. Pelekania

    salad post op

    I had a salad probably 3 weeks out...after a few bites you wont be able to eat anymore. If you don't have a NUT, I would say try it and see if you are able to tolerate it. If you do have a NUT, check with them because you will get a variety of opinions about when an individual should or shouldn't have this or that.
  7. Pelekania

    80lbs gone in 6 1/2 mths.

    Keep up the great work!
  8. Pelekania


    I love this post! Am I addicted to food no, do I have inappropriate learned and conditioned behaviors when it comes to food yes. I didn't have a box of donuts or twinkie in my hand every time you seen me. My culture and where I was raised believe in serving HUGE portions (if you have every been to HI and eaten at a local restaurant you understand what I mean) add that to the fact that my guardians made us eat or finish our plates when we werent hungry on top of being lazy and you get someone like me! I gained around 25 pds alone last year because my partners diet consist primarily of rice. His culture can eat huge bowls of rice and not gain...me I can't. So, while I do believe I had an unhealthy relationship with food, I would not classify myself as an addict. Call it self denial or believe that I will have issues with regain...but I don't think so. Since my surgery, I don't feel guilty about wasting food by not finishing my plate, I do cardio and strength training 5x a week, and I am feeling great!
  9. Pelekania

    5 Months Out, 45Lbs Down

    I am trying to follow you with the BMR but am still quite confused as to how I would maximize my weightloss. I workout 4-5x a week.I haven't really increased my calories because I am so full after eatjng dense protein. I usually have Protein shake after my session and have started trying to eat half a banana. But that is still part of my regular meal. Any insight or if you can explain it to me would be helpful...thank you!
  10. Pelekania

    Military/Reserves after surgery?

    I think that would be great! My only concern would be how an individual would manage if they were downrange or out at sea. In those conditions you may not have the ability to eat every few hours and getting the needed amount of protein in would become an issue because of the food that is served in those environments...other than that..I think it would be amazing if WLS patient could enlist without a waiver as long as when they are in basic they can prove they can handle and do the same as others...it would be a very difficult task.
  11. Pelekania

    HUGE fight with the Hubster

    It truly baffles me that people so easily cast judgement on others! Such things like...you've eaten something bad, so you weren't ready for the sleeve. You're mournful of the amount of food you use to eat so you didn't do enough research and you are not ready for the sleeve! Really, like who are you to decide if a person is ready or not! While I am not mournful of food because I don't deprive myself of items ( this is not a diet and should not be treated as such, but life changing habits should be established), but I am mournful of the fact that I can't be or appear like a normal eating adult around others. Some will say oh people don't pay that much attention. Yes they do and folks are always commenting on my eating habits! But oh well! To the OP, I am sorry that he isn't supportive right now...trying showing him some research anx stats on the amount of people who dont have success at the band. Let him visit this site to read of others' band struggle. And you definitely will have success with the sleeve! Your tummy will not allow you to over eat in one sitting, but sabatoge is possible through slider foods. Best of luck to you!
  12. Pelekania

    Core Power Protein Shakes

    Does anyone have any knowledge about these products?
  13. Pelekania

    Too much food?

    I am curious...are you eat bread with your veggie sub?
  14. Are these a good source of protein? I have been drinking these after my workout and they taste so delicious, not the chalkiness that I am accustomed to with other shakes. They are kind of expensive, so I just want to be sure that it is a good source of protein before purchasing some cases. They use real milk instead of whey protein.

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