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  1. Traci J.

    unique birthday ideas

    Have a zumba party
  2. Traci J.

    6 month swim suit2

    You look fabulous darling
  3. I upped my carb intake for a few days then went back down to the 40g/day I was supposed to be at...works every time for me
  4. At 3 months out I was able to eat anything I wanted that my stomach didn't have a problem with, which was nothing. I still really try and watch my carb intake, because they are my weakness so I try and stay away as much as possible, and have done well with it. Just remember protein first, by the time that is done you won't want anything else. Good luck!
  5. Traci J.

    Horrible taste in mouth

    It's the ketosis, and you will have that taste for quite a while, along with really bad breath. Suck on sugar-free mints, that helps with both. It will go away eventually. Good luck on your journey!
  6. Traci J.

    So Frustrated!

    Make sure you click the status update and not their user name.
  7. I was sleeved on the 12/19 and started at 270 and now 220, I'm 5'4. Dr. told me I'm right where they expected. Anything that averages 12 lbs. a month is what they're looking for (even with stalls). Just keep doing what you're doing.
  8. Traci J.

    Sooo emotional!

    Stalls can last for awhile. If you haven't already, I'd take your measurements because when the scale stops moving is usually when your body is catching up by losing inches. I am 3 1/2 mo. out and stalled for a good 3 weeks and am only down 44 lbs....but I've lost over 18" and am down 3 sizes. Don't get discouraged...it will start up again.
  9. You look fabulous! I hope to look that good 10 months out. Keep up the good work! And you'll be just fine with the gallbladder surgery, just might make things go through you faster if you know what I mean
  10. You should be good. I quit taking chewables a month out, other than my Vitamin B.
  11. Keep in mind every Dr & Nut have their own rules, but mine said I should be getting 600-700 calories, less than 40g. of carbs, don't eat anything that has more than 10g. of sugar per serving, and to drink 48+ oz. of liquid a day and not to worry about anything else. Having said that, on days that I go over on my carbs my estimated weight loss is actually less than on days I stay under the 40g. But, either way, I am down 40 lbs. and will be 3 months out tomorrow...but I have lost 12" and went from a 24 to a 16/18.
  12. Traci J.


    The Berry is my favorite...I'd use a higher protein soy milk or something just to increase the protein level without having to add additional protein powder.
  13. Traci J.

    four days post-op

    It'll get better by the day and soon the pain and hassle will be a thing of the past. You're body just went through a major surgery and has to heal....which takes about 2 months, so try and relax and get through it then it'll be on to the rest of your slim life
  14. Traci J.

    ? On nausea

    Probably just increased acid. Are you on an acid reducer? I take protonix daily and haven't had a problem.
  15. Traci J.

    Can't decide. ..help!

    I had a BMI of 46 and was diabetic. I had the sleeve and went home the next day off my medications. I have had no problems since surgery at all and I'll be 3 months out on the 19th. Honestly, the sleeve and bypass both have the same end results...but the sleeve doesn't have as many risks as the RNY because nothing is being rerouted, and alot of surgeon's are now preferring the sleeve due to this. but either way, you need to make the best decision for you. Good luck!
  16. Traci J.

    Best high protuen foods to eat

    I'm gonna turn into a chicken cause my go to's are eggs and chicken. I need more ideas to....
  17. Traci J.

    Best cardio workout

    Insanity workout...you'll sweat and hurt.
  18. You look fantastic! Way to rock that sleeve.
  19. Traci J.

    Bread...Why did I do it? :(

    I am 2 months out and had a grilled cheese sandwich last night and didn't have a problem....I was scared I would though as it was the 1st bread I've had also other than a very little bite here and there. Maybe you just ate it too fast, or too much?? I'd try again in a few weeks and just eat slower and less and see if you have better tolerance.
  20. You can also make manicotti or lasagna but instead of using noodles, cut zuchinni length wise, very thin and grill so it's a little crispy. It tastes just as good, and you're getting a veggie
  21. 32 lbs. down, 12" lost. Been slow going...was hoping for at least 50 lbs...but I'll get there.
  22. Traci J.

    portobello cordon bleu

    Looks delish, definitely going to try it. Thanks for the link.
  23. Traci J.


    Your body is "catching up" to the loss. If you haven't already, take your measurements because you'll usually lose inches when you're not losing the weight. Your scale will drop once your body adjusts....I'm 2 months out and stalled the 1st time for a 10 days and the 2nd time for 2 weeks...so I'm down 32 lbs. in 2 months, but I've also lost 12" and am down 2 sizes. Hang in there!
  24. Traci J.

    2 months post-op

    From the album: My Journey

    32 lbs. down and 12" lost.

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