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  1. Thank you for letting us be part off your journey. I look forward to reading your updated about your surgery/hospital/hotel/experience etc. :-)
  2. alma@ready4achange.com Alma is great
  3. I was going to be staying at the Marriott unfortunately I got pneumonia and my pcp told me I have to wait to have surgery. I'm super bummed but I'm hoping to get surgery as soon as I can after getting cleared from my Dr. I hope everything goes well for you! Keep me updated! :-)
  4. I getting there the day after you leave. I'm getting sleeved by Dr Garcia on Jan 23rd. Hopefully you can find someone else going around this time. :-)
  5. Nina723

    Fabulous Hostess Gifts Anyone? Ideas Needed!

    I've always done a nice bottle of wine and like a basket gift (with cheeses/crackers/peanut brittle etc). We have a really lovely store that does reasonable gift baskets for $30-$75. I'm in northern California. I'm not sure if they are wine drinkers but it's always a nice thing for the holidays. Best of luck and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)
  6. I haven't heard of that happening. I thought your stomach starts to heal over your staples so I don't think there's the possibility of it causing a leal after your stomach heals. I'd ask your surgeon and see what he thinks Best of luck :-)
  7. I don't use thenuva ring but I had a friend get prego right after taking her Nuva ring out. Hopefully it happens quickly for you too Good luck :-)
  8. I had to reschedule my VSG for January 22nd so I have 82 days til VSG! I'm so ready for it to be here. It can't come fast enough
  9. Hope all went well. Keep us updated! :-)
  10. Nina723


    Definitely don't recommend the depo shot! It's horrible...or at least it was for me. My dr has me on Nora-BE, it's a non-estrogen birth control pill and my PCP said that it's best for women who are overweight. I'd talk with your surgeon and PCP and see what they think. Best of luck!
  11. Nina723

    How old am I?

    I think you look right around my age so I'm going to say 23-26?
  12. Nina723

    I want to be your inspiration!

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just saw your post yesterday and I read it all since then. Amazing! I'm so glad you're doing well. And you are an inspiration. I'm so jealous of all your travels, I told my husband after I get my sleeve done(Nov. 14th) that we should travel for the year. LOL. It won't happen(he's finishing up school) but a girl can dream.
  13. I'm sorry. I don't think it will be too late, You're beautiful and there's a reason he married you, he loves you. He's probably just being a dude. Don't give up hope. When are you having surgery?
  14. I feel the same way about the airplane....I'm so worried about going down there at 350, I haven't been on a plane in almost 3 years.

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