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  1. I tested positive for cleiac disease which is gluten/wheat allergy. I need to go on Gluten free diet. Anyone here know anything about this type diet ? I am so lost right now on what to eat and what not to. I am almost 8 months post op.
  2. Anyone heard of skinny fiber or tried it since surgery ??
  3. Carol Watts

    Unjury protein shakes

    I like the chicken broth flavor, it taste like chicken broth juts not very hot at the max temp as far as heat wise. The chocolate splendor is wonderful, I mix it with almond milk taste so good. I use unflavored in plain greek yogurt with sugar free jelly and sugar free vanilla syrup aka coffee syrup.
  4. Carol Watts

    Unjury protein shakes

    I love the unjury protein shakes. I got the same starter pkg to start with then I started buying the chocolate splendor, unflavored and chicken broth by containers
  5. Has anyone tried any of these products including this The 7 Day Fat Loss Kit. It has a cleanse in it. I am on a long stall and having lots of constipation issues and stomach dr has me drinking miralax daily and it makes me feel miserable.So thinking of trying a cleanse.Also want opinions on these shakes please
  6. Carol Watts

    Gluten/Wheat allergy Celiac disease

    thank you
  7. Carol Watts

    Gluten/Wheat allergy Celiac disease

    so you make brown gravy by browning the cornstarch
  8. Carol Watts

    Gluten/Wheat allergy Celiac disease

    Please do share the cooking sauces and gravy mixes you have found. Here in the south my husband like his gravy, even though I just eat the meat out of it.
  9. Carol Watts

    Dizzy any1?

    I was having some dizziness and they checked my calcium and it was low, The increased my calcium and also told me to increase protein and it helped.
  10. Carol Watts

    Gluten/Wheat allergy Celiac disease

    Thanks, Luckily I can live without bread more especially since surgery
  11. Carol Watts

    MP3Music downloads

    What program is best to download preferably free music from for MP3 Player ?
  12. I had vision change after surgery, but it was from blood sugar dropping so quickly. Blood sugar leveled out and so did vision. I did need new glasses, but that was something that was like way overdue anyway.
  13. Carol Watts

    Greek Yogurt

    I couldnt stomach greek yogurt after surgery until this last week. I am 6 1/2 months post op. I now like the Dannon Oikos fruit in the bottom
  14. Carol Watts

    belly help please

    I have lost 85 pounds in 6 1/2 months. My upper part of stomach is moving down and lower part is moving, but waist is not measuring any smaller in last couple months. Is this due to stomach moving down ?
  15. Carol Watts

    belly help please

    I do crunch's in water aerobics, I also have started cycling. When I say moving down the upper part is getting smaller. It is like the belly is not as big in the upper half. I am I guess you can say apple shape. Waist doesnt seem to measure smaller, but I have lost pounds and dropped sizes in pants. My belly is still sagging and big to me. I weighed 246 when I started the weight loss journey. I am 161 now.I have never had a flat stomach though. I also have had several stomach surgeries, ( 4 c-section, hysterectomy, gall bladder ) all those caused stomach muscles to be cut
  16. I was told at seminar that the surgeries do cure diabetes as long as you dont result to old eating habits
  17. I had diabetes really bad. The day of surgery my sugar was 301. Today 6 1/2 months post op my sugar is 89-98 no meds.
  18. Carol Watts

    Louisiana Sleevers?

    Yes I try to make everyone of them. Sometimes i dont but most I make. You learn very helpful info at them meetingds
  19. Carol Watts

    Louisiana Sleevers?

    leigh1111, do you go to the support group ? I try to attend them on a regular basis at Cabrini
  20. I just read some of these post. I don't blame you one but rollargirl. A Bmi of 30 - 39.9 indicates moderate obesity. Do what is best for you and what is healthier for you and don't let nobody get you down.
  21. I only did 2 days of liquid. I didnt lose anything in those 2 days,
  22. Carol Watts


    I went to academy sporting good store and bought a huffy cruiser for 90.00 last week. I haven't rode in 34/35 years. I love it. Step daughter and I ride at least every other day. No gears or hand brakes, just a plain bike just cruiser style. They was actually cheaper than walmart.
  23. Carol Watts

    Stall Stall Stall Stall :-(

    increase protein, water, calories or decrease calories, change routine up