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  1. 185.8 this week, but I've been pumped full of Fluid following orthopedic surgery. Working hard to not feel emotionally discouraged by these fluctuations. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  2. 184.1 Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. VSG AJH

    Memorial Day Challenge

    185.6. What a stinker of a challenge for me. On to the next one, I suppose. Better luck next time. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. VSG AJH

    Memorial Day Challenge

    182.8 Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. VSG AJH

    Memorial Day Challenge

    186.1 today, so it looks like that stall was a real thing, and I'm on a swing up. Hope it comes off and the scale moves back down fast! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. One of my dearest lifelong friends and her husband both died in their 30s after gastric bypass because their lives became very stressful after surgery (which was unrelated to their surgery). They both became raging alcoholics because they could no longer overeat in they way they previously would to cope with their stressors (not specifically related to surgery) so they turned to alcohol and quickly became very addicted (very indirectly related to surgery as they had absorption changes with GBS). Their surgeries affected their bodies in ways that accelerated their deaths, but their deaths were caused by choices they made that were completely unrelated to their surgeries. Anyway, all of that to say that the jump from the surgeries to their deaths is not a big one to make, but at the core, the two things are entirely unrelated, and it's probably the same with your granddad's friend. I'll admit watching them on the downhill slide made me nervous about going under the knife myself, but even moreso, it made me respect the process and while-person healing that happens after surgery. Though I drink socially, their experiences make me respect the power alcohol can have on a transformed body, and it makes me aware that healthier coping habits are VITAL on this side of the knife. I loved and I miss my friends, and I wish things would've been different for them, but I am SO thankful for the health and vitality I now have as a result of my own weight loss surgery. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  7. If it's an exclusion, they won't cover it. However, if your surgeon bills using a non-WLS code and/or if you get through the appeals process based on medical necessity, they may cover. You will want to get any coverage in writing in advance of your surgery, or you could be stuck with the bill. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. VSG AJH

    Easter Weight Loss Challenge

    186.3 today. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. VSG AJH

    Risk of a leak?

    I agree with everyone. You can't spring a leak years out from overindulging. At that point, the only real risk you have of getting a hole in your stomach will come in the case of an emergency if medical staff use a blind NG tube. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  10. VSG AJH

    The 5:2 Diet

    I did my first fast day yesterday, and I did okay, I think. My calories weren't as low as I wanted them to be. They came in at 650 instead of 500, but the extra calories came from some half-and-half that went into an unexpected coffee out, as well as six saltines I stress ate following a serious conflict with my husband. Saltines weren't chocolate or Cookies (or whole pizzas like the days of olde), and six was a controlled number, not just out-of-control eating. At least that's what I'm telling myself today -- while I'm resisting the continued stress eating. Haha! The lesson I learned on my first fast day: eat even fewer calories in the day time to factor in more available calories for unexpected evening need. CJ, I'm so encouraged to know you lost ten pounds in the first month of 5:2. I hope those are the results I see! It's difficult not to feel discouraged after not having really any loss in months and months, and while rationally I know there are very good reasons for me, it's still disheartening. I've been on the longest, strictest diet I've ever been on (pre-op and post-op), and I just need something, anything, to work!
  11. VSG AJH

    The 5:2 Diet

    I like carbs, too! (Who doesn't, though?) For a 1200 calorie day, my NUT suggests not exceeding 120 carbs, but my personal daily range (in that same calorie range) is about 60g carbs. I find if I cross over 70g carbs, I can't think about anything BUT carbs. 50-70 carbs is probably where I land each day, so I imagine I'll do about half of that on a fast day. Any special tips about that? Should I shoot for no carbs at all on fast days?
  12. VSG AJH

    Holiday Challenge!

    Yaaaaayyy!!! My weight this week was 183.9. I've not lost a single ounce since June 21 (weight loss stalled by three orthopedic surgeries , intense bone healing, and and serious mobility restrictions over the last six months) so this was a happy, HAPPY weigh in. Fingers crossed the scale keeps moving!!
  13. VSG AJH

    Holiday Challenge!

    My post-holiday weigh-in was 187. Darn it! I knew the scale would move this week, but that wasn't the way I wanted it to go. :/ I know this extra bit will go fast because I'm so carb sensitive since surgery, and I seem to swell up with any kind of travel. We traveled for the holiday, and I allowed myself a tiny pie sampler on Thanksgiving day and bread on three occasions. As an aside, I used to laugh at people who would say they'd need to spend an extra hour in the gym for a cookie, but now I know that's a real thing. Anyway, I'm now home and focused on protein and fluids again, hoping that this gain (plus more) will flush away fast.
  14. VSG AJH

    By definition; I'm 'normal'.

    Revs -- I am do happy to see your beautiful, smiling face! I'm still not "normal," but I think even when I arrive there, I'll feel much like you. Life will keep plodding along with all of its pain and heartache, and that goal I longed for for so, so long will be one happy thing that gets swept away. I really do hope for you that you can find some meaningful way to commemorate this milestone, despite the difficulty of life. A charm for a bracelet, a special necklace, a little vacation? Congratulations to you. I, for one, am quite proud.
  15. VSG AJH

    Surgery with a leg cast !?

    I was put in double walking boots last November, one month before my sleeve surgery in December. I had Charcot foot in both feet, and needed to have the bones stabilized for a minimum of three months. Though I was in double boots, I was able to walk and move, so I was able to do the ten minutes of movement every hour following my sleeve surgery. I also took Heparin injections for the first ten days post-op. The foot issues did not slow my initial weight loss, but two more foot surgeries this year, along with strict restrictions since, has slowed my weight loss. Still, though I've been practically immobile for almost 9 of the last 11+ months, I've lost 85 pounds this year. I'm frustrated by my currently slow weight loss, but I am so thankful for my sleeve because crawling up stairs and maneuvering on one foot is SO much easier than it would have been 85 pounds ago. Just today, I've had some restrictions lifted, allowing me to walk again, and I'm hopeful that my continued focus in the kitchen, along with some physical activity, will get the scale to trend downward once again. FYI -- I can't remember her name now, but a year ago, there was a wheelchair-bound young lady on here who indirectly inspired me to move forward. She wasn't able to get up and move around, but her surgeon was able to formulate a good plan for her to prevent DVTs. By the time I encountered her, she's lost a ton of weight, and was so much happier and healthier.

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