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  1. amberosia02

    My One Year Anniversary!

  2. amberosia02

    Protein Powder Help?

    I think I have sampled the Nectar before, and I think it was good. Another thing I recently tried was freezing protein shakes, and making them into a popsicle but I didnt like it too much
  3. amberosia02

    Protein Powder Help?

    Banana? That sounds interesting! Thank you! there are sooo many to try. I have always been a boring person, and I stick with the same thing, even when it comes to eating. I need to be more adventurous
  4. amberosia02

    Protein Powder Help?

    I need to maintain my Protein levels to support my muscles and over all nutrition. It is also a safe way to ensure I am getting enough protein, as I dont always get enough protein from food.
  5. amberosia02

    Protein Powder Help?

    Why wouldnt I?
  6. amberosia02

    Protein Powder Help?

    That is another thing I havent tried, coffee and chocolate together... Does the EAS AdvatEdge RTD have caffine in it?
  7. amberosia02

    Protein Powder Help?

    I havent tried "Chike" yet..... Thank you
  8. I am still struggling with finding a Protein powder/drink that I actually like! I like the Premier Protein (chocolate), but that seems to be about it. What is your favorite protein powder/drink? I like simple recipes; I am not big on blending drinks. I just want a good Protein powder, or one that is ready to drink! Thank you!
  9. amberosia02


  10. amberosia02

    Tomorrow 10/10 Is Finally Here!

    Happy Sleeve Day!!! I look forward to hearing about your big day!
  11. amberosia02

    Why Are We So Embarrassed?

    I can relate to this as well. My BMI was on the lower end when I had surgery, and some of the people that I did tell would make comments like "you don’t need surgery" or "your not that over weight" or "you can do it on your own". So it did make me feel reluctant to put it on blast that I had the surgery. It wasn't until about 9 months out when I realized that it really didn’t matter what others in my life thought, I did it for me, not for them. And I know it was the best decision.
  12. amberosia02

    Eating Out -- What Do You Eat?

    I dont eat out too much, but when I do I must admit I feel bad and think that the waitress/waiter think I didnt like the food or something.
  13. amberosia02

    Eating Out -- What Do You Eat?

    For me, I always order the normal size meal, but I only eat a fraction of it. If it is anything with bread, I typically eat 1/4th of it and then I get to take left overs home... I am almost 2 years out and the one thing that I still can't do is mix fluids with solids... Left overs are always awesome though!

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