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  1. EmpressLizBunny

    December Dates

    I got home yesterday evening spent most of today sleeping but I got in at least 40 oz of fluids (large glass of water and a bottle of g2)but no protein
  2. EmpressLizBunny

    December Dates

  3. EmpressLizBunny

    December Dates

    My doc says nothing over 10 lbs for 2 weeks then nothing over 30 lbs for 30 days then 60 lbs for 60 days
  4. EmpressLizBunny

    December Dates

    December 31st shady grove advantist Gaithersburg md
  5. EmpressLizBunny

    Any Surgeries For December

    Mine is December 31st
  6. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    So looks like I get to have my rny on New Year's Eve this year cutting it close since I turn 26 next year and there is no way for me to get coverage after my dads policy expires since I have so many preexisting conditions
  7. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    No bypass for me just yet my band and the tissue around it turned out to be infected so the took out the band but my stomach has to heal for about 2.5-3months before I can have the gastric bypass surgery
  8. EmpressLizBunny


    Be carful with the peanut butter it tends to be high fat and high carb both thing that can possibly cause dumping syndrome
  9. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    Mine is tomorrow today is the "bowel prep" not fun
  10. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    I'm freaking out I just realized I lost one of my Preop meds i need to take it at 8 am on Wed
  11. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    I'm from Rockville md
  12. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    I don't want to back out I'm just anxious I don't like change and this is a big one
  13. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    Yep starting to get anxious I'm a little worked about what to do with my kitten who likes to walk, sit, and sleep in my stomach and chest
  14. EmpressLizBunny

    October Surgery Dates

    I know what you mean that's why I do so much research I find both positive and negative testimonials read through blogs ect. You can do this and think how nice it would be to keep up with your son (even at 28 my brother likes to go on hikes or 5 mile plus walks around cities with my mom)

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