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  1. This does appear to be a HIPPA violation. You did exactly the right thing by reporting it to your doctor's office so they can correct their mistake and keep from making more. Good luck with your upcoming surgery. Just for the record, I had my sleeve 3 yrs ago, I paid a lot more of a deductible to try to keep my fellow meddling RN friends at the hospital where I worked out of my business and 10 days after surgery was 911'd to the hospital where I worked!! Cat sure got out of the bag quickly, but not like thought it would. These friends I'd tried to keep in the dark changed and saved my life..I'm not trying to minimize your situation, just share with you how life has a way of doing what it pleases.
  2. kshepa

    Good Bras? $$$

    Spanx bras have been the best for me. Bought them at Lane Bryant . They hide back lines and tuck in the underarm skin. Make look smooth in everything I wear. The only thing bad is they do come up high on my back, so tops with a low back tend to show my bra. So of course then I wear Bali bras. Good luck girls!!
  3. I need some new My Fitness Pal friends!! Many I started with two years ago are gone. I only have 3 friends now. It's so much more fun when you have friends to encourage and be encouraged by. Please anyone who can identify, add me to your MFP list. My name is KSHEPA. Aka Kim. Thanks!!!
  4. kshepa

    single, traveling and other adventures

    Where do you live? And where do you want to go?
  5. kshepa

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    Black and White, Guess, Chicos, Macys, Sax, anywhere, basically!!! I went crazy recently in the Malls in Vegas!! All the designer stores and their clothes fit!!
  6. I had this, too. Foul odor and redness all around outer edges. I started cleaning the inside with soap and water, drying it with towel and q tip. Then applied Lamicil anti fungal cream and it all cleared up in 5 days. I put the cream into my belly button then put a cotton ball in and left it in all day and took out at bedtime. It worked. Never had this problem until after weight loss.
  7. kshepa

    Dating post-op..does it get easier?

    I agree GG!!!
  8. kshepa

    Dating post-op..does it get easier?

    Well, I'm in Vegas with my new guy. We went to a UNLV football game. Held hands, played kissy face a bit. It's so much fun being with him. I am 5'9" and when I weighed 392 I felt very uncomfortable with a man shorter than I because I felt huge around them. Kinda like a female version of The Incredible Hulk!! But now I'm 190, I have no problem being with this wonderful man who happens to be 3 inches shorter than me. I think it has to do with being confident in myself and the way I look. I never feel huge around him, either...so far, so good. It really feels good to be dating again. It's too early for any kind of sexual stuff, and I'm really worried about all this extra skin I have. But, I did already tell him about the surgery....he just hasn't seen my body in my birthday suit yet. I think I'll just breaking it to him slowly, little bits at a time. That way if it does get to the point where there's intimacy, he'll already have a good idea what to expect. Some how, from our first few dates, I get the feeling it's not gonna matter a lot to him. I think he really likes me and I know I like him....let's just see where this goes.
  9. kshepa

    What's your poison!

    Skinnytini... Coconut Vodka, pineapple juice, agave nectar, shaken over ice served in glass rimmed with toasted coconut!!! My once in a great while indulgence! And of course one lasts all evening. Or Blood orange martini. I drink so very rarely. But seem to get drunk quite quickly, so I take it real slow and always drink ice water at the same time.
  10. kshepa

    Dating post-op..does it get easier?

    Ok, I've been keeping up on everything that's been said on this thread and decided to go fishing on Plenty of Fish. Told myself to be very open and answer the messages I got very honestly. Well, I met this really nice man today who wrote to me. We met for coffee, then took a walk thru downtown Palm Springs and then had a nice lunch, walked and window shopped and talked....all so very relaxed and positive. Tonight he called me and asked me to go to Las Vegas with him to meet his son at the UNLV football game and spend Saturday night in Vegas!! We have separate rooms. I'm looking forward to it. I just can't believe i met someone so nice and so interesting!! The real catch is he is 3 inches shorter than I am. I was worried he wouldn't like me because of my wrinkly body and he was worried I wouldn't like him because he's shorter than me....and neither thing seemed to both either of us. I'll let you all know how Vegas is...But, you know what they say....what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!! Lol!!!
  11. kshepa

    Surgery Tomorrow. ..

    Hope all goes well!! It's the beginning of a new adventure, relax and enjoy the ride!! Do what your MD tells you and listen to them only for the first 2 months. Good luck
  12. kshepa

    Dating post-op..does it get easier?

    Ok, I've lost 125# now and at