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  1. kshepa

    Any suggestions?

    I'm going on a long flight to Japan next week. I just got back from Chicago to CA yesterday and my butt hurt so bad after that 5 hr flight!! I can't imagine how I'm gonna feel once I get to Japan!! What have you all done on long periods of sitting? My butt just has no padding anymore. I shift my weight constantly to avoid the pain anymore than it has to be. Maybe a small pillow and getting up more? Please give me some ideas of what you guys have tried? Thank you. I'll ask my trainer, too...maybe booty blasters as he calls them might help (not with Japan trip) relieve this problem.
  2. kshepa

    Any suggestions?

    I guess it's gonna be a small pillow. And maybe J Lo butt implants in the future, lol. Hopefully an aisle seat will enable me to get up and move around a little, too. I do have history of blood clots in both legs so moving around a little is a must and wearing my compression socks. Just can't wait to get there!! I'll be in Okinawa 1 month, praying for no typhoons!!
  3. kshepa

    Any suggestions?

    I think I've come up with another idea, too...what about wearing padded bike shorts? They look comfy. But do they cover your tailbone?
  4. Just ordered it from Amazon!!
  5. kshepa

    I Need a Bake Good!

    I am 1 year out, 120 gone, 10 more to goal. I eat a small slice of sugar free pie whenever this urge overcomes me. Only when someone brings it into my home, though or when at a restaurant. I will not buy or make one for fear of all too real temptation when I have a whole pie in front of me!! And even if I know it would make me sick if I overindulgded, I may find myself eating slivers over time and finish the whole pie by myself....not happening. I must always be one step away from my food addiction. But, with all that being said, I love sugar free fruit pie. Don't care about cookies or cake, though. Good luck
  6. kshepa

    Bizarre trend?

    Me too!!!
  7. kshepa

    Los Angeles, CA

  8. Made it to Onederland!! 196 today and at 192 I will have lost 200# from my highest weight. I've lost 121 since sleeved May 9, 2012...Life is GOOD!!!
  9. kshepa

    Coffee talk

    I did not drink coffee or tea for 5 months after surgery, we were told never to drink anything caffeinated. But after 5 months I began drinking 1/2 Caf, and love it! I can only drink 1 cup, 2 gives me the jitters!!! You just have to listen to your body. It takes time to know how things work with our sleeves. It's been 1 year for me now. There are still things that don't agree with me, mainly red meat, rice, fried foods, so I stay from them. But my one cup of 1/2 Caf in the morning and one cup in mid afternoon, if need a pick up or something to warm me up works great for me!!
  10. kshepa

    Los Angeles, CA

    Palm Desert here. Sleeved May 9, 2012...almost 1 yr. 119# off...13 more to go. Surgery was in Palm Springs with Dr Ramy Awad!!! Love him!!
  11. kshepa

    Way personal and TMI sorry

    Definitely a big difference noted here!! Sex is ouchy!! Never needed lube before surgery, sure do now.
  12. kshepa

    ____ years old and never...

    I'm 57 years old and never Been to Europe Ziplined anywhere Been on a cruise Been downhill skiing Hey!! This sounds more like a bucket list!! I'd better get busy with my travels.
  13. kshepa

    Bizarre trend?

    I can only speak for myself but, I am very happy with my VGS!! No regrets now at 11 months and 112# off. However, I did have complications the first 2 months and wondered whether I had done the right thing. Never true regret. Never posted any regrets, either. I am Kim and yes, I am a recovering compulsive overeater. I have gone to OA, so I know that there tools to use to get thru food cravings and abnormal feelings toward food. Also, I lost 96# of my 200 I needed to lose on my own while I researched the VSG and waited for insurance approval. Also had to save money for it. So, I guess I've never looked at it as a quick fix/magic cure for obesity. I'm just so darned happy to have my health back, look amazing, feel great!! I have a very busy social life, too. Plus, I still see a therapist to talk to about my WLS journey, the same therapist who gave me his blessing pre-op. I feel sorry for those who have regrets. If there is anyone out there who needs a WLS friend to talk to private message me.
  14. kshepa

    heart racing?

    Very often an increased heart rate is secondary to dehydration. I had this problem for the first month after surgery. Finally, I was able to get enough water down. Good luck, and it never hurts to let your MD know what's going on, too.
  15. kshepa

    Talking about sex too soon? DATING

    I've had an online relationship now for two months. We've been out 3 times and they've all been in public. Today we are meeting at my house, I can hardly wait to see him. The last time we kissed, we both knew what was next. I'm scared for him to see my "firm body in compression-wear---80 yo type wrinkles nude!! This will be my first sexual experience since surgery May 2012. This man has called me/texted me everyday for the last month while I took care of my mother as she was dying, he also called me everyday while I was away for her memorial service in the Midwest. He is incredibly supportive of me and he lives 60 miles away!! Boy, I hope I'm as blessed as it seems. We spoke of sex once online, but that was it. On one of our dates, he took me out for dinner then came back to the hospital to meet Mom (she was in a coma at that time). But he held my hand and sat with me. So, I doubt he'll run when he sees me jiggling without clothes. And if he does, there's not a thing I can do about it. My Mom had a simple bladder prolapse repair and died 1 week later from infection!! It will be a very long time before I'll have any kind of surgery. So, what you see is what you get!!
  16. kshepa

    Relationhip with dh is different now

    I love it!!! Ain't no one getting my keys!!
  17. kshepa

    NSV - tmi

    This is an added plus of having the surgery!!! I'm so happy those "pee every time I cough or sneeze days" are over!!! Yay!!
  18. Hi, had VGS 5/12 at Desert Regional with Dr Awad. Down 109#, 20 more to go !! Would love to hear from any of you Coachella Valley sleevers and surrounding areas too!! Let's support one another. Would love to get a group together!!
  19. My doc said crush anything bigger than a pencil eraser for 1 year, but time release capsules are ok. So, I take everything whole. Still take chewable vitamins.
  20. Hi!! 10 months out, my favorite breakfast is Southwest egg beaters 3tbsp scrambled with 1/4c Jimmy dean turkey sausage crumbles. Sometimes I put 1tbsp of salsa on top. Sometimes I put some shredded cheddar cheese. Lunch-soup!! I love curried red lentil soup. Or cabbage beef soup. I work in a hospital that has 2 great soups for lunch everyday. Snacks-think thin bars, pure protein canned cookies and cream shakes, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, turkey jerky, almonds Hope this helps
  21. kshepa

    It makes my stomach turn!

    Yes, your tastebuds change after surgery. I could not drink Vitamin water or SoBe, way too sweet!! I loved sf jello and Popsicles. Water was difficult, tasted terrible...drank it anyway but very slowly. No problem with Gatorade g2 sf. I loved broth, too. I had such a problem with protein shakes post op, they made me vomit!! A friend gave me a case of Premier shakes from Costco, those are good and I am still drinking them at 10omths out. My pre-op diet was 2 weeks of Bariatric Advantage shakes, 4 per day. Nothing else. It would have been horrible if I hadn't been so excited about my surgery...anyway, good luck on you surgical journey!! I am RN, too.
  22. kshepa

    Any good broth/soup base recipes?

    The good one I buy is Maggi in the Mexican food isle it's Tomato chicken. I have a crockpot going with it now. Chicken, leaks, carrots, celery, 1 box of chicken broth and 3 heaping tablespoons of Maggi. Yum!! No addl salt is necessary. BTW you might want to check the label for MSG. If you are sensitive to it.
  23. I no longer take Celebrex for my knees, I can now jump without leaking urine, I can work out vigorously, haven't had sex yet since surgery but looking aggressively for a partner!! Life is good!!